March 20, 2008 – 4:17 pm

My husband Len and I are in our mid 30s.   Our neighbor across the
street had invited us over for drinks late one evening and we
embarrassed ourselves by getting into a fight.  Virginia is a few
years older than us, I believe in her 40s though she is quite
attractive and you might guess she is younger.  Len and I don’t fight
in front of other people, and actually we seldom fight at all, but
night he brought up something I had said and insisted I admit to
having misspoke.   Maybe it was the drinks we had had, but even
though it was just a little thing, I wasn’t about to admit it and I
couldn’t find it in myself to back down.  Soon we were yelling at
each other, right in front of Virginia and then accusing each other of
being horribly rude.

Then Len appealed to Virginia to settle the matter.  I couldn’t
believe he would try to drag her into it after embarrassing her with his
yelling.  But he dared me to let her pass judgement, and I wasn’t
going to admit he had any case at all so I took his dare.  Then he had
to know what happens to the loser and we ended up deciding that
that was up to Virginia.

So even though Virginia had really had no say in the matter, we
ended up begging her to decide between us and decide on a
punishment.  She finally agreed to it, but she didn’t immediately
make a pronouncement.   First she made us confirm again that we
would abide by her “sentence”.  I began to get nervous about it, but
we both agreed.

So she made her pronouncement: she said we were both big babies
and in need of a spanking.  Then she said “so who’s first?”  Len and I
looked at each other.  Warily.  “So you’re backing out now?”  asked
Virginia with a smirk on her face.  “Come here; five smacks on the
rear” she told Len, “you first”.  She got up and pulled on his arm.

“Come on, its just a little thing, and you both are getting it” she
said.  It occurred to me that the alcohol had affected her.   Then he
actually complied!  He let her pull her over to a chair, leaned over
her lap, and let her give him five smacks with her hand on the rear of
his pants!  I didn’t laugh.  I didn’t say a word.  Len was silent too
the only sound was the smacks.  It was getting to be like a dream.
Then she was telling me it was my turn.  Len opened his mouth to say
something to me, but Virginia told him to say nothing.  I couldn’t see
a way around it.  Virginia didn’t have to pull me: I got up and
the same position that Len had, and Virginia smacked me!  It didn’t
really hurt much, but it was so weird and humiliating that it didn’t
feel like reality.  After five, I got up.  Virginia said something
babies getting what they deserve, but somehow we all lost
conversation after that.  In just a couple of minutes, Len and I left.

As soon as we had shut Virginia’s front door, we looked at each
other.  Len pulled me to him and kissed me.  I realized I was really
turned on and it was obvious that Len was too.   I might have thought
it was weird to get turned on by a spanking, but we were beyond
thinking.  After a minute, we headed straight home and as soon as we
had the door closed I pulled him down to me and kissed him again.
Then I pulled him to the floor and we had sex right there by the front
door.  I’d never attacked him like that, and in fact, in that house
we’dnever had sex out of our bed!  That wasn’t all the sex we had that

You can probably imagine that we had trouble talking about that
experience afterwards.  I found it hard to talk to Virginia again too,
but I forced myself and we managed to carry on like nothing weird
had happened.  I think she was embarrassed by it too.  But the
memory of that night didn’t leave me, and even after two months I
still would remember the spanking and the passionate kiss and hot
sex we had that night.  I caught myself thinking about the spanking a
few times when Len and I were having sex, and once when I was
alone I masturbated thinking about it.  Then once when Len and I
were sort of fooling around in bed and I knew we were going to have
sex, he asked me if I remembered that night.  I gave him a tentative
“yes”.  Soon we were both admitting that we thought about it and I
couldn’t believe it but we were considering the possibility of asking
Virginia for a repeat of it!

Well I couldn’t imagine bringing the subject up with Virginia and I
don’t believe Len could either, but soon almost every time we had
sex we started talking about “our next spanking” and soon I was
wanting it so bad I couldn’t stand it.  I HAD to do something!

