Paddle Party

March 13, 2008 – 10:36 am

Marty stood silently in the corner. He was naked, and his bottom was
bright red from his recent across-the-lap hairbrush paddling from his
girlfriend Amy.

His punishment would have been finished a while ago if it weren’t for
the fact that he had ejaculated when he was being spanked. He
squirted his spunk on Amy’s legs and ankles, as well as on the
carpet beneath him. The way he twisted and squirmed when he spurted
embarrassed him now, although he felt no shame at the time when the
intense feeling of his orgasm overcame him. The pleasurable hot
spurts rendered the hard hairbrush swats almost pleasant when it was

Amy had warned him previously when he had seeped pre-cum on her
bare thighs during a spanking. He knew he would spurt someday, and
today was the day.

He had positioned himself over her lap, after kissing her dark haired
pussy. How he loved to pleasure her that way. The taste, the scent,
her firm, smooth legs and thighs – those served to predispose him to
his intense arousal. Then Amy picked up the oval hairbrush and
pointed to her lap. She brought her thighs closer together and spread
her feet apart as Marty positioned himself for his spanking. He sighed
softly as he felt his firm erection lightly contact Amy’s inner

She tickle-touched his buttocks for a few moments, and then began the
spanking. She placed the sharp smacks about one second apart. Marty
exclaimed and kicked as Amy spanked hard. She pressed her thighs
together for stability and Marty began to twist and writhe as the
spanking continued. At the same time that the spanks sharply invaded
his consciousness, the thought of Amy’s delectable legs, thighs,
and pussy aroused him and mitigated the cumulative effect of the

Marty’s boner was firm, and the feel of it rubbing on his girlfriend’s
bare thighs as he wiggled served to bring his arousal to the fore. He
knew what was likely to happen, and he could not stop. Amy
continued to spank, and Marty’s arousal increased. Each swat now
stimulated him, and he felt the gradual progression of the prelude to
his orgasm. Then the feeling engulfed his midsection, and he passed
the point of no return. He twisted and pumped shamelessly as he
freely spurted.

Amy felt the rhythmic pulsing of his member between her thighs, and
knew what was happening. She made an effort to spank harder, and kept
up until well after her boyfriend was spent. She stopped spanking and
pushed him off her lap. His face, as well as his nether cheeks, had a
red flush.

She told him to stand in the corner. He knew that she had something
else in mind – something more humiliating, though he did not know at
the time what it was.

After 20 minutes in the corner, he heard Amy pick up the phone and
dial. “Hi Dawn, it’s Amy. Good, and you? Marty? He’s being
punished (giggle). Hey, you want to see someting interesting? How
about if you come over in about two hours and you can watch as I
punish him some more. Good. Can you get hold of Sandra and Alley
and see if they can make it too? (giggle) Okay, see you then. Bye.”

Two hours later, Amy’s three friends were in the living room
sipping coffee. The women were in a festive mood. Marty was still
naked, standing in the corner. The ladies did not pay much attention
to him, which increased his confusion and arousal. After a while the
moment he had been dreading approached.

Dawn asked, “Amy, what’s the situation with Marty?”

Alley and Sandra giggled.

“I was giving him a good spanking and he ejaculated – all over my
thighs and legs, and on the floor,” Amy answered.

“Tee-hee! He gets off on being spanked?!” Alley giggled.

“I’ve had to warn him when he leaked and seeped other times,” Amy
shamelessly related.

“So what did you do when he, uh, you know…”

“I spanked harder for a while and made him stand in the corner. After
I called Dawn, I took him in the other room and gave him two nice,
big, sudsy enemas to prepare him.”

“For what?” Sandra asked with wide eyes.

“You’ll see! Come with me, ladies.”

Amy’s three friends followed her into her bedroom. She opened a
drawer and retrieved butt plugs, dildoes, disposable gloves, and

“Ooooh,” Alley cooed, “This is going to be good.”

They followed Amy back to the living room and she pulled a
straight-backed chair in front of the sofa. After placing the
materials she retrieved on a nearby coffee table, her friends seated
themselves on the sofa and excitedly wondered what was next.

