Love Training

February 29, 2008 – 11:00 am

You Need Obedience : First Lessons

“Good afternoon to you.” The trainer opened the door for an eager Jenny.
“He is housetrained and is working on leash training.”

Jenny looked with joy on her little male. Damien was held securely between
the training posts. The gag was in place; for all she knew it hadn’t
been removed since she gave him to the village trainer. Little Damien was
as nervous as any born and raised outside Sorority, but submitted bravely
to the gag.

As she left, she could hear her “fiance” (to use his word) whimpering in
response to the trainer’s paddle, but kept walking. She understood the
value of good training, before any unpleasant habits could appear in a
relationship. Damien was a typical male, weak and helpless, not as much
physically (males from outside Sorority tended toward larger size) but
emotionally; as easily hurt as any male, from Sorority or not.

“Please remove the gag, Ms Martinet.” Jenny smiled with anticipation.

Jenny held her breath as the trainer untied and removed the gag. Damien
smiled at her gratefully. He looked so fetching in his lacy stockings
and frilly apron. Jenny had been surprised how upset the little male was
at the thought of wearing soft, delicate clothes. She knew he’d look as
pretty as any male with frills and lace caressing his little body; but he
had whined so insistently.

That was why she’d had him trained. Jenny knew that she knew what was
best for her loveslave (to use her much more accurate word), and her
weak, helpless male was denying both his own nature and hers by
pretending to self-sufficiency, by shielding with his ego a child psyche
she knew was far safer in her care. Jenny felt compassion for all males
raised outside Sorority, but _her_ male was rescued – and two weeks of
discomfort could help him unlearn his wrong upbringing.

“Um … hi Jenny.”

Jenny felt the familiar stir of maternal love and sexual lust at the sound
of Damien’s voice. She affectionately stroked his naked back with her
whip, smiled in response to his sigh, his naked worship of her. The
little male’s voice was what first attracted her to him. Activated her
maternal instinct, Jenny’s mom said. All Jenny knew was that she’d waited
two long weeks to hear that sexy voice, to see that cute little body, to
feel that warm, wet, delicious tongue on her special parts.

After two weeks waiting, she almost wanted to ignore his foolish misstep.
But she could never hurt her male so; allowing something small would be
like tempting him with something big. Damien was weak and helpless – and
her responsibility. Sorority had trained Jenny well. She knew her place,
and was willing to do what was necessary so Damien would know his too.

“I love you, little boy.” Jenny smiled despite her disappointment. “A

Jenny winced inwardly at the sound of her whip on the male’s well-spanked
backside. She measured three strokes, keeping her strokes as light as if
her Damien were physically the child that all males are emotionally. She
named the bad – speaking without permission, standing without permission
and using her familiar name, and after the lashes named the good – speak
and stand only with permission, and call her “Mommy” or “Mothermistress.”

Jenny smiled inwardly at the trainer’s pleased expression but kept her
face serious, let her Damien see the love behind the displeasure. She was
rewarded with contrite tears and soft, childlike sobs from her thoroughly
broken, weak and helpless loveslave. Jenny kissed his forehead tenderly.

“A good attitude adjustment.” The trainer untied Jenny’s housetrained
male. “You two get reacquainted; his leash is by the door.”

You Need Obedience: Starting To Realize

“You don’t want a husband,” Damien’s voice was small; mousy, like any
housetrained male. “You want utter servility.”

“You’re right, little boy.” Jenny pushed her love slave hard against the
wall of her bedroom. She held his shoulders pinned in place as she went
on. “I never said I wanted a ‘husband;’ that’s your word. I want a love
slave. That means utter servility.” She kissed him, disappointed that
he did not kiss back. “Complete subjection.” Jenny kissed Damien again;
this time he kissed back, a bit reluctantly.

“Total submission.” This time she kissed her love slave, pushing her
tongue into his mouth. He closed his eyes, and when she slipped her
hands to his thin waist, the little male reached his arms up and wrapped
them around her shoulders. “Will you stop being a ‘macho man,’ and
instead by my submissive male, darling Damien?”

“Yes Jenny,” he breathed. As she rewarded him with another deep tongue-
kiss, a part of her said, ‘is that _total_ submission?’ She answered
herself, ‘It’s enough.’ She stroked his shivering, bare sides, kissing
him passionately. ‘But it is not total.’ She reached one hand to his
naked penis, stroked the erect shaft. ‘No, but if he had a broken leg, I
would not command him to run. Besides, when he says “yes, Jenny” his
body language and tone of voice say “yes, Goddess.”‘

Jenny finally let him go. As the lady went to her dresser, Damien stood
awaiting her instructions like a good housetrained male. She came back
with two pairs of panties. One she handed to her darling, and commanded,
“Put these on me.” Damien knelt in front of her and held the panties open
at her feet. She stepped into them and her love slave pulled them up,
covering her special parts, his expression one of wonder. She smiled and
squatted down in front of him. Jenny slid one arm around his shoulders,
drawing his face to her naked breasts.

She stroked his cheek with the other soft, silky panties. He nuzzled
against her heavy breasts, so childlike, so trusting. She slid the
panties down his chest, and he giggled when she tickled his tummy. She
kissed her male fondly on the cheek.