Well, one night when Len was out I invited Virginia to go out with
me for a drink and after we were feeling good I brought up the
spanking and told her about the night afterwards.  She said she
suspected we would end up having sex that night when she saw us.  I
wanted her to be comfortable so I asked her if she might do exactly
the same thing again (without the fight).  I was relieved when she
was amused by the idea and agreed.  She made a joke about “Kids
these days”.  We decided to surprise Len–I would drag him over and
the first he would hear of the plan was her order to get over her lap.

Well, we did it.  Len was immediately willing, and Virginia gave us
each five smacks and we left immediately afterwards again and once
again we couldn’t take our hands off each other all night.  Just a few
days later we were talking about doing it all again and actually did
it after another month.  Soon we were doing it every couple of weeks
or so.  The spanking was always the same, and Virginia seemed to
enjoy it.

Well, it would still be that way today, except for Shannon.  Shannon
is absolutely beautiful and I feel like a dowd next to her.  She has
been my friend for a long time and we have told each other a lot of
our sexual exploits.  She seems to thrive on it.  She had told me
about one of her recent dates and then told me how dull my sex life
had been getting and I felt challenged to prove her wrong.  Well as
soon as she saw an expression on my face that suggested she was
wrong, she was all over me to tell her my big secret!  Eventually she
pried it out of me and was she amused!  Then she wanted to know
who the woman was.  I told her it wasn’t anyone she knew.  So she
wanted me to introduce her to the woman!

I told her that would be too weird for me.   She begged me for the
name of the woman and finally I told her that it was the woman who
lived across the street from us.  She talked about me introducing her
again, then when I still wasn’t agreeing to that she said maybe I
could point out the woman to her some day.  I gave her a vague
assent figuring I’d back out of it, or maybe I would actually do it.
It was strange to me how nosey Shannon was about the whole thing.  I
regretted telling her.

Well just a couple of days later I noticed a car just like Shannon’s
across the street!   I noticed it a couple more times before the week
was out.  The next time I saw Shannon I asked her if she had gone to
see Virginia.  She had!  I asked her what she had done there and she
told me she had gotten spanked!  Then she suggested that I come
with her!  I turned that down fast and all the way home I was
thinking that Len and I can’t ever see Virginia again and I was half-
wondering if we could move or something.

Of course we didn’t move.  Naturally, pretty soon Len mentioned the
idea of visiting Virginia.  I was reluctant and he didn’t understand
why.  I didn’t find the courage to enlighten him so in the end I
agreed. I had never been more nervous when we went over the next time.

Well Virginia didn’t say anything when we called her or when we
showed up, but she did surprise me.  Instead of sitting down and
ordering each of us over for a spanking, she told us to go lean over
the couch.  It was in the middle of the room and she pointed to the
back of it.   Her voice had steel in it: she had developed a
commanding voice over the course of our visits, but I had never
heard it like that day.  Len and I looked at each other, then did it.

Then she told us to lower our pants!  I froze.  She said we would be
getting it on underpants this time.  On previous visits, there had
always been some amusement in her voice even when she was
commanding.  This time there was none.  Len and I looked at each
other.  “Now!”  We both did it.  She had us lean over the back of the

Suddenly my rear was stinging like hell!  I realized she had whipped
me with something.  I gave a short yell.  She immediately ordered me
to be quiet.  I heard a smack that I didn’t feel and Len, next to me,
jerked.  Then she whipped me again.  It was nothing like earlier
visits–this was real pain.  I don’t know what made me stay there
except that it seemed the only thing to do.  After several more
whips, suddenly I felt her pull my underpants down!  “Don’t move!”
came the order.  My next smack came on bare skin!  So did Len’s.
After several more for each of us, she said “Get out of here” and she
was gone.  Len and I got up.  Both of us had our pants and underpants
around our ankles.  It was hard getting my pants and underpants back
on my rear.  We went home immediately and didn’t stop for any
kisses.  This was the first time I had more than a warm feeling in
my rear when we got home.  But the sex we had was better than ever!

