Never Saw It Coming

May 5, 2008 – 11:09 am

You walk into the hotel room very happy to finally see
me, a quick kiss at the door (gotta get it closed in
case there is even a remote chance that someone is in
the hall and might recognize you) and you walk past me
into the room… hearing the door close behind you, you
begin to turn around anticipating my arms around you
and some serious kissing right there by the door.

You set your helmet down on the table just inside the
room door and start to spin around to see me before you
can rotate your shoulders I have my right hand wound
tightly in your hair and am forcing you in the
direction of the bed, you start to say something but my
left hand comes up over you mouth and I hold it there
firmly until forcing you down on the bed and letting go
of your mouth…the message was clear…shut the fuck

Pushing you up on the bed with a firm grip in your hair
you struggle to get your legs under you and are half
crawling half lying across the bed. I am untying your
vest with my left hand and pushing up behind you with
my body. You can feel my hard-on pressing against your
ass as you start getting wet and pushing back against
me your vest undone.

I release my grip on your hair and pull it off,
reaching under you and quickly unfastening your belt
and opening your jeans, pressing my body weight down
heavy on top of you. You fall forward lying on the bed.
I jump up and grab your boots, pulling them off and
then grabbing your jeans by the legs. You reach back
and slide your jeans over your hips and they come off
in a swift motion, pulling your arms back up to your
head, you hear the sound of my belt being undone and my
zipper opening, hearing my clothes tumble to the floor
you push backwards in anticipation of my climbing on
the bed behind you.

“Crack”!! my belt blisters your ass and you never saw
it coming, you jump forward but hold your ground, two
more full slaps across both cheeks of your ass with the
folded belt and you are dripping wet, feeling the sting
of your ass and bracing for another blow you feel my
weight come on to the bed, spreading your knees and
relaxing (you were pretty tense while being spanked!)
you tilt your pelvis and welcome what you know is

Your lips swollen and your pussy wet, I grab your hips
and plunge fully in you with one swift stroke, feeling
the heat of your insides and hearing a moan escape your
lips as my grip on your hips tightens and I pause
momentarily fully inside of you enjoying the tight,
warm confines of your very lubricated pussy,
you adjust immediately and push back against me. With
this sign I start fucking you in earnest, ass slapping
groin as each stroke is full, hard and wonderful.

My balls are slamming up against you at the bottom of
each stoke, your boobs swaying madly as your arms
struggle to keep you pushed backwards against me so
that you don’t go off the bed, the rough material of
the hotel bedspread sending delicious shivers thru your
hard as rock nipples as they pass back and forth across
the bedspread with each powerful thrust, guttural.
Primal noises escaping both our lips as the fucking
frenzy increases to a pitched fever.

Our bodies sweating and slapping together as we grunt
and groan, my grip on your hips almost uncomfortable
now as I am pulling you to meet my every thrust so our
bodies slam together and quake with the collision. Your
stomach tightening as the first orgasm rips thru your
body and makes every muscle contract, squeezing your
pussy around my dick like a vise and urging me to bury
my seed deep inside of you.

My dick swelling and my speed amazingly increasing I am
dripping sweat all over you and on the verge of
exploding. I crash in to you one hard last time and
bury myself as deep in you as I can go and swell even
larger as you can feel the cum working its way from the
base of my dick exploding powerfully in your pussy.
This sends you in to another convulsion of sweeping
orgasms as you buck back against me and throw your head
back. Your hair sweeping across your back I grab it
hard and press my body weight on you full.

We collapse on the bed, my dick still inside of you
with me lying across your back, releasing my grip on
your hair you feel the sweat on my body as my chest
lays heavy on your back. My breathing coming fast our
bodies lay still together trying to recover, orgasm
receding, breathing returning to normal. I kiss your
shoulder, “glad you could come over.”

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