“Okay, Marty,” Amy commanded, “Come over here and get over my lap.”

The humiliation that Marty felt when he saw the assorted objects on the
coffee table and Amy’s three clothed friends with excited smiles
was nothing compared to what was to come. He gingerly positioned
himself across Amy’s lap.

“What are you going to do now?” Alley asked.

“I want to milk him and drain him completely without his ejaculating,
and then give him another good spanking,” Amy replied.

“Oh, wow, I’ve got to see this!” Sandra interjected.

Amy smiled and put on a disposable glove. She squeezed some
lubricant on her gloved index finger. Spreading Marty’s nether cheeks
with her free hand, she then inserted her lubricated finger and probed
and wiggled it inside him. When she encountered his prostate, she
repeatedly pressed hard, evoking twisting and groaning from her
subject. Marty’s semi-erect cock seeped profusely as Amy milked his

After a few minutes of this she stopped and retrieved a medium sized
butt plug and lnserted it in Marty after lubricating it. His
humiliation was obvious when Amy kept him across her lap and
tickle-touched his buttocks while conversing with her friends.

A few minutes later Amy pulled out the plug and inserted a dildo.
She casually worked it in and out, slowly at first, and then
increasing the tempo. Marty’s choked and restrained vocal protests
aroused the women.

Sandra spoke up, “I think his prostate should be milked again, Amy.
I wouldn’t mind doing that.”

“Good!” Amy replied, and told Marty to get up.

Amy and Sandra exchanged places, and Sandra ordered Marty across her
lap. She put a disposable glove on each hand, and lubricated the
middle finger of her right hand. She inserted her finger into Marty,
and probed until she found the prostate.

“Ahh, there it is,” she said, and pressed hard with a determined
expression on her face.

“Ahhh-uhhhh! Ohhhh! Uhhh!”

With her free hand, Sandra reached around and grasped Marty’s cock and
continuously squeezed and pulled it as she continued to press hard on
his prostate.

“Ohh! Ahhhh! Uhhhhhhh!”

Drops of pre-cum dripped from Marty’s cock as Sandra performed her
handiwork. Then she grasped a slender anal probe and inserted it into
Marty. She gently and sensuously slithered the tool in and out, while
her other gloved hand was busy hand-jobbing him.

Marty’s member grew in Sandra’ hand, and he helplessly became more
aroused. His entire midsection suddenly tingled as he approached the
finish line.

He squirmed in Sandra’ lap and moaned, “Uhnnnnh!”

She stopped all stimulation the instant she felt his member twitch in
her hand. Marty’s cock pulsed a couple of times, and then seeped

“Well, look at this!” Sandra exclaimed in sensual mock surprise.

She proudly held up her gloved hand with the specimen of cum for all
to see. All the women giggled. Amy ordered Marty to
kneel in the corner until she thought he was ready to have more

While Marty kneeled in the corner, the ladies talked among themselves as
if he were not there. They touched on many subjects, occasionally
talking about him.

“What kind of enemas did you give him, Amy?” Dawn asked.

“Two enemas, warm and soapy. I put as much as the closed-top bag would
hold, and used the douche nozzle on him.”

“The douche nozzle! Oh, my!” Alley exclaimed.

“Yes, and I had him hold each one for five minutes. You should have
heard him carry on (giggle!)”

“I wish I’d been there,” Sandra gushed.

“The next time I have to give him enemas, maybe I’ll call you and you
can come over and watch.”

All the ladies laughed. Dawn and Alley said that they’d like to be
included too. Marty squirmed in humiliation at the thought of several
women watching him receive enemas.

“Dawn, would you like to try your hand at milking him now?”

“Of course,” she replied in a sensuous tone.

“Marty, come out of the corner and do everything she tells you,” Amy

Dawn snapped on a disposable glove and beckoned Marty to get over her

“I’d like to spank this bottom sometime,” Dawn stated. “Now, let’s
see, first some lubricant and a prostate massage.” She expertly probed
inside Marty’s back way as everyone watched. Then she retrieved the
dildo that Sandra had used on him, and rather brusquely fucked him with
it for a few moments. Marty groaned from the discomfort. Dawn left the
dildo inside Marty and lubricated her other hand and grasped his cock
with it. As she worked, his member became firm, and then hard.

