Day And Night

March 12, 2008 – 11:09 am

This is the story of three females and the contrast between their
professional and personal lives. They are employed as institutional
discipline administrators at a reform school for males. Sammy and
Mellisa are experienced mistresses and Joclyn is a new punishment
mistress. Let’s take a look at a typical workday.

Part 1. By Day: Sammy

Sammy stood nonchalantly as two of her colleagues escorted a new
inmate into the punishment room. She smiled disarmingly – her full
lips and her demeanor presented a picture of a kind and gentle woman.
She wore her standard work uniform for mistresses – a dress shirt, a
tie, a black skirt that exposed her knees and some of her thigh, and
black pumps. She was barelegged, and a hint of blonde stubble emerged
from her legs.

Various instruments of discipline hung on one wall of the punishment
room – paddles, tawses, straps, and rattan canes.

The male, who was referred to by number, 30112, was clad only in
briefs, and his hands were bound behind him. The escorts led him to
the padded structure in the center of the room. The structure’s
purpose was obvious – the male would soon be bound to it in a bent
over position for his punishment. One of the escorts handed Sammy a
file folder.

The inmate stared at Sammy as the mistress read through the file.
Finally she spoke. Her sweet gentle voice almost put 30112 at ease.

“Well, three zero one one two, although you’re new here, it seems you
have a little discipline problem. The headmistress is not very
pleased with your disruptive behavior. Come on and bend over the
bench there, and we’ll start to take care of your problem. Come on –
over you go.”

Her gentle demeanor and bright smile often served to convince an
inmate to voluntarily do what many of them had to be forced to do.
30112 cautiously leaned across the padded box, and his chest touched
the upper surface. The structure was built so that when the recipient
is bound into place, his head is lower than his hips. This position
accentuates the bent-over position and renders the punishment more

The escorts tugged his briefs down enough to bare his bottom, secured
a binding strap around his waist, and attached similar bindings above
his knees. Then they released his hands and bound his wrists to the
front legs of the structure.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Sammy asked soothingly, and then
paused for a moment. “I’m going to warm your buns with a paddle,” she
continued in a sweet, almost musical, voice. “The headmistress has
recommended thirty five strokes. I always follow her suggestions.
Now, I administer the paddle in sets of ten, and then I pause for one
minute. Let’s get this over with now, shall we?”

30112 nodded, and he saw Sammy retrieve a sturdy paddle. As she
sauntered past him, he observed that the paddle was apparently made
from plywood and had several small holes in it. It had a smooth
polished surface.

Sammy stood to his left side, the paddle in her right hand, and then
she spread her legs. She had done this so many times before that she
no longer needed to gauge her position. She leaned over slightly and
placed her left hand on his back for a moment. Then she was ready.
The two escorts looked at each other knowingly, and tried to suppress
their smiles of anticipation.

Sammy pressed her full lips together, and with her eyes focused on the
captive male’s buttocks, drew the paddle back and slammed it on the
target area.

Sammy counted aloud. “One!”

Scarcely three seconds later, she propelled the paddle for the second

Wham! “Two!”

30112 gritted his teeth. This was definitely more intense than he had
anticipated. Wham!


The heat rapidly built up in 30112’s buttocks. Each paddle stroke
imparted an intense blazing sensation that accumulated. Wham!






Wham! “Six!” “OHHHH!”

Wham! “seven!” “OWWWWWW!”

Wham! “Eight!” “AHHHHHH!”

30112 twisted and writhed as much as his bindings allowed.

Wham! “Nine!” “OHH! OHH!”

Wham! “TEN!” “Aaaaaugh!”

Sammy laid the paddle atop 30112’s waist and slowly walked around the
room once. Then she picked up the paddle and resumed the punishment.
She gave ten hard swats per set, with a pause of about a minute
between sets.

Sammy sensuously swiveled her hips as she delivered each swat with
astounding energy. With each successive set, 30112 did not think that
he could endure any further swats. The urgency of his outcries
increased as Sammy kept slamming the paddle against his captive

Wham! “Thirty four!” “AAAAAAAAUGH!”

Wham! “Thirty five!” “AAAAAAAAAA!”

30112’s buttocks glowed with a bright red flush. Sammy returned the
paddle to its place on the wall and seated herself for the obligatory
five minute period during which all inmates must remain bound in
position after punishment. As the minutes passed slowly, Sammy
lightly ran her hands up and down her bare legs. Her eyes were wide
with arousal.

Part 2. By Day: Mellisa

That afternoon, at 3 PM, the brunette Mellisa stood by calmly with
her hands on her hips as the escorts led a reluctant inmate number
2119 over to the punishment structure and secured him in place. When
her charge’s wrists and waist had been bound (she specified that no
bindings be secured above his knees — she liked to see her charges
kick and dance while she administered), she leafed through his file.
She smiled slightly when she came to the headmistress’ recommendation.
Mellisa also had a policy of not telling her charge how many strokes
of which instrument he would receive. She figured that it increased
the suspense and the punishment effect if he did not know when it
would end.

