Love Slave

March 6, 2008 – 3:16 pm

I just had graduated college with a 4.0 GPA and a
degree in history, applied to the Smithsonian in D.C.
and got offered a job. I’m a twenty two year old
virgin, but not because of my looks, I’m told I am a
good looker, with a decent rack, 34 C, but because I
have been programmed since childhood to excel in
school. I did just that, all through my school life,
studies came first, which left little or no time to
party and here I was in Washington D.C. Apartment
hunting, preferably with a roommate to ease expenses.

I came across a posting for a roommate at a local
coffee shop and answered it. I called, she give me her
name, Penny and her address, telling me to come right
over and she would meet me there. The apartment was in
an up scale hi-rise, on the forth floor and a few
minutes after I got there, the lady who posted the ad
showed up. She was a striking redhead, I figured in her
mid thirties, about five nine and very well dressed.
She told she worked for the federal government and had
a list of questions for me to answer.

She was very interested in my back ground, my family,
my sex life and when I told her I was still a virgin,
she smiled and told me she would love to have me as a
roommate. When I mentioned money, she said she was
looking for a roommate, not somebody to share the bills
and we would work out the rent, saying it would be most
affordable for me. I jumped at the offer, after all, an
apartment in an upscale hi-rise, with round the clock
security, a pool and off street parking, so she hugged
me, gave me a key and told me if I needed anything
while moving in, call her.

That was on a Tuesday, I moved in the next day, went to
my job to tell them I was settled in and ready to go to
work. They told me to come in Monday morning, which
left me a lot of free time for the next few days and
Penny gave me a list of must see things in D.C, which
was how I spent the next two days, sightseeing. Penny
insisted that I be back home by six, as she loved to
cook and said she had been dieing to try out some
recipes on me.

As it turned out, Penny was an excellent cook and I
think I put on a pound or two over the next few days.
We sat and talked at night while drinking a glass of
wine and by the time we went to bed Friday night, Penny
knew just about everything there was to know about me.
Saturday morning Penny woke me up, she was sitting on my
bed naked, had pulled the sheet down and had lifted my
night gown up around my neck, so that I was laying
there basically naked and she was rubbing my pussy

I started to sit up and protest at the same time, but
she pushed me back down, saying that she was going to
start my training to be her bitch. By now she had
forced her hand in between my legs and for the first
time in my life, I felt a hot hand on my pussy. Even
though it felt good, I panicked, yelling at her to get
away from me, asking her if she was crazy and to please
leave me alone. She smiled at me, then said, “Sssh
baby, listen to me real good, from now on, you do
whatever I tell you, when I tell you, now, spread your
legs for me baby.”

I screamed at her to get the fuck away from me or I was
going to call the police and for my efforts she pulled
me to the edge of the bed, picked me up and put me over
her knee. She was way to strong for me and put me over
her knee rather easily, she ripped my night gown right
off my body and proceeded to spank me.

Now I’m not much for taking pain and her hand hurt like
hell on my bare ass, making me cry like a baby and she
spanked me until my ass was bright red and the floor
was wet with my tears. She stopped, asked me if I was
ready to be her bitch and I was so relived she had
stopped spanking me, I shook my head yes. She said,
“That’s my girl,” and told me to get on my knees
between her legs and kiss her pussy. It took a second
to process that information and when it hit me what she
wanted me to do, I started screaming at her again and
she started spanking me even harder then before, only
this time she was pulling my hair too.

I could hear her telling me while I was crying my heart
out, that now I had to beg her to kiss her cunt and the
pain was so intense for me that I resigned myself to
doing what ever she wanted to make it stop. In between
sobs, I begged her to let me eat her pussy, giving me
the most humiliating feeling of my life and she stopped
abusing me, telling me that I was now being a good girl
for her. She told me that after I finished doing what
she wanted, she would take care of my pretty little
ass, so I would feel better and she helped me get on my
knees to her cunt.

She had a shaved pussy, which was dripping wet and I
thought I would pass out when I kissed it, but life is
funny sometimes and when I kissed her pussy, it was so
wet, her juice got all over my lips and I licked them
without thinking about what I was doing. Much to my
great surprise, her cunt juice had a tangy taste that I
liked, liked so much I wanted to taste more of her
sweet nectar, but I didn’t have to worry about tasting
her again, she pushed my face right into her cunt,
telling me to lick bitch, lick her cunt.