“This is what happens to submissive males,” Jenny said. She draped her
panties over Damien’s penis, grasped it tightly, and stroked him. He
shuddered in pleasure and she smiled, pushing his face firmly against her
breasts. She kept stroking his penis with her panties until he shuddered
in orgasm. She kissed him, again forcing her tongue in and out of his
mouth as her love slave helplessly drenched her panties with his come.

Jenny held Damien for a few minutes, cuddling her male, comforting him.
Then she stood and tossed the panties into the laundry hamper. She could
feel her love slave’s eyes following her as she finished dressing, and
occasionally she favored the kneeling little male with a smile. “How do
I look?” she finally asked.

“Like Goddess!” the little male breathed.

Jenny smiled her affection. ‘I could be wearing a barrel,’ she thought,
‘and he’d still worship the ground under my feet.’ She said aloud.
“Good. Now let’s get my submissive male dressed.” She went to his
drawer and pulled out a comfy set of stockings, an apron, and two pairs
of panties, both plain cotton, edged with lace. “Which do you want,

“The purple ones, please!” her love slave blushed. She helped Damien into
his clothes, unnecessary but it was fun to dress him up like a doll, and
he responded by becoming quieter, more tractable, when she treated him
like a child. In short order, her short male was dolled up for her, a
lacy package of submissive male.

“Right,” Jenny said, standing Damien on the carpeted floor. “Come with
Jenny.” She led him into the kitchen and stood him in front of the sink,
with the dishes from last night and that morning still soaking. She
knelt beside her darling, heard him gasp, and looked up to notice his
shocked expression. “What’s wrong, little boy?”

“Y-you don’t have to kneel.” The little male blushed. “You’re Jenny!”

“No, I don’t.” She put her arms around his waist and kissed his pantied
little penis. “But I want to take care of you, and if that means
humbling myself for my little love slave’s benefit, I will.” She looked
up into his wide saucer eyes. “I love you, Damien.” While tears ran down
his joyful face, Jenny chained her male securely in front of the sink.

“All the dishes cleaned and dried, Damien.” She lingered in the doorway,
enjoying her love slave’s expression of complete love, of total
submission. “I should be back before you finish; but if not, you may
masturbate yourself, and think of me.”


You Need Obedience: This Is Where You Belong

The watch lady rounded the corner and was greeted by an unexpected sight.
“Why me?” Jenny asked bitterly. “How could I be so unlucky?”

Damien was naked, on his knees, hands secured behind his back. He was
tethered by his scrotum to a holding stake. Jenny approached the stake
resolutely. At first she tried not to be furious at this embarrassment,
then she tried not to smile at the expression of her love slave,
overjoyed to see her.

“Violation of leash law?” The lady exclaimed as she read the tag. She
couldn’t hide her exasperation. “Damien, how could you?”

“I’m sorry Jenny,” the little love slave said. “I was missing you and
wanted to find you.”

Jenny was nonplussed. She blurted, “and is the laundry done?”

“Not really,” Damien said. “I guess I kind of blew it, Jenny.”

The lady pulled over a stool and sat down. She was unused to her uniform
and her boots hurt her feet. “Well, let’s see. You went out alone, and
_I_ will have to answer for that. Right now, you’re not doing laundry
and I’m not doing my village watch tasking. I suppose you could say you
blew it!”

Jenny sighed. “So where are your clothes; or did you just go out naked?”

“The watch lady stripped me and gave my things to the watch mistress.”
Damien blushed. “You can have them and me after your shift is over. I’m
sorry I got you in trouble.”

She rested her elbows on her knees and put her face in her hands. ‘Why
did I have to fall in love with an outsider?’ She felt hot tears between
her fingers. ‘I can’t do this! It’s _too difficult_ erasing his
lifetime of bad teaching.’ Jenny choked back a sob. ‘I’ve done my best
and there’s nothing to show for it but a naughty male, and a lot of
wasted time.’

The downhearted lady was wondered how to tell the love of her life she
was sending him away, back to his homeland. Then she felt the kisses on
her booted feet. She looked down to see her Damien, his balls straining at
the end of his tether, as he passionately covered both her feet with wet
kisses. She could feel his lips through the thin, supple leather of her
boots. “What are you doing?”

“Loving you, Jenny!” Damien smiled up at her, then saw her tears and his
smile turned to worry. “Um, remember back home, you wanted me to kiss
your, um, your behind goodbye before you went out for your watch? And
when I didn’t want to, you said, ‘be a pig then,’ and then you left.

“All day after that, I’ve missed kissing you.” The little male bent once
more and planted more worshipful kisses on the toes of her boots. “I’d
be grateful to spend all day kissing your feet, or kissing your ass, or
kissing any part of you, Jenny. I just want to show my love for you!”

“Why are you crying, Jenny?” Damien was so worried at the lady’s renewed
tears and now unhidden sobs, he too began to weep.

“Because I have a love slave who’s willing to be stripped naked and tied
by his balls to a stake,” Jenny smiled through her tears. “Just so he
can kneel down and kiss my feet!”

The watch lady. stood and slipped off her panties, then sat back down and
scooted forward on the stool. “Ok, little boy; show Jenny how much you
love her.”

Damien strained to the limit of his tether. His mistress saw the look of
awestruck wonder on his face before he buried it in the soft, curly hair
framing her special parts. She exhaled raggedly as her love slave
eagerly began worshipping her.

“Why me;” Jenny thought rapturously. “How could I be so lucky?”

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