I Own You

May 13, 2008 – 10:32 am

“Dan Fenton from security called, Mr. Johnston,” Dave’s secretary
Sue said as he walked in the door. “I told him you were out and he said
he’d call back.”

“Thank you Sue, Hold my calls for an hour please. Dave replied.

Five minutes later, He had the answer to what Eddie Parker is
hiding. A visit to a Femdom domination website was discovered on his
computer. Dave thanked Dan and asked him to send him up documentation on
the offense as soon as possible.

Swiveling his chair around and sitting back, he looked out the
window at nothing in particular. Deep in thought, he began putting a plan
together for snaring Parker.

Eddie Parker was a 100 percent geek. No confidence in himself, very
low self esteem, Obviously never a leader, just one of the rabble who
followed whatever easy path he came upon. He was floating through life like
a leaf in the wind. He’d been raised by his mother who’d divorced his
father when he was just 3 years old. No male influence in his life would
help explain his fear of his superiors here at the company. Visiting a
femdom website would indicate he held women in high esteem and was
submissive to them. He would bet that Eddie had a super secret private life
that he needed to uncover. He just needed to apply authoritative pressure
on the young man and give him an opportunity to confess his sins.

At 3:45 pm, Parker’s phone rang. It was Mr. Dave Johnston. His
message was short and he did not wait for Eddie to respond in any way. The
words burned in Eddie’s mind and caused him to fall into deep
depression. The words would not leave him alone. He heard them
constantly. “Mr. Parker, something serious has come up. I’m reminding you
to be in my office immediately after 5 O’clock.” Then Mr. Johnston had
abruptly hung up on him.

Eddie was now scared that he was going to be fired. Mr. Johnston was
friendly earlier but now he had seemed angry about something. Why had he
downloaded that sissy story from Miss. Vicky’s Sissies website. He could
not afford Internet access at home and he’d been horny and took a chance
that no one would find out and now he was going to be fired. One of the
femdom magazines he had bought had advertised the website with a picture of
a naked young man on his knees in front of a beautiful woman wearing high
heels and carrying a paddle. The man’s ass was red from being paddled. He
had masturbated over that picture and when he had read the story on his
computer, he had to go to the bathroom and masturbate again. He cursed
himself for being so weak. He cursed himself for needing to masturbate
several times during the day. The habit had started early in his life and
had ruled him ever since.

The day his mother had caught him masturbating in the bathroom had
caused him to develop a speech impediment. She had gone on and on about
boys abusing their bodies and that it would ruin them for life. He had been
so embarrassed that he had started stuttering an apology. She had spanked
him and thereafter would insist he leave the bathroom door open when he
used it. The guilt and stuttering had gotten worse over the years. He was
unable to date girls because he would stutter when he would try to talk to
them and if he were under pressure he would stutter uncontrollably.

Eddie remembered their neighbor, Mrs. Alice Hathaway, who got him
started thinking like this. She was older than his mother, a little
heavier, but she had the most beautiful face. Eddie was a loner as a child
and she had taken a liking to him and he had responded by letting her lead
him into submissiveness. He had been 18 when she had started treating him
like she owned him. She was always touching him lovingly and telling him
that he needed a strong woman to guide him through life. His mother had
given Alice the go ahead to treat him like her own and when he had
misbehaved, she had spanked him with his pants off. Afterwards, she had
slowly rubbed a soothing cream over his ass and in between his cheeks. He
had sprouted a hard on which she squeezed between her legs. He had fallen
in love with her that day and would follow her around the house like a
little puppy dog. She had seemed delighted with attentiveness to her and
would insist he sit on the floor in front of her,
rubbing her feet and calves while she would tell him of her belief that
men and boys needed a woman to take care of them. That women were so much
smarter than men and that men needed to be submissive to women and obey
them. He had loved rubbing her feet and legs and sometimes she would let
him rub higher and he would occasionally get a peek at her panties. At 19,
she had moved and he was left alone with just his memories of her to
masturbate over. That was all that ever happened with her. It had started
him masturbating several times a day. He had day dreamed that she had made
him her slave and he would have to lick her pussy and ass and spank him for
not doing it good enough.