After that I still saw Shannon’s car over at Virginia’s house a lot of
times.  Once I saw her coming out of the house and she was with
another woman that I didn’t know.  They got in the car and drove off.

A few weeks later, Len and I were both thinking about visiting
Virginia again but neither of us were bringing it up.  It wasn’t until
well over a month that we finally discussed it one night and agreed
to call Virginia again.  She told us to come over.

When she opened the door, she looked different.  She looked severe:
she was dressed in a conservative suit and looked more formal than I
had ever seen her.  She ordered us to come in.  I realized that she
was holding a riding crop!  Once we were in the living room, she told
us to strip.  We didn’t hesitate a bit.  She told us to stand at
attention and she circled us, looking at us.  Then when she was
behind me, she handcuffed my hands behind me.  I heard her do the
same to Len.  I felt her touch the riding crop to the back of my right
thigh.  Then she slid it up to my right cheek.  Then it was gone and
she told us to follow her.

She led us to the basement stairs and down into the basement.  There
I received one of the shocks of my life!  There were women down
there, probably twenty, all nude and standing at attention with their
hands cuffed behind them.  All standing in a line.  Not one of them
looked at us.  Virginia added us to the end of the line.  Then she
walked around the whole line.  When she was in front, she touched
the end of the crop to my pussy, to each pussy I think.  When she
walked around behind us, she smacked each one of us once.  The pain
was searing.  She made the round again.  Then she stopped at the
other end of the line.  I heard some grunting and breathing.  I didn’t
dare turn my head to look.  I heard more, closer.  She was walking up
the line behind us, doing something.

She got to me.  She put something against my rear-hole.  “Open it”
she whispered in my ear.  Something was pushing.  A dildo, I
imagined.  She repeated the whispered command.  I did my best and
she pushed it in.  I had never done anything sexually with my rear-
hole.  It felt so full.  I felt so humiliated.  I listened to her do
the same thing to Len.

Then she started dragging some of the women out of the line.  She
dragged me and I got a chance to see what was happening.  Some of
the women were still standing in line, blindfolded and other women
who were not blindfolded were kneeling in front of them, facing
them.  Len was blindfolded and a skinny little blonde was kneeling in
front of him, her face right in front of his cock.  Virginia made me
kneel in front of a blindfolded woman.  It was Shannon!  Then she
ordered us to “eat”.  I didn’t but I looked over and saw the little
blonde sucking Len’s cock!  Virginia was suddenly behind me ordering
me to lick.  She whipped my rear.  She did it again.  “Quickly” she
said and finally I started licking.  She was walking up and down the
line, whipping and ordering us to do better!  I got whipped again at
least twice.   Shannon was wet and soon she was coming!  So were a
lot of the other women who were getting licked.  Virginia came over
and took off Shannon’s blindfold.  Shannon looked down at me and
smiled the most “evil” smile.  Virginia also took off Shannon’s
handcuffs.  Shannon dragged me away from the line.  I looked over at
Len.  His blindfold was off too and he was watching the little blonde
as she sucked.  Her handcuffs were off and she had her hands on his
hips.  His handcuffs were off and he had his hands in her hair.   All
the other women were still cuffed and either licking or blindfolded
and being licked.  Shannon pushed me to the floor on my back.  It was
uncomfortable with my hands cuffed behind me.  She knelt down with
her pussy on my face.  She called me a slut and told me to lick.  I
licked some more.  I noticed that she was wearing leather boots
though none of the other women were.  Shannon came again.  She had
me get on all fours and started sliding the dildo in and out of my
She whipped me too–she had a riding crop or something.  Virginia
was still circling the other line of women, applying the riding crop
to any kneeling woman who wasn’t licking enough.  Len and the
blonde were lying on the floor, fucking.  Everyone seemed to be
ignoring them and they were ignoring everyone.  Shannon was still
nude except for her boots.  She put her hand between my legs on my
pussy.  I came instantly.

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