How Many Would You Like

April 28, 2008 – 9:59 am

She was lying on her stomach on the bed, naked except for a pair of transparent
black string bikini panties. Her bottom was pushed up by two pillows under her
hips. Lying beside her was a riding whip and a spanking strap. The whip was
black, with a smooth two foot shaft covered with leather. She knew that soon her
panties would be taken down and she would be spanked until she cried. Thinking
about the punishment was about to receive made the crotch of her panties wet.
Earlier that day they had been out driving through a rural area. The road passed
between rock cuts and green pastures, fruit trees lining valleys like squadrons
of soldiers. Up ahead she saw a tack shop. She asked him to stop and then went
in. She saw the whip and imagined how much its stroke would hurt across her ass.
She asked him to buy it for her. The car was parked out of the way, between two
trees. When they went back to the car he bent her over the hood. Her short dress
rode up, just covering her bottom. He gave her ten quick strokes with the whip
across the round curve of her buttocks. It was a warm day and she was wearing a
light sun dress and the kind of sheer string bikini panties he liked her in. The
thin dress and the sheer panties did not provide much padding between her bare
skin and the whip.

“I’ll spank you with this whip at bed time”, he had told her.
She thought about those strokes, burning across he ass, for the rest of the day.

At bed time she went upstairs to get ready for her spanking, undressing to her
panties and laying out the whip and the spanking strap. He came up a few minutes
later to punish her.

He stopped for a moment, just looking at how beautiful she was, the round cheeks
of her buttocks visible through the sheer material of her panties, her bottom
pushed up, offered. He went over to her and knelt beside her on the bed,
caressing her pussy through the thin panties.

“You’re very wet”, he commented. He kissed her hair and whispered in her ear
“I’ll have to punish you extra hard for being such a naughty slut”. That made
her even wetter. He started spanking her over her panties, with his hand. The
thin panties did not offer much protection, but the splap of his hand seemed to
hurt more when he pulled them down to her knees. The slaps of his hand rang out
in the room, each slap leaving a faint pink mark on her bottom. He gave her ten
slaps on each cheek and then caressed her pussy between her spread thighs. After
he gave her another ten slaps his hand was starting to get sore. He caressed her
again, kissing her neck as he moved his index finger over her clit.

“I’m going to whip you”, he told her as he stripped the panties off her legs. He
caressed her again and she pushed against his hand, the lips of her vulva slick.

He picked up the whip and tapped her bottom lightly with the lash. She pushed
her hips up, raising her bottom, offering her ass to the whip.
He brought the whip down across her cheeks. The whip left a light pink welt. He
gave the strokes slowly, holding back the intensity as her bottom started to
blush pink under the lash. After giving her twenty strokes, he stopped to caress
her, reaching under her to cup her breast, twisting her nipple as he rubbed her
clit with his other hand. She moaned and rubbed against his hand.
He picked up the whip and tapped her bottom again. She arched her back, offering
her ass. He moved the shaft of the whip between the lips of her vulva, letting
her push against it. Then he raised the whip and brought it down hard across her
buttocks. She cried out as he whipped her buttocks and upper thighs. The storkes
were harder now, and the welts left by the lash where a deeper pink. The
strokes, especially those across her upper thighs hurt and her cries merged
together until she was crying as he spanked her.

After he had given her another twenty storkes he stopped and slipped his fingers
into her pussy, fucking her and massaging her clit. Her lips were slick and her
pussy was hot and wet. He knew she needed to be fucked, but he was not done
spanking her.
“How many can you take with the strap?”, he asked her.

“As many as you want to give me”

“Pick a number. I want you to choose your punishment.”

“Twenty?”, she asked hesitantly

“Ok, twenty. I’ll give you two sets of ten. Now hold your bottom up.”
He picked up the strap, raised to to shoulder level and brought it down hard
across her red welted bottom. She cried out as she took the stroke. Soon she was
crying again, her body sheened with sweat. But she kept her back arched,
offering her ass for the strap, offering herself to him for punishment. As he
spanked her, she imagined that she was Daddy’s naughty little slut, getting the
strap for having such a wet pussy. The strap hurt so much, but it made her so

After the first ten strokes, he let her rest for a few minutes, catching her
breath. She was still crying when he started strapping her again. He gave the
last few strokes very hard and she cried out loudly as she took them. He lay on
the bed next to her, his cock iron hard. She knelt over him, impaling herself on
his cock. He cupped her hot punished buttocks in his hands as she rode him. He
could feel the welts from the whip and the strap under his fingers. She started
riding him harder and they came together.

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  2. Excellent I love a sub that love pain from a crop or cane….

    By Master Brian on Nov 5, 2009

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