During his college days, he would buy books and magazines from an
adult bookstore. It had opened up a whole world of dominant women
degrading and humiliating men. He had never actually met a dominant woman,
but he had masturbated his way through college thinking about them.

Now, as the clock slowly approached 5 PM, Eddie was deep in
depression. He sensed that Mr. Johnston knew about the Internet site he had
given into and visited. He also began thinking about masturbating. Whenever
stress or depression came upon him, he knew he tended to block it out by
masturbating and thinking about being humiliated by a woman. Now, his world
was coming apart on him and his hand was unconsciously rubbing his cock
beneath his desk.

“MR. PARKER”, Eddie was startled by Johnston’s secretary, who had
walked up to his desk and spoke his name. He stuttered a “Yes Mamm.”
“Mr. Johnston will see you now.” She said. Eddie thanked her and cleared
his desk and forced himself to rise and head for the executioners
office. He was shaking and perspiring profusely and his stomach was tied in
knots. He needed to go into the bathroom and jack off, but he resisted the
impulse and made his way to Johnston’s office. Looking at the clock, he
realized it was only 4:45 pm.

The secretary was waiting at Johnston’s door and opened it for
him. “Go right in Mr. Parker.”

Johnston sat at his desk as Parker came in. He sat there looking at
the young man shaking in front of him. He wanted to delve into his personal
life and get him to talk about himself before he brought up the pornography
report to him. The more intense intimidation he could hold over him might
possibly move him to divulge damming information about himself.

“Eddie, as you know, Dallas, Inc. is very concerned about our public
image. It goes without saying, that also includes our employees’ personal
lives in the community. Sometimes, we get letters complaining about how an
employee is conducting their life. Maybe getting drunk, getting speeding
tickets or even making an unwanted pass at a lady. We have received a
couple of letters concerning your personal life. Can you shed any light on
what you might have done that someone might have seen? This is simply an
inquiry, but I expect you to be totally honest with me. We all have little
quirks and vices that we enjoy, but that others may think are terrible. I
like to look at a Playboy now and then. Beautiful naked women are so
pretty. A Playboy is like a National Geographic, I like to look at pictures
of places I’m never going to see in person.” Johnston laughed before telling
Parker, “Now tell me about some of yours.”

Suddenly, Eddie understood that Johnston also liked to look at naked
girls too. Maybe someone had seen him inside or going into one of the adult
bookstores and knew who he was and where he worked. Talking slowly, Eddie
told him that he didn’t drink and had no speeding tickets and pretty much
stayed at home. He remembered Johnston’s remark about being honest, so he
mentioned that he had gone into an adult bookstore to see what it was all
about and someone may have seen him in there. But he quickly added, that he
didn’t stay long.

Dave watched the young man trying to defend himself and noticed Eddie
had an unconscious habit of his hand going to his cock and then back to his
side. It seemed to be something that Parker could not control. The boy
wants to masturbate, Dave thought. He’s stressed and he wants to
masturbate. Dave was aware of the psychological impulse to masturbate some
men have when placed in stressful circumstances. He decided to make the
bookstore the central point of interest.

“Eddie,” Johnston asked, “Did you buy any books or watch any movies
while you were there?” He watched as Eddie’s hand again involuntarily went
to his cock and then quickly to his side.

‘I,I,uh, uh, think i bo, bo,bought a pla,pla, playboy sir and one or
two, two, two other , boo, boo, books sir, but tha, tha thats all si,

Dave decided to hold back on Eddie’s visit to the porn site on
company computers. He knew enough about Parker that he was scared and
would do as he was told. Getting up, He grabbed his suit coat and told Eddie
to come with him.

Telling Eddie his car would be ok in the company parking lot, He told
him to get into his car. Arriving where Eddie lived, He told the nervous boy
he wanted to see where he lived and have a cup of coffee with him. Eddie had
protested that his apartment was a mess and could they do it another time,
but Johnston would have none of it. Eddie was filled with panic as he knew
there were femdom books scattered around his house in every room. As he was
taken in tow, he asked Johnston to please wait outside while he put a few
things away, But instead, Dave brushed past him as he unlocked the door and
entered ahead of Eddie.