“Wow, Dawn, where did you learn to do that?” Alley giggled.

“Oh, I’m not telling,” she said with a coy smile. She worked the
dildo in and out of Marty’s nether portal while she kept up her skilled
manipulation. Marty frequently groaned, both from Dawn’s attentions and
the humiliation of having all the women watching.

“Oh, look at this,” Dawn said in mock surprise as Marty got more
aroused and closer to ejaculation. A few moments, and the women heard
an aroused, “AHHHHH!” from Marty. Dawn immediately ceased her handling
and pulled the dildo out. Marty pumped his hips while positioned over
Dawn’s lap. A trickle of semen leaked from his cock into the woman’s
waiting hand. His frustrated groan filled the room, and Alley

“All right, back in the corner, Marty,” Amy directed, and then she
served coffee to her friends.

“Do you give him enemas often, Amy?” Sandra asked.

“Every couple of weeks. Then I give him a prostate massage with him
across my lap. We both like that, and things get hot from there.” The
women giggled.

“Do any of you give your guys enemas?” Amy asked.

“I do, when I’m going with a guy,” Dawn admitted. “I like the feeling
of dominating him and symbolically doing the fucking. I give at least
two enemas and make him retain each one for ten minutes. Sometimes
that’s a real trip.”


“Then, if I like him, I take him with a strap-on. I have him lie down
on his tummy and present his ass for a nice long fucking. You should
hear the sounds a guy makes when I take him like that.”

The other ladies listened attentively to Dawn’s narration as she
continued to tell them how she uses anal play to dominate.

“After enemas and some strap-on play, then I might let him in. If I
want to give them more during the night, there’s always butt plugs and

“Dawn, do you think Marty is drained enough for his spanking?” Amy

“I don’t know. Maybe Alley would like to see if she can get more
out of him.”

Alley regarded the scene with her wide eyes. “I’d love to,” she
said, then exchanged places with Dawn.

“Marty,” Alley intoned in a low sensuous voice, “Come over here.”

She pulled her skirt up to her hips and bared her thighs. She placed
her feet apart and pointed her toes in. Her knees were slightly
separated. “You like what you see, don’t you? I notice that you like
to look at my legs. Come on — get across my lap.”

Marty’s humiliation was further increased by Alley’s having caught
his furtive glances. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the women’s
previous handling of him, he became erect when he felt Alley’s
smooth firm skin.

Alley pulled on a disposable glove and gently played with Marty’s
nether portal. Her slender finger wormed and wiggled inside him,
lightly touching his prostate. He sighed. His boner stirred between
her thighs.

“I can’t wait to see that bottom get a good hard spanking,” she
teased. “Hmm, I think you’re not quite drained yet.”

She inserted a knobbed dildo inside him and had him stand up and face
her. She discarded the latex glove and lubricated her hands. Lightly
and gently, she tickle-touched Marty’s cock and his nuts. Her sensuous
smile aroused him as much as her skilled handling.

As she continued, the presence of the knobbed dildo inside Marty, plus
the light delicate touching of his genitals, brought him to a
desperately aroused state. His erection throbbed and seeped. Alley
knew that if she kept going like that, Marty would spurt. She suddenly
stopped, and switched on the vibrating dildo that he retained. After a
few seconds, she lightly touched Marty’s nuts. As soon as she felt his
cock get ready to spew forth, she turned off the vibrating action. Marty
squirmed, and groaned in frustration as Alley collected the trickle
of cum in her hand. Then she removed the dildo.

The women giggled. “Wow, she knows how to milk them,” Sandra exclaimed.

Amy said, “I think it’s time for me to spank him again. All you
ladies are welcome to watch.”

Amy, as she always does when she administers a spanking, pulled her
skirt up to bare her thighs, placed her feet apart with her toes
pointing in, and left enough room between her legs for Marty’s cock. She
had him fetch the hairbrush and hand it to her. Then, as Amy’s
three friends sat close by, he placed himself across her lap.