I started licking her pussy, more out of fear then
anything else, but I really did like the taste and she
made me lick her pussy from bottom to top and made me
suck on her clit, I sucked her clit for a few minutes,
then Penny told me to put my tongue in her cunt hole,
while pulling my hair to remind me what would happen if
I didn’t do what she wanted. I stuck my tongue in her
cunt hole and she came like a fire hydrant, filling my
mouth with her tangy pussy cream and covering my face
with her hot cum.

I swallowed a mouthful of her hot cum, wanted more, so
I went back to licking and sucking her cunt like a mad
woman. She put me on the floor then, on my back and
mounted my face, pushing her steaming pussy into my
mouth. I licked and sucked her hot pussy like a demon,
mostly to keep from suffocating, but partly because I
liked the taste. Then she moaned real loud, stiffened
up and I was swallowing her cum as fast as I could to
keep from drowning, that lady came so fucking much it
was like a fire hose turned loose.

She bathed my face and hair in her hot cum, along with
all the sweet cunt juice I had swallowed and I know I
should have been outraged that she made me do this to
her, but that’s not quite how I felt.

I felt her hand pushing my legs apart and I opened them
for her like a little tart, where upon she started
playing with my pussy, while telling me to eat her cunt
again. I didn’t even realize my little cunt was soaking
wet until Penny touched it and unless you are a woman,
you have no idea how good her hand felt on my now
blazing hot cunt. She was stroking my pussy up and
down, stopping at my clit when she got there to massage
it for a minute, giving me feelings unlike any I ever
had before.

Her hand on my pussy felt so much better then my own,
it made it very hard for me to keep eating her pussy.
Even with a half hearted cunt lapping attempt on my
part, I felt Penny’s body stiffening again and just as
she started covering my face in her cum, she rammed a
finger into my cunt. I came so fucking hard, my ass
came off the floor, she gave me the most powerful
orgasm of my life and I was a happy little cunt lapper.
She got off of me then, got between my legs putting my
legs on her shoulders and began playing with my pussy.

She had a finger inside my cunt, while at the same time
rubbing my clit and I was in a state of pure animal
lust, she could have done anything she wanted too and I
would have been one happy cunt. She was teasing the
shit out of my pussy, getting me almost to the point of
cumming, then slowing down and before I knew it I was
begging her to make me cum. She was telling me what a
good girl I was, that she knew I was going to be her
sweet cunt and for some reason, this made me even
hotter, then she put a finger in my ass, while finger
fucking my pussy and started sucking on my clit.

I went into outer space, nothing had ever felt like
what she was doing to my little pussy and asshole,
driving me right over the edge. I had the first
squirting orgasm of my life, I was screaming out loud
and begging Penny for more, while pulling on my nipples.
Christ, what a fucking state Penny had put me in,
nothing else mattered in the whole fucking world then
but having Penny get me off. She made me cum so many
times, I lost count and in between my cunt exploding,
she told me what a good little cunt I was, that I was
born to eat pussy and I was going to be a good little
girl for her, wasn’t I, to which I agreed totally.

She was giving me feelings I didn’t think it was
possible to have and by the time she was finished using
my pussy, I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to
be her love slave. She picked me up in her arms like I
was a baby, kissed me very, very passionately, to which
I returned the passion and told me that from now own, I
was not to wear clothes when we were home alone.

I had never walked around naked in my life and I’ll
have to say, the thought made my pussy get wet. Penny
made me do a lot of things I had never done before,
like she would make me sit in a chair, with my legs in
the air so she could see my pussy and asshole at the
same time, while I played with myself for her. She
bought me new push up bras and threw out all my old
bras, plus all my panties and also bought me thigh high
stockings to wear so my pussy was always bare for her.

She also bought me skirts and tops that were the
sexiest things I had ever worn and when we went out, I
always was in a skirt or dress and Penny thought nothing
of putting her hand on my pussy, no matter where we
were. She always made me feel like I was the sexiest
cunt in the world and when we were home. I always had
to sit with my legs apart and after awhile, it became a
way of life, sitting with my cunt showing, sometimes ,
actually a lot of times, I would forget when we were
out and I would give the world a show.

I can’t believe a woman could make me this happy, but
let me tell you, she makes me the happiest little cunt
in the world!

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