“Is this your playboy Eddie,” Dave asked, picking up a Dominated Male
Magazine, showing a picture of a naked young man kneeling in front of a
leather clad woman in high heels, kissing her shoes while she whipped his

Eddie quickly rushed around picking up the books and mags and took
them into his bedroom stuttering that they were not his and that they
belonged to a friend of his. As he turned to go back into the living room,
his path was blocked by Johnston who was smirking at him.

Pushing him back into the bedroom, Johnston told him that security had
found he was using the company computer to read femdom pornography on
company time.

Eddie shuddered and sat down on the bed looking down at the
floor. Embarrassed and humiliated, he began rocking back and forth, moaning
as tears formed in his eyes. He was defeated and unable to talk.

Dave Johnston sat down next to him and put his arm around the young
man. “Sshhhh, don’t cry little man, I know your secret wants and needs and
I’m going to help you. You’re going to obey me from now on because you
don’t have a choice. You’re a submissive male and you’ve been one all your
life. Your mother made you a submissive and now, there’s nothing you can do
about it. You’re broke and about to be evicted from this apartment. You’re
unable to pay your credit card monthly payments and now the company
security department will insist that you’ve broken company policy and
demand you be fired.”

Eddie Parker broke down in tears and Johnston pulled him closer to him
as he talked. “You’re in a terrible fix here Eddie, but it’s not your
fault. You’ve been put into a man’s world when you’re not a man. You’re
just a little boy, a sissy who was raised to serve as a slave to
women. That’s what you want, isn’t it boy?”

In his present state of mind, Eddie could only nod and stutter a yes.

“You need to be taken care of and not have to make decisions for
yourself. I’m going to take care of you so you won’t have to work
anymore. I’ll pay your credit cards off for you and give you another place
to live so you won’t have anymore bills.” As Dave talked to him, he was
slowly unbuttoning Eddies shirt and taking off his tie.

Standing up, he lifted Eddie to his feet and unbuckled his belt,
pushing his pants down. Dave smiled as he say that Eddie was wearing men’s
string bikini underwear. As he finished removing the rest of his clothes
and shoes, Dave told him that from now on, he didn’t have to worry anymore
about finances or a roof over his head or food, because it was going to be
taken care of for him.

“You’ve always wanted to be a sex slave haven’t you Eddie?”

Eddie shook his head no in denial, as Dave pulled him across his
lap. “Now you’ve lied to me Eddie so I’ll have to punish you. He slapped
Eddie’s ass hard and grabbed him firmly as Eddie tried to get up.

“Don’t you ever try to stop your punishment again young man and
don’t ever lie to me again. I OWN YOU, YOU BELONG TO ME NOW. JUST LIE THERE
spanked him several more times. When he’d finished, he continued telling
Eddie that now, he would be allowed to serve like he’d always wanted except
he would now be serving men instead of women.

Pushing him down on the floor, He unzipped and pulled out his hard

Eddie Parker was in shock. His boss had forced his way into his
apartment where he had found all his secret femdom books laying on tables
in the open. He had told him that most likely he was going to be fired and
then before he knew it, his clothes had been taken off while he was
listening to Johnston talk to him. He had been spanked while naked like a
little boy. Eddie was frightened and yet he knew his cock was hard. When he
was being spanked, his mind flashed back to Mrs. Hathaway spanking him and
he his cock had started growing. It was like he was 13 years old again and
being disciplined.

Eddie felt the slaps across his face, bringing him back from the
flashback of Mrs. Hathaway spanking him. He was on his knees between
Mr.Johnston’s legs and Johnston’s cock was only inches from his face. He felt
his hair on his head being held tightly by his fist.