Amy swatted hard. She alternated swats on Marty’s nether cheeks.
After the first fifteen swats, he could not keep from punctuating each
one with an exclamation. When he bucked his hips with each swat,
Amy closed her thighs around his cock. She spanked… and
spanked… and spanked. Marty shouted, bucked, writhed, and pleaded.
Still, she kept on paddling until she was convinced that he would not

When she stopped, she had him stand facing her, and grasped his
member. A few stringy drops of prostatic fluid were in evidence.

“Well, there’s some seepage here, but he didn’t cum all over my legs.”

“Wow, Amy, you give a good one!” Dawn exclaimed. The others joined
in praising Amy’s spanking talent.

“I think a weekly session with enemas and the hairbrush is in order
for Marty,” Amy noted. “How about if the three of you come over a
week from today and participate? Dawn, you can give him his enemas
and show us how you take him with a strap-on. All three of you can
spank him.”

After the women left, Stasia had Marty across her lap for several
minutes of sensuous prostate massage. Then she led him to the bedroom
and undressed. He tasted her sweet pussy until she climaxed. Then he
easily entered her. In spite of his earlier spanking and humiliation,
he enjoyed Amy in bed. As he pumped in and out, she tittilated his
fantasies by talking about her friends.

“I’ll bet you’d like to feel more of Alley’s legs,” Amy teased.
“Maybe I’ll have her give you your first spanking next week when
they’re all here. And then Dawn will give you enemas. That’ll be fun
to watch! Then it’ll be across Dawn’s lap for a good paddling. I bet
she spanks hard! I wonder how hard Sandra spanks. I guess you’ll find
out. Then you’ll present your ass for Dawn’s strap-on. Maybe she’ll
let the rest of us use it on you after she shows us how. After she has
her way with you, of course. You’d better wear a butt plug every day
to get your bottom in shape to take a strap-on. Yes, across my lap for
some dildo work and then a butt plug. Every day!”

Amy’s closeness, her eyes, her smile, and her excited arousing talk
sent Marty across the threshold into a wrenching ejaculation, made all
the more intense from earlier teasing and milkings. Amy’s pussy
drained him of every drop he had to give. Then she tenderly held him
close and they slept.

One week later, Marty’s insides fluttered when Amy told him the other
women were due to come over shortly. She told him to strip to his
briefs, pull them down to bare his bottom, and lie face down across
the ottoman in the center of the living room. He was in that
humiliating position fifteen minutes before the doorbell signified
that the afternoon’s festivities were about to begin.

All the women dressed for the occasion — Dawn wore a black skirt,
fashion boots, and a white blouse; Sandra wore a short white pullover
dress and white sneakers; Alley had a T-shirt, a very short skirt,
bare legs, and sandals.

After their initial remarks about Marty’s position, Amy invited the
three women to her bedroom to map out a plan of action. Marty stayed
face down over the ottoman with his briefs pulled down. He heard
hushed whispers from the other room frequently punctuated with raucous
giggling. Several minutes later they returned.

“Stand up, Marty,” Amy directed. “Leave your briefs pulled down.”

He stood and faced all the women. He saw that Alley held a large
oval hairbrush in her hand. She seated herself on the straight backed
chair, pulled up her short skirt to show as much of her legs as
possible, and with a sensuous smile positioned her feet apart, with
toes pointed in, and her knees slightly separated.

Then she beckoned Marty to get across her lap. His cock began to firm up
as it nestled between her smooth firm thighs. She waited a few
moments, subtly moving her legs under Marty. As soon as he became rock
hard, she started spanking. She swatted hard from the start. There was
no tender warm-up. Her pattern was to place three hard smacks on
various parts of one nether cheek, and do the same on the other side.
After the first few swats, Marty kicked wildly and exclaimed aloud each
time the hairbrush made contact. Alley kept on until she had
delivered more than fifty swats. Marty’s raging erection had long since
subsided by the time she told him to get up.

