The Other Me

April 30, 2008 – 4:15 pm

My name is Jennifer, I’m 21 years old and a college

For the last year I’ve become increasingly addicted to
a fantasy. I like to pretend I’m a “slut”, an air
headed bimbo who thinks of nothing beyond where her
next orgasm is coming from. Whenever I was alone and
horny I’d go into chat rooms with a profiles made up to
look like my persona. I called her “Jessie”. She was a
bleach blonde who spoke in a little girl voice. Very
stereotypical. I’d cyber or have phone sex that way. I
couldn’t get on my web cam because in real life I was a

“Jessie” made it easy for me to cum. For a little while
I forgot my parents, my boring classes, my boring
suburban home and was able to be the exact opposite of
what I was “suppose” to be. Then “a little while”
became more and more. My grades started to slip. My
parents complained about that, and about how I was
always closed up in my room with my computer. A plan
started to formulate before I could even admit to
myself what it was. 

I started dieting, as I lost weight I massaged my
breasts every night and did exercises to try and keep
them large and firm. I got a job at a dry cleaners and
ended up dropping more and more classes to pick up more
hours. I saved almost all the money and didn’t tell my
parents about the job, or about the fact that I was
slowly dropping out of school. 

Finally it was the end of the semester. They would find
out, so I had to make my move. I took all my “Jessie”
things, clothes, shoes, make-up, and sex toys that I’d
been slowly buying out of my nest egg and packed them
into a couple of bags. Then I cut the real link between
“Jessie” and myself. I bleached my hair bright blonde.
I let it dry, then spent at least an hour teasing it
and playing with it. I slowly put on my make up, black
eyeliner, purple shadow, frosted candy pink lipstick. 

I dressed in a push up bra, white tank top and red
spandex skirt that barely covered my ass, then stepped
into a pair of white 6 inch stripper heels. I took my
wad of money out of its hiding place in my closet, and
walked out the door. I didn’t leave a note, but the
envelope with my grades (or lack there of) had come in
the mail and was sitting on the kitchen table. I didn’t
bother to open it. My parents never cared about ME
anyway. Just what they wanted me to be. 

I took a bus to the nearest big city, and got off in a
dingy part of town. I rented a studio apartment in a
run down complex. I told them my ID was stolen and gave
them the name “Jessie Simpson”. Since I paid the first
few months advance and in cash the old Hispanic
landlady didn’t ask me too many questions. Then I went
out to find a job. 

I started walking down the street, feeling the air on
my legs and cleavage, places I’d almost never exposed
before. I could hear my stilettos clicking on the
pavement and started to swing my ass. I felt free and
“in the moment” for the first time in my life. I
started to smile.


I turned around, it came from a Hispanic guy in a beat
up Camero who was slowing down and staring at me.
Habits of a lifetime aren’t easily broken, and I almost
kept walking and tried to ignore him. Then I remembered
I was Jessie now. Jessie wouldn’t do that. 

“Hey there,” I said, and smiled. 

“Damn girl you fine, what you say we go have a little
bit of fun?”


Next thing I knew we were in a back alley and I was
bent over the grimy hood of the car, my skirt pulled up
and my ass raised in the air. The guy (who’s name I
never knew) had one hand between the folds of my wet
cunt and another sliding up between my ass cheeks. I
was moaning, on a total hormone high “Mmmmm, fuck
yesss,” as I ground back against his hand. 

“You want my cock baby?”

“Oh GOD yes”

Sound of his zipper, then his hard erect cock poking
out, slipping down between the folds of my pussy. I
dimly realized that he wasn’t trying to fuck my cunt,
he was getting his cock wet with pussy juice. Then he
slide it upwards, grabbed my ass cheeks in both his
hands, spread them wide, and aimed his slicked cock at
my back-hole.


I screamed so loud I didn’t realize it was my own
voice. It was such a bad neighborhood no one noticed.
The guy paid me absolutely no attention other than
putting a firmer hand on my lower back to keep me bent
over as I tried to pull back with pain. 

I wasn’t a virgin (I’d had one BF in my senior year of
high school) but I’d never been ass fucked except in my
Internet fantasies. I’d explored myself with a finger
or two, and enjoyed it, but this was nothing like that.
I was wincing in pain, and the reality of it all was
hitting home. What the hell was I doing? This guy could
kill me when he was done with me for all I knew.

Slowly the sharp pain started to subside. My ass ached
from being stretched, and the ache settled into a slow
burning sensation. The sensation began to spread to my
clit and I realized I was grinding my ass again, trying
to hump my clit against the car hood, and in turn it
made me rise up to meet the thrusts in my ass. 

“Oh yeah, you’re lovin’ it now bitch.”

“Fuck yes I am, don’t fucking stop.”

*SLAP!* a harsh sting against my ass cheeks.

“Don’t fucking tell me to do anything bitch!”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered in a meeker voice. 

“You want my cock you better show me how sorry you

He pulled out his cock and grabbed my arms, pushing me
down on my knees. I winced as the gravel (and god knows
what else) bit into my skin and reluctantly opened my
mouth. His cock smelled like my ass, and like stale
juice from my pussy. His grip was painful in my hair
and I reluctantly began to lick it, then suck it back
into my mouth. His hand yanked my newly blonde hair
tighter. “All the way bitch, fuckin’ choke you slut.”

He began a full on face fuck. I was gagging, my eyes
bulging out of my head. I could barely breathe and
became sure he would suffocate me. The fear was doing
something funny to me. Juice was leaking from my cunt
and down my thighs. He noticed my ass moving as I
humped the air back and forth, trying to get some
relief from the intense throbbing in my clit. He
growled, “Where you want my cum bitch?” 

He pulled out long enough to let me answer, “Up my ass,
please, please cum up my ass.”

“Well I guess you earned it!”

I was bent back over the Camero’s hood, bare primer
pressed against my midriff, ass exposed to air again,
then his saliva slicked cock, rock hard and dripping
precum slide up my asshole.



“Tell me bitch, tell me how much you love my dick in
your ass.”

“Fuck yes I love it, oh god!”

“You better keep talking unless you want me to stop.”

“Oh god, don’t stop! This is the best fucking thing
I’ve ever had. God it’s so HARD, so deep up my tight
hole. I want your cum in me, I want to feel you explode
up my ass. I want your cum up my asshole soooooooo

“Uhhhhhh!!” he grunted out as gush after gush of hot
cream hit deep up my ass until I felt like I was gonna

I stayed there, bent over, panting, dazed and trying to
get hold of myself. He zipped up, got in his car, and
said “better move your ass” confused I backed away just
in time as the car pulled away, leaving me slumped in
the dirty alley, jizz dripping out of my asshole.

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