The Test

June 18, 2008 – 10:03 am

“You want to be my slave girl, bitch?” I strode around
the trembling girl arrogantly leering at her from head to
toe, my eyes of course spending most of the time staring
at her tits and ass.

“Yes, Master,” she timidly said.

“Then why are your clothes still on? Strip!”

She hurried to comply with my command as I glared at her
and continued my predatory circling. In an instant her
clothes were scattered about and she stood before me
completely naked.

“Hands behind your head, bitch, and legs apart.”

She moved as I commanded exposing her nicely trimmed cunt
and lifting her firm tits with their protuberant nipples.
I continued to move around her but now I squeezed and
fondled as I moved. I weighed each tit and gave it a
squeeze. I stroked her ass cheeks and slapped them hard.

I stood in front of her and staring down into her
trembling face I slowly inserted a finger into her cunt.
It was sopping wet and when I found the clit it was rock

She was prime, but I didn’t intend to tell her that.
“Bitch, you aren’t good enough to be my sex slave. You’re
not even good enough to be my cock slave. You might be
suitable as a jizz slave, though.” I paused, shoved three
fingers into her grasping cunt and said “Are you
interested in being my jizz slave, bitch?”

“I don’t understand,” she quailed.

“It’s easy, cunt. A sex slave has some rights. A cock
slave is a lower form of life with barely a safeword to
protect her. A jizz slave is scum and has no rights at
all, not even a safeword.” I continued to work my fingers
into her steaming cunt.

“If you become my jizz slave, and I’m not sure you’re
even fit for that, you will be under my absolute control.
Your body and your life will be mine to dispose of as I
wish. You will exist solely to worship my jizz and its
sacred source, my cock and balls. You will be used and
abused in any way that pleases me and helps me fill you
with cum.”

She was silent, but my fingers could feel the gush of
cunt juices as she thrilled at the abasement that could
be hers. She only paused a moment before saying in a
faltering voice, “I would like to be your jizz slave,
Master.” I was thrilled. The cunt was to be mine.

“We shall see if you are suitable. I will test you. On
your knees.” She sunk to her knees. I moved behind her
and stripped. Grabbing her by the hair I then moved
quickly in front of her with my cock inches from her
mouth. She gasped in fear as she took in the sight of my
12-inch long, three-inch diameter cunt ripper.

“Let’s see how well you suck, bitch.” She opened her
mouth and tried to insert my cock, but it was hard work.
I assisted by slowly and inexorably forcing my cock into
her mouth as I held her head.

“Lap it with your tongue and suck, don’t just lip it.”

Her tongue started moving against my rod and I could feel
the vacuum she developed all the way to my jizz-filled

“If you pass the cock-sucking test, we’ll see how you are
at cunt fucking it. Then it’s on to butt fucking.”

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  2. very good but not long enough

    By Master Brian on Nov 5, 2009

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