“Very good, Alley!” Amy exclaimed. “I’ll remember your
technique. Now it’s time for Dawn to demonstrate how she gives
enemas. She brought her assortment of equipment, including a nice
retention nozzle.”

“Marty, you can come and watch me prepare it,” Dawn stated in a low
sensuous voice as she led the way to the master bathroom. All the
women excitedly looked on as Dawn prepared a two quart soapsuds enema
and attached a double cuffed retention nozzle to the open top bag. She
spread a large towel on the floor.

“Now Marty,” she directed, “Get down on your hands and knees. I’m going
to give you a nice warm, sudsy enema. I want you to keep your head
down at all times. Remember that I have not spanked you yet.”

She generously lubricated the nozzle as the other women watched with
wide-eyed anticipation. Then she bent down and spread Marty’s nether
cheeks with one hand and slowly inserted the inner cuff of the
retention nozzle. She gave the attached bulb two squeezes and Marty
groaned. She then inflated the outer retention cuff and said, “We’re
ready. Her it comes, Marty!” She released the hose clamp and stood with
her hands on her hips.

As the enema began to intrude, Marty panted. A moment later, his choked
groans filled the room. Then he voiced exclamations of true

He wondered what goes through a dominant woman’s mind when she is
administering an enema. What kind of arousal do they feel when the
male is struggling to accept and retain the soapsuds water? Are their
pussies all creamy now? Do they want a hard cock inside? Do they want
to diddle themselves, or could they have unassisted orgasms just from

“Ten minutes, Marty. You’re going to retain this enema for ten minutes.
And keep your head down.”

He twisted and writhed. Dawn scolded him several times to keep his
head down. He begged her for relief. He pounded his fists on the floor
in a vain attempt to deal with his feeling of distention. Finally,
Dawn deflated the retention cuffs and pulled the nozzle out.

“Take your time, Marty. I’m going to give you another one when you’re
done with this one.”

“Let’s have some coffee while he’s getting rid of his enema,” Amy
suggested. “Marty, come out to the kitchen when you’re finished.”

While Marty spent more than twenty minutes getting rid of his soapsuds
enema, the ladies sipped coffee and chatted. They did not talk about
Marty — there would be ample time later to do that.

When Marty enetered the kitchen — naked, of course — Dawn said,
“Okay, it’s time for your second enema. Let’s go.”

Dawn selected a three quart bag and prepared the solution. “I usually
give a bigger one for the second enema, and I don’t use as much soap.”
She prepared the retention nozzle.

“Okay, Marty, down on all fours, just like the last time. And try not to
squirm as much.” All the ladies giggled.

As much as he tried, Marty could not take the three quart enema without
a struggle. Dawn admonished him a few times to keep his head down.
All of the women became very aroused from his exclamations and

After a long ten minute retention, Dawn told him to make sure he got
rid of all of it and then to get cleaned up in the shower. The women
set the stage for the next part of Marty’s ordeal.

When Marty returned he was treated to two ominous sights. The ottoman
had been draped with towels, with lubricant and a strap-on harness
with its probe on a nearby table; and Dawn was seated in the
straight-backed chair with the hairbrush in her hand. She had removed
her black skirt, and kept her boots, blouse,and panties.

“Come over here, Marty. I’m going to paddle you. Over my lap. Yes,
that’s it.”

Dawn delivered over fifty swats while Marty kicked, squirmed, and
pleaded. She frequently admonished him to keep still while
dispassionately giving swat after swat with amazing strength. His bare
bottom was thoroughly reddened when Dawn finished and told him to get

Dawn, while seated, then removed her panties and spread her legs.
“Marty, I want you to thank me for the enemas and the spanking by
pleasuring me with your mouth.”

Marty’s eyes zeroed in on Dawn’s smooth, firm thighs and her blonde
pussy. He did not need to be told what to do next. He knelt between
Dawn’s legs and gingerly approached her blonde mat with his mouth. He
detected arousal, which soon made him forget about his paddled bottom.
As he licked and kissed Dawn’s beautiful pussy, he developed a strong
erection. Dawn moaned softly, and after several minutes of Marty’s
work, shuddered.