Eddie was unable to think clearly as he was told to just listen to
what he was being told. He had been fired from his job. He was being given
a new job which he was going to start right here in his bedroom. He was not
allowed to think for himself but he was to do what he was told and he would
soon love his new life. Eddie had never sucked a cock before. He wasn’t gay
and had not even given it any thought before. But now as Johnston was talking
to him, his face was being brought closer to the cock starring at him like
a serpent. Suddenly it was pushing against his lips and when he heard the
word “Open”, he did.

The velvet softness of the hard cock was unlike anything he had ever
felt before. The smoothness of the veined penis slid in across his
tongue. It felt warm and comfortable to Eddie and his tongue began exploring
the underside of it without being told. His hand had gone to its’ most
favorite place, his own cock which was hard and needing attention.

Johnston was pleased with Eddie’s demeanor. He was accepting of his new
position and offered no resistance. He was truly a follower. He needed no
collar or a leash. His mother had conditioned him to follow along and not
be independent. His submissive nature now allowed him to be switched from
female adoration to craving cock.

Johnston’s soft words were being taken in by Eddies attentive ears. His
brain had been effectively hijacked and was no longer under his
command. The wonderful strange feeling of that soft hardness in his mouth,
The exciting words that were telling him that he was now a slave who must
obey, His ass which still felt the glow of the spanking he had just
received and the feeling of total helplessness had left poor Eddie in a
whirlpool of exhilarating lust.

Dave knew that his words to this young man who was so sexually
suppressed over the years were having a deep impression on him. The switch
in his libido was being flipped, changing him from heterosexual to
homosexual. It was being done ruthlessly without regard to what he would
want. Once it was completed, Eddie would forever be a cock slut and he would
love it.

Dave kept talking as he very slowly moved Eddies head back and forth,
pushing his cock in and out of the warm virgin mouth. “You’ve been a bad
boy, Eddie. You should’ve been sucking cock for years instead of dreaming
about serving women. You’ve ruined your life. You wasted your time by going
to college instead of learning to suck cock. I’m going to save you now and
give you lots of cocks to suck. You’re going to learn that masturbation is
good but you need to do it in front of men so they can watch you humiliate
and degrade yourself. That’s the punishment you must submit to for not
sucking cocks like you should have been doing. From now on, you love and
enjoy men using you as a sex slave. This is what you’ve always wanted and
needed. From now on, everything that you thought was dirty and abnormal is
going to be normal for you. Now you need to learn how to bring pleasure to
men who want to use your mouth and your ass. You’re a stupid boy who
stutters because you haven’t
been sucking cocks. That’s all going to change for you now boy.”

Eddie was enthralled as he understood that he no longer had to worry
about money or jobs or bills. that he was going to be taken care of from
now on and be able to masturbate and not feel bad about it. The wonderful
feeling cock that was invading his mouth felt so good and Mr.Johnston was
praising him for being a fast learner and a good cocksucker. He had been
afraid of the man before and now Mr. Johnston liked him. Eddie had a warm
feeling from finally being accepted by his new friend.

Dave Johnston stopped Eddie from Masturbating by pulling his arm
away. “You may masturbate when you’re giving permission and only then
boy. Now get ready to swallow my cum. I don’t want you to spill any.

Eddie now found himself excited over finally being able to taste
someones cum. He had been eating his own since he was 15 and he had grown
to love it. He had been using it with his meals for a long time. It was
always so much fun to masturbate onto his salad or his hamburger. One of
his most favorite things was to save the cum from 3 or 4 masturbations in a
small jar and take it with him to a restaurant and pour it onto his salad
and eat it as he sat with other people who had no idea what he was eating.

Eddie felt his head being held firmly now by Mr. Johnston and heard him
moan. The cum came in heavy spurts as Johnston made loud breathing noises and
groaned with pleasure. The cum tasted different than his, but he liked the
flavor. When the cum stopped and Mr. Johnston was coming back down, He heard
his boss tell him that he was going to be an excellent cocksucker and have
lots of cum to drink. Eddie was so horny and he wanted to masturbate too,
but more than that, he was so happy that he had discovered cock sucking and
other men’s cum.

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