Devote Yourself To Me

April 21, 2008 – 3:26 pm

I switched to suck his right nut giving it the same full measure of
devotion, swabbing it with my tongue while reverently kneeling between
his hairy, muscular thighs. His cockpole rose up like the main mast of
a sailing ship when I started licking it at the base. His fingers
combed my long blonde hair forward, covering the sides of my face and the
bottom of his cock shaft. As my tongue traced upward toward his helmet,
he used my hair to wick away the pre-cum oozing from his piss slit. Just
as I was ready to envelop the head, he pushed me back on my haunches.
My long hair fell down, covering most of my face. He brushed it aside
so I could look at him. Using the palm of his left hand, he pressed the
vertical shaft downward until the tip touched my moist, red lips. I
leaned forward and slurped it inside my mouth just in time to receive a
powerful jettison of cum that splashed against the back of my open throat.
I started to choke and pulled out, spitting his seed on the carpet in
order to regain my breath.

My pullback was an involuntary survival response but he perceived it
to be rejection.

“What’s wrong…. don’t you like the taste of my manseed? Is that
why you spit it out? There are other boys who would be happy to take
your place. I want someone who will totally devote himself to me…
worship my cock, swallow my seed, take it inside their boycunt and dream
that by some miracle they could give birth to my child. You’ve sorely
disappointed me Jimmy, I thought you were the one. Gather up your clothes
and leave!”

The thought of losing him was more than I could bear. Tears trickled
down my cheeks and I leaned over, alternating between lapping up his seed
from the carpet and kissing his feet.

“please Sir… please let me stay… i love your cock… your balls.
your seed tastes like nectar to me… i never had oral sex with anyone
before now. i didn’t know what to expect… i started to choke but now i
would rather have died than displease you so.”

“Jimmy, you realize that you’ll have to be punished.”

“yes Sir…. anything… just don’t throw me out… i love you!”

“Get on your feet, Jimmy! I believe that punishment must be both
stern and immediate in order to be effective. When is the last time your
bottom was spanked?”

“i’ve never been spanked in my life, Sir. my parents didn’t believe
in corporal punishment.”

“Twenty five years old and you’ve never been spanked! Well young
man, that is about to change… right now!! You’ll receive one for
each year of your life. I’ll just have to assume the role of your
daddy since he was remiss in his parental duties. I’ll understand if
you feel the need to cry… it’s OK for little boys to cry… it builds

“Sir, with all due respect, I’m not a little boy. I’m a man and
will take my punishment like a man!”

Sir just smiled and patted his lap, indicating where he wanted my
naked body to be.

It was humiliating but I laid across his knees. I was fairly
confident that this spanking thing would be easy for me. Overall I’m
skinny but I have a plump ass. In high school, some of the boys used
to refer to me as ‘bubble butt’. A few agreed that my ass was better
looking then their girlfriends. More than once I’ve had it groped.
Some boys just couldn’t let me walk past them in the corridor without
touching it. I would always react like I didn’t appreciate the
liberties they took with my body. Truth was that I never went out
of my way to avoid them.

For the longest time, Sir just stroked my ass and kneaded my
fleshy cheeks. It seemed to give him some pleasure because I felt his
cock raise up between his knees and poke against my belly button. I
began to think that he had changed his mind until he raised his right
hand high in the air. It sounded like a pistol shot and the pain was
excruciating. The second followed as rapidly as the first, then
another and another. My ass felt like it was on fire and I screamed
for him to stop. The more I cried out, the harder he slapped. Tears
streamed down my face… so much for me being able to take it like a

“please daddy… i’ll be good…. please stop… it hurts too
much… please, oh please!!”

He didn’t stop. He must have been keeping count because the last
thing I heard him say out loud was: “23, 24, 25.”

“All done little boy… you can stand up now.”

I stood up and he positioned me between his legs again. I was still
blubbering like a baby when he raised my chin up with his hand. He
used his index finger to wipe away the tears rolling down my cheeks.
Then he kissed me on the tip of my nose and hugged me to his furry chest.
Wrapped in the cocoon of his arms, I never felt more loved in my life.
I continued to whimper and didn’t want him to ever let me go. A primal
instinct made me seek out a nipple and suck on it like a newborn.

He seemed to like that as he gently stroked my hair saying; “There…
there…. it’s OK son.. your daddy still loves you!”

“Son, I know your little ass is smarting right now but daddy can’t
wait any longer. I’m going to deflower you.”

“Daddy? wha… what does that mean… deflower me?”

“It means I’m going to fuck your virgin ass… your sweet, tight
little boycunt.”

“but daddy, my bottom still stings from the spanking… can’t you
wait until it feels better?”

“No son, I can’t wait… I have needs… you want to please your
daddy, don’t you?”

“i do… daddy… i do… i just thought… “

“Now look son, lets get something clear right now. I am in charge,
your body belongs to me. If that’s not acceptable, I’ll just have to
find another boycunt. Is that what you want?”

“no… no… please Sir… please deflower me… i exist only for
your pleasure.”

“There’s a good boy!! Now get your ass upstairs to my bedroom.
It’s the first door down the hall.. to the right. I’ll be up in a
few minutes.”

My daddy is a very complex man, I’m finding out. He can be so
kind one minute and so mean the next. I going to make him proud of
me though… I love him more than life itself.

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