April 1, 2008 – 2:59 pm

Alyse caught my eye at the antique show.  Although I didn’t really

     go out of my way to do so, we kept running into each other,

     exchanging quick glances.  She had a smile that was magical–a

     naughty little smile that meant mischief–yet so subtle she could

     easily deny ever having “lead me on.”  Yet I must confess it was

     those two perfect buns that caused me to give her a second glance.

     Her tight jeans left nothing to the imagination–the curves were

     flawless, particularly at the “sit spot” where cheeks meet thighs.

     And those jeans exhibited just the right amount of wear at that

     sexy “sit spot” to produce a bull’s eye.  I imagined the concentric

     circles of target, and what fun it would be to watch those buns

     wiggle as I smacked them!


     She knew exactly what she was doing.  When I came by, she would

     cast a quick glance, and bend over slightly, examining some

     object.  She didn’t look back at me until she had finished

     examining the antique.  Once, she grabbed her knees to examine a

     chair closely.  Sometimes she’d do a little “dance” while feigning

     interest in a piece for sale.


     While she went thru her little ritual, I happened to notice an old

     razor strap for sale.  I picked it up and examined it.  She

     immediately reacted, and came over to the table.  She took her

     time, stopping to handle an object enroute.  Very nonchalant.

     Certainly not chasing after me!  She gave me one of those glances,

     flashed that naughty smile, and asked, “What do you plan to do with

     that?”  I was lost for words–rare for me!  “I like leather,” was

     my reply.


     We chatted briefly about antiques.  And she mentioned that today

     was her birthday–she was 23.  She looked 23, except for those eyes

     and that smile.  They betrayed a depth of character hidden by her

     cheerleader like features.  I suggested we have lunch after looking

     around a bit.  She agreed, and we spent about an hour looking at

     antiques, chatting, and thoroughly enjoying one another’s company.

     But I couldn’t keep my eyes off those buns, and although she

     pretended not to notice the glances I stole while she looked at

     antiques, I knew she knew.


     Looking at antique kitchen implements was a real trip.  There were

     paddles and cutting boards galore.  As I picked each up, I

     considered its potential application as a spanking implement.

     Specifically, I imaging whacking Alyse with each.  She picked up

     one padle, almost caressing it.  “I want this one,” she said.

     “Why don’t you buy it for me?”  She sounded like a little girl.

     I couldn’t believe it.  It was a perfect spanking paddle.  Looking

     back, I couldn’t help but wonder what other people thought whern

     they saw me carrying a razor strap, and Alyse with that paddle!

     No one said anything…and the clerk at the store didn’t evenb

     flinch when I bought them both.


     We made our way to a restaurant, and talked about many things.

     Alyse was a commercial artist, single, and had broken up with a

     boyfriend six months ago.  She liked antiques and good food.

     Her relationships were short lived.  “I guess I’m just a naughty

     girl,” she explained.  “No man can tame me!”  I was going crazy.

     She hadn’t mentioned spanking, but sure seemed to be begging for

     it.  I thought I’d venture carefully into the subject.  A harmless

     remark she could ignore or respond to.  “Sounds like you need a

     birthday spanking, Alyse!” I ventured.  “Hah!  The last one I had

     was my on my 18th birthday.  And you know what?  It hurt like hell

     but sure turned me on!”


     That was it.  No persuastion was necessary.  We headed for my

     apartment, stopping to purchase a bottle of champagne.  At my

     apartment, we started drinking the champagne.  We laughed, talked,

     and told our life stories.  Then, suddenly, her mood changed.

     Alyse began mocking me.  Her remarks were punctuated with that

     naughty smile.  And as she paced around the living room, I watched

     her bottom bounce.  It was time to administer the spanking her

     attitude and our fantasies deserved.


     “Young lady, you are my guest, and although it is your birthday, I

     expect a modicum of respect and consideration.”  She repeated, in a

     mocking tone, “respect and consideration!”  That was it.  I grabbed

     her firmly but gently by the arm.  “Alyse, you’ve needed a good

     spanking for a long time, and today you’re going to get it!”

     “I’m too big to spank!” she protested, pulling away.  I made my

     move, pulling her across my lap.  She pretended to resist, trying

     to protect her recalcitrant derriere with her hands.  I moved thewm

     out of the way and held her down firmly.


     She was mine!  Those gorgous jean covered hemispheres would soon be

     bouncing to the cadence of my smacks!  I decided to take my time,

     and relish each moment.  She struggled less.  I adjusted her

     position so that her sexy little tush was a perfect target, and we

     were positioned crotch to crotch.  “Please don’t spank me hard,”

     she cooed.  I couldn’t stand it!  I gently rubbed my hand over her

     ass, evaluating the nature of my target.  She reflexly contracted

     her cheeks briefly, then relaxed them again.  I rested my hand on

     her bottom, and delivered a short lecture.  “Alyse, you’re going to

     get 24 spanks on the seat of your jeans, one for each year and one

     to grow on.  You are to remain still, and take your spanking.  If

     you resist or move, your jeans will come down, and you’ll find out

     what a spanking is really all about!”


     She said nothing.  I took a practice swing, stopping short of my

     target.  Then, aiming for the “sit spot” prepared to deliver the

     first lick.  Raising my hand, I brought it crashing down on those

     voluptuous melons with full force, adding a flick of my wrist



     My ears were treated to the sharp report of the smack, and a sharp

     “ouch!” from Alyse.  She didn’t move a muscle, but waited for the

     next lick.  She didn’t have to wait long.  Aiming for the same

     spot, I delivered the second swat. SSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPAAAAAANNNNK!