“That wasn’t bad, Marty,” she complimented. “Now I want you to get over
the ottoman and present your ass. I’m going to give you a good fucking
with my strap-on.”

His arousal ensured compliance with Dawn’s directives. Dawn stepped
into the harness and tightened it around her hips. The other women
gathered around her to watch. She put on a disposable glove and
generously lubricated Marty’s nether portal. Then she sloppily smeared
lubricant on her probe and knelt between Marty’s legs.

“Stick out your bottom, Marty, like you’re asking for it.”

He felt arousal and humiliation at the same time as he complied with
Dawn’s directive and arched his back.

“There. I want you to stay like that while I use you.”

Dawn’s firm and slender fingers grasped Marty’s hips. She pried his
nether cheeks apart with her thumbs and placed the tip of her probe
against his portal. “Don’t tighten up or it’ll hurt. I’m going to
enter you now.”

She pushed the probe inward about two inches and stopped. Marty moaned.
Then she pumped short strokes until the probe was all the way in. Marty
admitted to himself that the way Dawn used the probe felt good — at
least so far, especially when it stimulated his prostate. Dawn began
to pump harder and faster, and admonished him to stay relaxed back

Marty’s groans and exclamations aroused the women. They heard a constant
litany of sounds such as, “Ohhhhh… Ahhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Ohhh-AAAAAAH!
Uhhhhh!” Throughout Dawn’s fucking, Marty felt frequent pulses of
pre-cum seep through his member from the relentless stimulation of his
prostate. Dawn’s exuberance frequently resulted in a spirited outcry
from Marty when she thrust inward especially hard. After a thorough
fucking, Dawn pulled out.

She reached around and felt Marty’s member. “Uh-oh,” she said, “You’ve
been seeping. Look at all this pre-cum!” She showed the others a mass
of clear sticky fluid.

“I think Sandra should warm his bottom and then see if he still leaks
after she uses the strap-on,” Amy said with an aroused quaver in
her voice.

Sandra smiled and hiked her dress up to her waist and seated herself.
Her olive skin and pigeon-toed pose were in contrast to her
no-nonsense words.

“Marty – bring me the hairbrush and get over here right now!” She
pointed to her bare thighs. As if in a trance,he obeyed. He sighed
softly when he felt Sandra’ smooth skin against his midsection.

The strength of her swats surprised him. He kicked, twisted, and
begged throughout the spirited paddling. The others frequently giggled
at his wild reaction.

“Wow, that was good!” Amy exclaimed when Sandra stopped.
Sandra had Marty get off her lap, and removed her panties. She thrust her
hips forward and spread her legs. “I like Dawn’s idea of you thanking
your mistress for spanking you. Get busy now.”

Marty noticed that Sandra’ dark-haired pussy was moist with arousal. He
reverently licked and kissed. The moans he heard showed that Sandra was
more than a little aroused. All the stimulating scenes that she
watched, combined with her anticipation of administering a vigorous
strap-on fucking, brought her to orgasm quickly.

“Now,” she said with a contented sigh, “get in position for the

She removed her pullover dress and, keeping her sneakers on, stepped
into the harness and donned a disposable glove. She told him to spread
his knees, knelt behind him and amply lubricated her probe and his
nether entrance.

If the firmness with which Sandra grasped Marty’s hips was an indication
of what was about to happen, he knew he was in for a strenuous ride.

Sandra quickly entered him, and in a matter of a few seconds, plunged
her probe all the way in.

“UhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Marty exclaimed.

She withdrew almost completely, and repeated the slow full thrusts a
few times, to the accompaniment of Marty’s loud vocal reaction.

“Oh, yes!” she purred, and pumped faster.

“OHH! OOOH! AAAH! UHHHH!” Marty exclaimed. His outcries only increased
the stimulation that Sandra felt, and spurred her on to pump harder. As
her firm experienced hands held him in place, she thrust her hips
forward with each pump, making hard contact with Marty. He begged her to
stop, to go slower, to be more gentle, but she kept on while her
friends watched as if in a trance.

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