You Didn’t Expect That

April 23, 2008 – 1:24 pm

“Diane’s not at home,” Mr. Johnson said quietly, his eyes
roving over the slim body of his daughter’s friend. 18
year old Amber had always tempted him sorely, with her
long slim legs, short skirts and penchant for wearing
tight clothing.

“Thanks Mr. Johnson,” Amber said softly, her green eyes
boring into his as if she could read his mind. “Would
you mind if I waited for her? We really need to talk.”
Without waiting for his reply, she sauntered past him,
her Obsession perfume filling his nostrils, her black
skirt riding over her hips as she planted herself
firmly into his armchair in the corner. She wore a blue
tank top that exposed most of her upper body, including
the gold ring on her belly button. Her long red hair
made a charming contrast to her pale skin and black

Mr. Johnson shrugged and walked into the kitchen, trying
to hide the bulge that was beginning to grow beneath
his pants. Her mixture of insolence and arrogance had
always been maddening, and yet arousing to him. He had
always feared that she was a bad influence on his
somewhat straight-laced daughter Diane, who seemed to
hang onto her every word. He had never quite understood
what kept them together, but he had certainly enjoyed
having Amber around.

The reaction she provoked within him was proof that his
wife’s death a year ago, and his isolation, hadn’t
deprived him of his manhood. For the past year, his
entire life had been caring for his patients at the
prestigious hospital where he worked. He had hardly
looked at any girl… well, except for Amber. He
thought, his face going red, as he struggled to adjust
his still expanding penis beneath his trousers…He
could suddenly feel rising panic, as he heard Amber’s
footsteps coming towards the kitchen. She couldn’t see
his excitement!

“Mr. Johnson,” Amber said, now coming into the kitchen
behind him. “Can I help you with something here?” He
was about to answer when he noticed that she was
leering straight into his eyes, a knowing look in her
eyes. “Mr. Johnson,” she continued. “Did Diane tell you
that I got a new tattoo last week?”

“No, I guess not,” Mr. Johnson mumbled, wondering where
this was heading.

“Would you like to see it?”

“I guess so, why not?” he said slowly, a sudden thought
coming into his mind, then his eyes bulged, as Amber
raised her short black skirt, halfway up her thighs,
her white skin suddenly bared to his hungry eyes. Her
thighs were angular and slightly fleshy, and Mr. Johnson
suddenly noticed that in addition to her bellybutton
ring, there was a small tattoo of a bird there. “You
mean this?” he asked, a sudden bravado coming over him,
as he ran his fingertips over the tattoo on her belly.

“No silly,” Amber giggled, raising her skirt still
higher until Mr. Johnson could see another tattoo at the
corner of her left thigh, tantalizingly close to the
pink silk panties that he could suddenly see clearly.

“Wow,” Mr. Johnson ran his fingers over the tattoo of a
small penis. “This is kind of naughty, isn’t it,
Amber?” he asked, slowly going completely to his knees,
as Amber raised her skirt still higher.

“What’s naughty?” Amber asked, her voice suddenly
husky. “the tattoo or what you’re doing?” she sat down
on the wooden chair in the kitchen, her skirt now
raised completely to her waist, her panties totally
exposed, as Mr. Johnson, his breathing now heavier began
to caress both her thighs and her belly button.

“Don’t you think it was naughty to show me a tattoo
that was so close to your panties?” Mr. Johnson asked, now
nuzzling his nose against the black panties that barely
covered the juicy flesh beneath. He could see that the
panties were wet, stuck to the white skin, evidence
that Amber had been playing a game right from the
start. He slight musky odor from beneath the panties
inflamed him, and he rubbed his nose even harder
against the panties.

“Ummm Mr. Johnson, but you don’t seem to be interested in
the tattoo at all,” Amber gasped, as she felt Mr.
Johnson’s fingers run lightly, and then more forcefully
over her private parts, through her panties.

“Like you didn’t know what I would be interested in,
when you started this whole game.” Mr. Johnson said, a
sudden measure of confidence in his voice, as he began
to massage and maul Amber’s wet cunt beneath the

Amber said nothing, even when Mr. Johnson slipped her
panties entirely off her and stuck his tongue deep into
her. He ran his fingertips against her vaginal lips,
teasing them, opening them, biting them and licking
them until Amber’s sighs and gasps filled the room. Mr.
Johnson knew had been nervous initially, but he was now in
complete control. If there was one thing he knew how to
do, it was to eat pussy.

Soon Amber began to hold his head, her ragged gasps filled the
room as he found her clit and sucked on it, his fingers
at the same time sinking deep into her essence,
thrusting inside and outward until he located her G-
spot. Amber screamed loudly, bucking against him and
shuddering, covering his face with her pussy juices, as
a huge orgasm wracked her body.

Mr. Johnson held her until the orgasm subsided, then stood
up, his penis rock hard, now level with Amber’s face.
She immediately got out of the chair and fell to her
knees, licking, nibbling and swallowing, until Mr. Johnson
pushed her away from him suddenly.