     She didn’t flinch.  I decided to up the tempo.


     SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!  Three quick licks to the left cheek!

     SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!  Three to the right!  No reaction from Alyse.

     “That’s eight, young lady!  Sixteen more to go!”  “It tickles,”

     she teased, wiggling her bottom seductively as if trying to adjust

     her position.  That’s all I needed.  I grabbed the paddle placed

     strategically within reach.


     “You wanted this paddle, Alyse, and now you’re going to find out

     how well it works!  You will get eight swats with the paddle!

     We’ll see if you think that tickles!”  I bounced the paddle

     teasingly on her butt, and would up like Casey at the bat, taking a

     practice swing.  The next one would be for real.  I decideded to

     give her three sets of two.  Each set would be fast and hard, with

     a brief pause between sets.  TTTHHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAKKKK!


     Alyse matter-of-factly.


     At least I was starting to make an impression.  Time for two more.



     Alyse recoiled reflexly.  “Shit!” she howled.  I was on the right




     WWWWWWHHHHHAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!  Alyse was quivering, rubbing against

     my crotch.  This was heaven.  I knew I’d come if I didn’t do

     something soon!


     I put the paddle aside.  I ordered Alyse up, to her surprise.  She

     had no idea this was just round one.  I picked up the razor strap,

     cracking it lightly into my palm.  “Alyse, you have eight more

     licks in this spanking, and you’re going to get them with the

     strap!  You are to go over to the chair, bend over it, and take

     your licks without moving.”  She obeyed, sticking her rear out,

     wiggling it, and settling into position.  I was an expert with the

     strap, and decided to lay all eight stripes on in one smooth, slow,

     rhythmic session.







     Alyse was breathing heavily.  Her legs buckled with the fourth

     stroke, but she stayed in position.  I didn’t believe that her last

     spanking was five years ago.  She couldn’t possibly have taken all

     of this without some recent toughening…even thru blue jeans!

     I continued, maintaining cadence.



     “OOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” Alyse suddenly yelped.  My adrenalin was

     flowing.  I laid into her buns with another lick.


     “PPPPLLLEEEAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEE!” she pleaded.  She was starting to

     submit.  “Two more, young lady!”


     The strap bit in to her derriere once again.  Her legs bucked, but

     this time was silent.  “That’s 23, Alyse!  Now one to grow on!”



     She stood up.  No tears, but the look of innocence replaced that

     naughty smirk.  She embraced me, and started nibbling my neck.

     “Please,” she whispered.  “Spank me some more.”  I could hardly

     contain myself.  Without a word, she started unbuttoning my shirt

     and undressing me.  And off came the jeans and panties, without a

     cue.  She went over to the chair, and bent over.  Not a word was

     uttered.  I picked up the strap, and announced that she would get

     24 more spanks, 8 with the belt, 8 with the paddle, and finally 8

     across my lap with the palm!  “Yes, sir!” she cooed.


     Her bare bottom was a testimonial to my skill!  Criscrossing her

     buns, from the curvaceous bottom of each cheek, to the top of each

     globe, were light red parallel strap stripes.  These were

     superimposed over a pink background from the broad paddle and hand

     spanking.  I was pround of my work, and ready to continue!


     I swung the strap, aiming for the sit spot. WWWWWWWWHHHHAAAAACCKK!

     I held back a bit to see how Alyse would react.  After all, this

     was a bare ass I was strapping.  No reaction.  WWWWWWWHHHHHAAAACCK!

     Same spot.  No reaction.  I decided to escalate the intensity.


     “YYEEOOWWWW!”  AHA!  The sound of success!


     I paused briefly.  The next four would be hard and fast.  “Hold on,

     Alyse.  These are going to be zingers!”  She adjusted her posture,

     but said nothing.  I pride myself with leaving red marks, but no

     bruises.  I was obviously doing a good job!







     “Oooooooohhhhhhh!” she exclaimed in a tone unique to the

     pleasure/apin mix of a committed bottom!  She stood up and gently

     massaged her buns.  “Damn you’re good!” she whispered.  “What

     next?”  I picked up the paddle and pointed toward the chair.

     She silently assumed the position.  “I’m sure getting wet!” was

     stated as an afterthought.  I went to work with the paddle.  Four

     licks across both cheeks, then 4 alternating, hard and fast!








     Tiny little blisters formed on her cheeks.  She stood up, and was

     sobbing silently.  I took a kleenex and dried her tears.  I thought

     about quitting, but her eyes and demeaner begged for more.  I sat

     down in the chair which had just served as a “horse” for her

     strapping and paddling.  “Over my knee” I ordered quietly.  Her

     instant obedience sinaled her desire for this last phase of round

     two.  Few things are as intimate as an over-the-knee, bare bottomed

     hand spanking.  And this was to be the finale–the transition from

     the sensual to the sexual.


     I rubbed her ass gently, and began the spanking.  The licks were

     deliberate, yet a bond between us tempered their intensity.  I was

     rock hard, and she was dripping wet.  SSSSSPPPPPAAAAANNKKKKKK!



     heart started pounded.  She started thrusting and wiggling to meet




     breathing heavy…hearts pounding in synchrony.


     We both came.  Motionless across my lap she whispered, “Damn you’re


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