Now You Get Punished

May 2, 2008 – 2:09 pm

Her Master’s early arrival caught her completely off
guard. Not only was she wearing clothes, but also her
Master’s home was a mess, and she was lying on the couch
smoking a cigarette and reading a book. The empty pint of
ice cream, full ashtray, empty DP cans, and discarded
burger wrappers spoke volumes about what she did not do
during his weeklong absence.

He was to be gone for two weeks but there he stood, in
the flesh, and looking coldly at her. If this was the
first time, which it wasn’t, and maybe he had not left
written instructions that she had sworn upon her virginal
ass, she would abide by, she could hope to get out of
this one easy. But she knew better judging by his lack of

Panic seized her immediately and she gave into her flight
instincts. She knew her Master to be loving and caring,
but she also knew it took a week to fully recover from
the last time she had done something like this. She ran
for the bathroom like an idiot and locked the door. That
delayed the inevitable for about 4 seconds.

Crash, the doorjamb splintered under the weight of his
foot and the door swung wide open; there she stood in his
dress shirt cowering in the corner by the shower. He
stood before her for a few minutes, his breathing even
and calm as if he was deep asleep, watching her and
waiting for her to try and bolt again. She did not
disappoint his anticipation. She jumped up and tried to
jump over the toilet and break for the door. He caught a
handful of hair midair and yanked her back to earth.

She landed on her back with a thud, and was briefly
stunned by the force with which she landed. Gasping to
try and catch her breath, yet refusing to open her eyes,
she wondered what would come next. She knew his face was
close and she heard him sniff. “You smell of junk food
and cigarettes, and what’s this,” she gasped as his
fingers roughly penetrated the moist folds between her
legs, “You came while I was gone.”

The terror struck deep in her. She had broken his
cardinal rule, she came without his permission. She kept
her eyes closed tightly as she felt his hands move to the
collar of the shirt she was wearing. He picked her up
roughly and she landed firmly on her feet. The blood
rushed to her head and her scalp throbbed where his hand
had been holding her hair. He turned her around suddenly
and bent her over the toilet she had just tried to escape
over and she heard his pants unzip. She tried to relax as
much as possible because she knew there would be nothing
gentle about this.

“I had gotten pretty hard on the trip here thinking about
walking in and surprising my darling slave, and making
her cum again and again for being a good baby girl while
I was gone. But no! I am greeted by a mess, you in
clothes, and you have cum without me here to approve.”

She felt a hand in her hair and the other positioning the
head of his cock at the opening of her slit and she tried
harder to relax. Her Master continued, “I had been
tempted to relieve my tension, but the thought of your
surprise at me getting home early and the gratitude you
would surely show me with that sweet mouth of yours, I
waited for you.”

And with that he entered her with such force and
swiftness she screamed as he bottomed out and lifted her
off the floor at the same time. He withdrew almost
completely and paused. “I have thought about nothing for
the last week besides my poor baby at home all alone and
naked, working hard to take care of that which I
entrusted to her. I almost called last night to tell you
to cum for me on the phone, but stopped knowing I would
be home today and I wanted to taste your first orgasm in
a week. I wanted your hot,” He sank into her again
quickly and roughly and withdrew almost completely again.
“Tight,” he repeated the same brutal stroke. “Pussy, on,
my, face, and, your, juices, running, down, my, chin.”

With each word he repeated the swift harsh stroke in and
out of her ill prepared, now aching, hole. No matter how
many times her Master took her, she always had a hard
time adjusting to his size. Finally he quit speaking and
just pounded her mercilessly.

He bottomed out most strokes and the screams came from
her lips with no thought to what she was saying. She
begged for forgiveness, she apologized with such
repentance in her cries, but all this fell on deaf ears.
He continued to pound her pussy like a jackhammer on
pavement, and her screams turned to cursing and threats.