“What!?” she stared at him in surprise, her eyes

“You didn’t think you’d get away with just a blow job,
did you?” he asked sticking his still erect penis back
into his briefs, going to the wooden cupboard in the
corner, his eyes still on Amber, while his hands
searched within.

“What do you mean?” Amber asked, then her eyes bulged
as she saw the long leather belt he was holding.

“You’ve been teasing me for months, showing me your
legs, your panties, and finally making me eat your
pussy…and you think the only thing you’ll only have
to do is give me a blow job?” There was a stern look in
Mr. Johnson’s eyes he folded the belt and lashed it
together, against his palm.

“Mr. Johnson, I don’t…” Amber began, backing away, a
look of fear in her eyes.

“I know you don’t usually get spanked,” Mr. Johnson said.
“And that’s why you behave the way you do, dressing
like a slut, corrupting my daughter, and now daring to
corrupt even me. But you’ll get your comeuppance now. I
hope the orgasm was worth what you’re about to get.
Strip everything, remove ALL your clothes.”

“Mr. Johnson, you can’t do this to me,” Amber’s eyes
darted around the room like a frightened rat. “D-Diane
could be back any minute,” she stammered. “I’ll tell
Diane, I’ll tell my dad.”

“Diane is away for the day, and won’t be back till
night, and you won’t tell her anything, because you
know she looks up to you, and she would STOP looking up
to you if she knew what happened today. As for your
dad, from what I know about him, it’s my bet that he
would probably be too embarrassed to hear something
like this from you, and he would never believe anything
like that. Besides we both know you won’t do anything
like that, because you thrive on your tough girl
reputation.” He paused, his face suddenly hardening.
“I’ve had enough talk, Amber, Now STRIP!!”

A resigned look on her face, Amber slowly removed her
skirt. “Can’t I keep my top on?”

“No. Almost everything is already exposed in that tank
top, anyway. You’re not showing much more.”

“But I’m not wearing a bra underneath,” she whined.

“That’s your problem not mine,” Mr. Johnson said
impassively. “You should have thought of that before
coming here to seduce me. Come to think of it, not
wearing a bra was probably part of your plan, anyway,
so you gotta live with it. EVERYTHING OFF!!” He slapped
the belt against his palm, and Amber hurriedly removed
her tank top, exposing her round breasts with their
rather large pink nipples, which she tried to cover.

“HANDS OFF!” Mr. Johnson shouted, and Amber’s hands
dropped to her sides, a crimson blush beginning to
spread over her face and chest.

“Feeling embarrassed are you?” Mr. Johnson said, a
satisfied look coming to his face. “That’s what happens
when you behave like a slut… though you probably
can’t help it… just like I can’t help what I’m about
to do to you.”

“W-what are you gonna do to me?” Amber moaned,
unconsciously wringing her hands, then trying to use
them to cover her private parts.

Mr. Johnson ignored the motion. He knew that by the time
he finished with her, modesty would be her least
concern. “Go into the guest room, climb onto the bed on
your hands and knees and stick up your ass for me,

With a pleading look in her eyes, Amber slowly obeyed,
and seconds later, she screamed loudly as the first
lash struck her exposed behind. “SHIT!You bastard, do
you wanna kill me?”

“One extra stroke for insolence,” Mr. Johnson said
quietly, pushing down her back, forcing her dancing
buttocks to stay in place. “the more attitude you give,
the more strokes you’ll get,” A loud scream filled the
room, as he struck Amber again on her buttocks, noting
with interest, that a red welt had appeared where he
had previously struck. Amber’s ass danced around in
pain, but obediently stood up again, after he warned

Again and again, he struck her buttocks and her thighs,
ignoring her loud screams and pleas, relishing the
power he felt, in making her accept what he was doing
to her. When the ass was a mass of cross-crossed red
welts, he stopped. By now, Amber was sobbing quietly,
her voice hoarse from the screaming she had done. Mr.
Johnson slowly ran his hands through her hair, his face
softening. “Didn’t quite go as planned, did it?” he
said quietly.

“No,” she mumbled. “I didn’t know you would be such a

“Neither did I,” he replied apologetically. “But you
said it. You awakened a beast within me. And though
you’re weeping, your body doesn’t exactly seem to have
hated what I did.

“What do you mean?” she began, then gasped, as he stuck
two fingers around her vaginal lips and brought them
back soaked in her juices.

“You’re soaking,” he said triumphantly. “What do you
have to say for yourself?”

She mumbled something, and he laughed. Well, now that
we seem to have discovered a number of common points, I
think I can pamper myself a bit.” Removing his swollen
penis from its confinement in his briefs, he climbed
onto the bed directly behind her and thrust deep into
her essence.

For the next few minutes, the bed took a pounding it
never had, and the entire house was filled with loud
moans and groans of pleasure. It was a good thing that
Mr. Johnson’s house was soundproofed.

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