You Can’t Talk To A Woman That Way

May 15, 2008 – 10:55 am

I awoke when I heard Audry come in the house from her
evening shift at the facility, as she calls it. She’s a
discipline administrator at a little-known institution
for probation violators. Anyway, I’d been asleep for a
couple of hours and was extremely groggy, so I just
closed my eyes and waited for her to get in bed. After a
while Audry quietly undressed and climbed into bed. I
stirred, and reached over to where she was, and snuggled
close to her. She turned on her side and took me in her
arms. Her skin was refreshingly cool, which always feels
pleasant. I touched her upper back on her right side
very lightly, knowing about her erogenous zone there.
After a few moments I heard her breathing deepen.

“How many did you do today?” I asked, meaning how many
inmates did she discipline.

“Four,” she whispered. “They were all severe.”

“Mm-hmmm,” I responded, gliding my hand over her breasts.
“What were they like?” I continued to tickle-touch her
neck, breasts, and abdominal area. She was on her back

“I used the tawse on the first one. He carried on a lot
toward the end – much like you do!”
“You bitch,” I mock-scolded her as I tweaked her
hardening nipple. “I bet you were creaming in your
panties the whole time, weren’t you?”

“Oh, Jim,” Audry moaned with pleasure as I continued to
play with her nipples.

“Did you do the forehand-backhand thing then?” I queried.
This refers to when she stands directly behind the
spankee and delivers the strap with alternate forehand
and backhand strokes. It is extremely painful because it
makes contact with the very tender skin toward the sides
of the buttocks, and also because the strokes can be
delivered very rapidly. I visualized her in the
punishment room, her ponytail swinging from side to side
as she whipped the strap forcefully back and forth…

“Not the whole time,” she giggled. “Just the last thirty
or so. I should do that to you sometime when you’re tied
up so you can’t move,” she teased.

“Oh, you ARE a bitch.” I moved my hand down to her furry
mound. She was lubricating very heavily, and gasped when
I stroked her labia with my fingers. “And look at this,”
I continued. “You’re getting off on this aren’t you, you
nasty little cunt?”

“Oh Jim!” she responded.

“And look what you’re doing to me,” I told her and guided
her hand over to my erect member. “You are SUCH a nasty
girl, getting me all hard like this!”

Audry wrapped her hand around my erection and teasingly
manipulated it.

“Did you use the paddle tonight?” I asked, my breathing
becoming more rapid.

“Yes. I paddled the other three. Oh, Jim, I get so hot
when I give strappings and paddlings!”

“You’re all juicy and slippery down there, Audry. You
like the way they try to take it at first, don’t you,” I
asked, continuing to tease her vaginal area. “You like
it when they try to keep from crying out. And you love
it when they beg you to stop, when they say ‘No More,
please stop!’, and you just keep on, don’t you? You like
punishing them after they say they can’t take any more,
don’t you! You like it, you little bitch!” I stepped up
the tempo as my fingers stimulated her protruding
clitoris. Audry’s juices were copiously coming forth.

Audry arched her back and wordlessly vocalized her
climax while her whole body trembled.

I kissed her warmly on the mouth and then entered her.

“Oh God, Audry, I love the way you cum!” I exclaimed as
I brusquely pounded her pussy with my thrusting. “I love
you and everything about you, Audry. I love to say your
name, Audry! I love all the things you do to me!”

Her whole body moving back and forth with each thrust,
Audry looked directly into my eyes with an excited
smile. “Do you like it when I paddle you, Jim? Do you
like it when I take the leather strap to you and whip you
till my arm gets tired? Do you like it when I whip you
until you beg me to stop? Jim, do you like that?”

“Yes! You fucking little bitch, I love it all!”

“Ohhh Jim… Ohhh Jim!” she moaned.

We thrashed about as I spurted into her hot womanhood
with total abandon. After a few minutes our breathing
returned to normal. I withdrew from inside Audry and
her vagina made a slurping sound. She tenderly ran her
fingers through my hair and, pretending to scold me,
said, “You’ve earned quite a few demerits tonight with
all those names you called me, Jim. That’s no way to
talk to a lady. We are going to deal with this tomorrow
evening and I’m gong to have to be quite strict with
you.” Then she giggled.

“Oh, Audry,” I said.

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