By the time she realized what she had done it was too

He stopped pounding her hole immediately. The once
tender, bare folds of her female core now felt like
hamburger meat, worse yet, flaming hamburger meat. He
withdrew from her completely and she felt the tip
slide out and graze her aching swollen clit. As much
as she protested, she loved it when he took her
roughly. The evidence of such now slowly traced it’s
way over the contours of her inner thigh.

She held her breath and gripped more tightly the
toilet seat. She thought for sure she would find most
of her nails broken off in the underside of the white
ring. She felt a shiver travel through her body as
she heard him exhale slowly, almost whistling as the
air escaped his lungs.

His hand, still in her hair, tensed suddenly and
forced her to turn and drop to her knees all in the
same movement. His other hand touched just under her
chin and pushed her gaze to his. He grinned, cold and
cruel, the kind of grin that needs no words to
explain the evil intent behind it.

He let go of her hair but never broke eye contact. He
grabbed the braided cord that was used to tie the
shower curtain back and it slid easily from its hook
and lay limp in his hand. It’s pretty burgundy twists
looked harmless, but she knew all to well how it bit
into her wrists when she was tied with it. Refusing
to bow her head but not liking the coldness in his
gaze she closed her eyes and waited for whatever was
to come next. The on thing she knew for certain, it
wouldn’t be her.

He looped the rope around her throat and then down
her back to her wrists. She had to bend and arch till
her shoulder blades resembled small wings in order to
keep the pressure off her throat. The feel of his
hand applying pressure to her throat was a thrill but
this, he knew all to well, she did not like at all.
He stood back and examined her as if admiring a

He finally settled on the first flaw to correct. He
reached down and with lightening speed ripped the
shirt open in the front. He examined her, this time
walking around her in slow circles trying to make up
his mind what to add or subtract next.

First came the blindfold and then the nipple clamps
biting into her aching erect nipples. He tightened
them down till she whimpered. She may have been
blinded but the rest of her senses became very attune
to everything around, trying to find a hint as to
what was in store next.

She heard the metal slide from its leather sheath and
found herself unable to swallow or breath from the
wave of erotic fear that swept over her. He took his
time cutting a little of the shirt off here, dragging
the cold metal edge over bare flesh there, tormenting
her most sensitive areas by poking them with the tip
of the blade and dragging it around the area. He took
his time slicing, and ripping the shirt from her
body, because he took pleasure in her fear, but also
in her obvious arousal.

He leaned in close to her shaking form, “I can smell
your fear. I can almost taste your hesitant arousal
in the air. My little fraidy cat is turned on by me
doing this. ADMIT IT!”

She remained silent while he shoved her face down
into the floor, held her by the rope between her
tormented shoulders, and the first lash of his belt
found the smooth skin of her ass. Then she simply
answered with her cries and squirming. She moved
trying to avoid the lashes and only succeeded in the
strap finding it’s way between her legs.

When her cries subsided to short quiet sobs, he
rolled her over and forced his rock hard tool between
her lips and resumed the pounding motion he had given
her twat. Watching his cock disappear in and out of
her mouth. He pulled her arms down so that her oxygen
was cut off for a second and then let them go so she
could catch her breath quickly only to repeat it
again, and again, and again. He felt himself getting
close and his little gasping slut did too.

She opened her mouth wider and doubled her efforts as
best she could considering his rhythm. He was on the
verge and she arched her neck so his load would glide
down into her throat easily. He grabbed her throat
and held it firmly as he pulled his cock out from
between her swollen lips and shot his release all
over her face.

He released her throat, wiped his cock off in her
hair and left His slave lying in the bathroom floor
until he finished his plans for her for the weekend.

She lay in the bathroom floor, cold, blindfolded, and
scared. Her throat was dry, almost every orifice of
her body was painfully swollen from her Master’s use
and she had no idea what her beloved yet harsh Master
would do next. Time was her worst enemy as she mulled
over in her mind the infinite possibilities of what
he might do. She finally found the least painful
position to lie in and drifted off to sleep for a

She awoke later, still unsure if she had taken a
catnap or slept through the night. She was too sore
before she drifted off for that to be any indicator,
she heard nothing outside the bathroom, and there was
no way for her to tell if it had been an hour or many
hours since her Master had left her.