She finished reading, looked 2119 in the eye and said, “Well, let’s
get started.”

The escorts stood by with looks of anticipation on their faces as
Mellisa walked over to where the punishment instruments hung on the
wall. The only sound in the room at that time was the clip-clop of
her pumps on the hardwood floor. She selected a large oval paddle.
Her eyes gleamed as she took her position. She spread her bare legs
as much as her short skirt allowed, extended her arm to gauge her
position, and began the paddling.

She delivered smart, brisk strokes about three seconds apart. Unlike
Sammy, she did not pause at all.

The rather large paddle covered ample area on her charge’s buttocks,
and he very soon filled the room with his exclamations and fervent
pleading. To Mellisa’s delight, and that of the escorts, inmate 2119
frantically kicked his legs between strokes, while the binding strap
around his waist ensured that his buttocks stayed in place for his
punishment mistress.

It took not much more than a minute for her to administer thirty five
hard paddle swats. She dispassionately walked over to where the
instruments were and replaced the paddle on the wall. Then she
retrieved a two-tailed tawse. With only her gleaming eyes showing any
expression, she positioned herself to further administer to inmate

“No — No! No more!” he cried out.

Saying not a word, Mellisa strapped hard, with amazing energy and a
good follow-through. Each swipe of the tawse evoked a room-filling
shout and frantic kicking. She did not stop until she had delivered
fifty strokes on top of the severe paddling. During the five-minute
cooling off period, she stood calmly in front of her charge, the tawse
still in her hand. Outwardly, she appeared dispassionate and calm —
inwardly, she recalled 2119’s frantic kicking while she administered,
and got considerable pleasure from that.

Part 3. By Day: Joclyn

The punishment room was empty for a short while, until the escorts
brought in another inmate, 49416. The punishment mistress, Joclyn,
was the youngest of the three at 22. Her black hair, parted in the
middle, gracefully framed her face. Her sanguine personality and
ready smile, along with a few freckles on her face, concealed her
dominant streak and her abilities as punishment mistress. There is
one characteristic of Joclyn that inmates getting her for the first
time find out, to their unpleasant surprise. Joclyn likes to punish
HARD. That is one reason she frequently gets the most incorrigible
inmates who have already had several trips to the punishment room.

Joclyn’s greatest pleasure while administering discipline is to hear
the sounds that the male makes while being punished. Those
exclamations almost send her into orbit, and if she were allowed to
jill herself while administering, she most certainly would do so. She
must conceal her arousal, however, and save the physical pleasures for

As the escorts bound the recalcitrant male in place, Joclyn leafed
through his file. In the space for the headmistress’ comments, she
saw the phrase that made her insides tingle: “Joclyn, see if you can
get through to this one. I recommend an open ended session.”

That meant that the headmistress did not recommend a specific number
of strokes or a particular instrument. Joclyn was to punish as long
and as hard as she wanted.

She looked at the list of rather serious offenses which 49416 either
carried out or participated in, and considered how the session should

The escorts secured the inmate into place with binding straps around
his waist, wrists, knees, and ankles. Joclyn stood in front of him,
silent for a moment, and then spoke.

“We’ve got some work to do today, four nine four one six. The
headmistress is not pleased with you at all, and when this session is
over there will be no doubt of that. She has already spoken to you
about why you are getting this. Let’s get started now.”

She walked over to where the instruments of discipline were hanging on
the wall, and selected what she referred to as the “long tawse.” It
was a two-tailed tawse which was slightly longer than twenty four
inches, and crafted exquisitely. The inmates who had been on the
receiving end of the long tawse said that every swipe with it was
equivalent to two or three swipes with the ordinary tawse. And in
Joclyn’s hands, the effect was likely intensified further.

Her insides fluttered as she took her position. The escorts knew of
her reputation for hard discipline, and tried to show no emotion as
they watched.

Joclyn spread her bare legs, pressed her thin lips together, and with
her gaze fixed on the recipient’s bared buttocks, drew her arm back
and swiped the tawse powerfully across the inmate’s buttocks, with a
tennis player’s follow-through. She kicked her right leg as the tawse
placed its hot kiss on the target.

“OH!” shouted 49416.

Joclyn continued. Each stroke of the tawse caused the recipient’s
buttocks to jiggle as she applied it with cunning skill. Again and
again she delivered powerful strokes. The inmate’s outcries showed
that he was truly surprised at the hot kiss of the leather. When his
strapping began, he punctuated the swipes with a loud “OH!” As Joclyn
progressed, she evoked a loud shout from her charge. By the twentieth
stroke, his outcries were more strident. By the thirtieth stroke he
was pleading with her to stop. Joclyn simply continued, and when she
had delivered fifty strokes, he was begging her to stop.

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