When I Get Home

June 2, 2008 – 1:00 pm

I’m stark naked, except for the apron protecting my hard
cock from splatters from the stove. My wife has demanded
that supper and I be ready when she gets home. She
expects to be served in two different ways.

When I hear her arrive I will take off the apron and open
the door to greet her as humbly as I can. I will greet
her in the subservient manner that she expects. If she
doesn’t get what she demands, she will punish me.

The table will be set and all the dishes will be ready to
serve. We’re having chicken, snap peas, couscous and
salad. Even a lowly slave like me can’t screw that up too
badly. I have, hopefully, set the table for two.

When she sweeps confidently into the house she will
inspect me in passing before handing me her purse and
briefcase to put up. She will then have me stand at
attention while she squeezes my cock to make sure it is
hard and fondles my balls to make sure they are full.

She will sit in her easy chair and accept the glass of
wine that I will pour for her. While she sips and
disdainfully ignores me she will read the mail while I
will put dinner on the table. I will hold her chair for
her when she sits. Keeping my cock available for her to
handle, I will serve her plate.

Maybe she will have me sit next to her and eat. Maybe she
will just have me stand next to her at attention while
she dines in single splendor. Maybe she will have me
crawl beneath the table and lap her cunt while she enjoys
her repast.

Afterwards she will require me to go to the bedroom with
her. There she will have me remove her garments one at a
time. When I remove her blouse she will expect me to kiss
her neck and chest. When I remove her skirt I will be
required to kiss her stomach and tongue her belly button.
I will be ‘forced’ to suck her magnificent tits when I
remove her bra. I will be on my knees and ready to suck
her cunt when I remove her panties.

If I have been good, she won’t take me over her lap and
spank my bottom while I snivel and howl like a naughty
boy. If I’ve been good she’ll have me lie on the bed on
my back. Then she’ll climb over me and lower her hot,
juicy cunt onto my cock. She’ll lean forward so that her
tits are near my lips. I’ll be expected to suck her
nipples and it will be a strain to hold my head high
enough so that I can suck while she fucks me.

But fuck me she will. In and out, up and down. I dare not
cum before she is ready. She is the mistress. I am just a
slave — the bearer of a cock to be used for her
pleasure. She will use it for as long as she wants.

I have learned my place. She will cum and cum again. She
will have a third and a fourth orgasm. Maybe more. When
she is satisfied, and only then, she will demand that I
cum. And cum I must. My jizz will be a sacred offering to
her dominant womanhood.

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  2. For the last 2 years I have been punishing my husband with a heavy oak Paddle. This year the punishments became more severe as I would restrain him bent over and paddle him as my friends looked on. I would have never guessed women would enjoy watching a man cry like a baby under the paddle. I have contemplated allowing his boss and wife to whitness his punishment. I fantasize the boss forces him to submit to the paddle as the co-workers look on laughing.

    By Shawna on Nov 15, 2010

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