She missed him and the tears that filled her eyes now
reassured her she would do whatever her Master wanted
to get back in his good graces. She feared the
possibility he was packing her bags for her above any
other form of punishment.

He came into the bathroom a short time later and
began removing the cord that bound her. He gave her
some water and some food, removed everything from her
body, and then bathed her head to toe. He dried her
hair, applied scented oil to her body and then
replaced the blindfold. He placed a leather collar
around her throat and replaced the nipple clamps on
her nipples. He hooked the leash onto her collar and
had her crawl beside him blindfolded to the coffee
table. “Crawl up on the table,” he instructed calmly.

She did as she was told and waited on all fours for
her Master to instruct her next. He moved her around
to where her ass and slit faced the couch and he
instructed her to reach back and masturbate for him.
She hesitated for a second and felt the sting of the
cane on her back. She reached underneath and quickly
started to work her finger in and out of her pussy.
He continued to work the cane over her back while
encouraging her to work her fingers harder and

She was very close to an orgasm when he instructed
her to stop and roll onto her back. He tied her
ankles to something above her and double-checked to
make sure they were securely bound. He left her hands
free and she felt something nudging her hand.

“I want you to use both hands this time, one for the
small vibrator and one for the dildo I am going to
give you.” She accepted these and went to work
putting on a show for her Master. She again came
close to orgasm and he had her stop. She waited until
he told her to start again. “Take the dildo from your
slit, and lick it clean.”

She did, and savored the taste of her own juices on
the silicon toy. She finished and waited for further

“Now stick it in again and get it nice and lubed, and
then I want you to carefully, without stopping, push
it into your ass.”

She knew from holding it and licking it that it was
no small toy, she also knew that her ass had never
been used before. Determined to do whatever her
Master wanted to gain his forgiveness, she slowly
moved the fake phallus into her wet core, moving it
in and out a few times to insure it got very wet. She
moved it down until she felt the cold wet tip of it
at her virgin opening. She took a deep breath and
started pushing it in as she exhaled. It hurt so
badly but she couldn’t stop no matter what. No
stopping, no screaming, just one fluid movement.

She felt it push past the ring of muscles and the
tears started to form in her eyes. She took another
deep breath and pushed very quickly and very hard the
rest of the toy up her ass. When her fingers made
contact with her ass cheeks she stopped and held it
there trying not to whimper or cry. “Very good
sweetness. Now take the vibrator and cum for me. I
want you to cum very hard for me and you may scream
if you like when you do it.”

She turned the vibrator on and started working her
clit over with it. Her asshole was still throbbing
but the sensations of her building orgasm quickly
replaced the pain she felt in that orifice.

Her orgasm grew until she was writhing and screaming
with her final release. She felt herself just keep
cumming and cumming, she had begun to work the dildo
in and out of her backdoor without even noticing. She
finally started to drift back down from the most
intense orgasm of her life. The vibrator fell from
her right hand and the left had gone limp and ceased
to hold the dildo in place.

She started regaining total awareness when her legs
were released and she was led off the table by the
leash. He led her just a few feet away and removed
her blindfold. Her eyes took a minute to adjust but
she immediately recognized her suitcases.

“You have a choice to make my little slave. You can
leave and return to the life you once had, or you can
do everything I tell you for the next 2 days, without
question or hesitation. If you balk or say a word
that is out of line, if you so much as whimper
without my permission, I will throw you into the
streets myself.”

He waited to let his words sink in before continuing.
“If you choose to leave your clothes wait for you in
the bathroom, if you want to stay, take your
punishment and be my sweet girl forever then simply
kiss my left boot.”

He released the collar she wore from the leash and
waited patiently for her answer…

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