Invite To the Sex Club

April 16, 2008 – 10:00 am

I admit I didn’t live a sheltered life, but when I first heard about a
so-called sex club, I was 18. I thought it was the imagination of some
weird guy. Now I’m not saying this is true nor am I saying that it’s
fiction, but here’s what happened.

I ran into my friend Jen, the former nun, from my former Catholic school,
who I knew to be a lesbian. How did I know she was lesbian? The easy answer
is I found out in bed. She also opened the door to me, and to my love of
spankings. So if you happen to be reading this Jen, this is for you.

It was a Saturday morning and I was having breakfast at TeeJays Country
Place restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, and who should walk in but Jen. After
squeals and hugs, I admit I had a crush on her in school and more so after
we got together that night, she whispered to me, “how would you like to go
to a sex club?”

The idea appealed to me, and she knew that I didn’t have sex with guys, so
I asked her, “is this an all women’s club?” “No” she said, “but that’s not
a problem. You wear different colored ankle bands for what kind of sex
you’re into and the guys will leave you alone”.

The thought of maybe having another night with Jen, and her spankings,
got the best of me, and I agreed to go.

The house was located on the West side of town, near Hilliard, and as we
approached the door, where Jen paid for us, I was nervously shaking a
little bit. The lady at the door, who was fully clothed I might say, asked
which color band, and Jen said, red. I found out later that red was for
gay and lesbian, green was for straight, and white was for voyeurs.

As we undressed by our assigned lockers, I couldn’t help but stroke Jen’s
beautiful ass, before she stopped me by saying, “there will be plenty of
time for that later”.

In the main room there were trays of every kind of pill you could think of,
another of neatly rolled joints, and still another of glasses of
champagne. We picked the champagne as we moved from room to room, hearing
the music in the background, and watched every sex act imaginable.

This one room we came to had a beautiful young girl being stroked by an
elderly lady. I almost came to a sudden screeching stop as I grabbed Jens
arm, and she knew I wanted the girl, but I didn’t know how to approach

Jen said, “watch this”, as she walked over and smiled at the couple and
sat on the edge of the couch. Leaning over Jen kissed the girl as the
older woman nursed on the girl’s breast. Then Jen signaled me to come

As I sat on the edge of the oversized couch, the girl’s hand reached to
stroke my breast. As her fingers pulled and rolled my nipple I lowered my
head to her beautiful shaved pussy. Only stopping for a brief moment to
inhale her wonderful scent, before my tongue tasted her pussy. Licking her
delicate folds I was oblivious to everything else and even where I was
until I felt a warm breath on my ass, and then a tongue.

Looking out of the corner of my eye I saw the cutest little midget with an
awesome body licking my ass. As her tongue dragged along the crack of my
ass I wanted it or something in my cunt. It was then that I felt Jen’s
fingers patting my pussy. I stopped for only a moment to say, “fuck me”.

When I felt Jen’s fingers enter my cunt to finger fuck me I drove my
tongue deeper in the girls pussy. Jen joined me by licking and sucking
the girl’s clit as my tongue probed her pussy walls, and the little midget
tongue fucked my ass.

I knew it wasn’t going to take much more, and I could tell the girl was
close, as I felt the tingle building. Then I had a mind blowing orgasm so
strong that I screamed in the girls pussy, which put her over the edge.

As I kept tongue fucking her and Jen kept sucking her swollen clit, the
midget rolled over on her back to lick my pussy. I could tell that we were
drawing a crowd but I didn’t care. All I cared about was cumming, and I was
having multiples. The thought of people watching us got me hotter and

Finally I could take no more and had to rest, but I wasn’t finished, not by
a long shot.

As I opened my eyes and started to get up I saw women standing around,
fingering themselves, and one even said, “hot, so hot”.

Wandering from room to room, I had lost track of Jen, I thought I was in
paradise, and knew I would be a steady customer.

When I finally reached the last room, it was dark, all except a candle, and
Jen sitting on the couch, all alone. “Come in Abby, I’ve been waiting
for you, and I knew you would find me”, she said, as I entered. Before I
had a chance to sit down she took my wrist and turned me over her knee. I
was literally dripping knowing what to expect.

As I laid across her lap she caressed my ass, and told me to count as she
started to spank me. Counting she spanked me harder and harder, and I could
tell it was getting her hotter, and so was I. Finally she picked up a
riding crop and told me to lick her pussy.

As I fell to my knees between her beautiful legs, she brought the crop down
on my sore red ass, and forced my head to her pussy. I had wanted this all
night and I licked her pussy lips. Nibbling and licking her delicate
folds. Using my fingers to part her pussy lips so I could lick her inner
lips. Tongue fucking her as she rested on her elbows on the couch. My
fingers patting and cuddling her swollen wet clit as my tongue went deep,
probing her pussy walls.

Harder and harder she whipped me as I tongue fucked her, and she got
closer. The crop was having the same affect on me as my tongue was on
her. It was incredible. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to cum from just
her whipping me and not touching my pussy.

As I felt her body stiffen I knew it was happening, and she moaned as she
gushed into my mouth. As fast as I could drink it some seeped out from the
corners of my mouth.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more of the crop I came. Strong,
mind shattering orgasms. I kept cumming and cumming and I thought it
wouldn’t stop, until finally it did, and I collapsed in a heap on the floor
in front of her.

I don’t know how long I laid there but I felt her gather me up in her arms
and cuddle me, giving me little kisses. Whispering, “you’re so wonderful”,
and I felt the same about her.

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