Get Back To Class

February 27, 2008 – 4:10 pm

Connie attended an very formal all girls’ school, so formal in fact that her
instructors would allow only refer to her as “Constance”. There were no boys —
boys were distractions — but alas, Connie, or rather, Constance, was so free
spirited that she found distractions in plenty of other things. That is why on
this particular day, she sat outside the Headmistress’ office, looking forlorn
and fearful. She had acted up in class again, something that, for a eighteen
year-old girl at Walterman’s School for Girls, was unforgivable. Her white blouse
and plaid knee-length skirt barely took away from her innocent beauty: long, wavy
black hair and deep blue eyes. And Constance was quite mature, physically, for
her age.

“Constance Forrester?” A maternal voice barked from the open door.
“Ma’am?”, she said, trembling. “In here. Now.” Constance gathered her books and
purse and walked into Miss Greer’s office. Miss Greer, all 5’10 of her, was
standing next to her desk, tapping her fingers lightly on the wide slab of
polished mahogany. Her blonde hair was in a bun, and her dress was black, fitting
her smooth and shapely body with tenacity.

 “Constance this is the second time you
have been cited for misbehavior in class. I will have no more of it. This time,
you will be punished. Come here.” Constance walked gingerly to the headmistress,
who pointed to the desk. “Up”, she said evenly. Constance glanced at her trying a
pleading look that she knew would be useless. She clambered onto the desk,
awaiting Miss Greer’s next command. “On you hands and knees, dear.” Constance’s
lovely black hair tumbled forward, surrounding her face as she knelt forward on
the desk. Miss Greer walked around behind her and held the hem of Constance’s
plaid skirt for a moment.

 “Now, Constance, I hope you learn something from all
this.” She slowly drew the skirt upward, laying it on Connie’s back. Her lower
back and buttocks were completely exposed to the cool air of the dark office.
Miss Greer hooked a finger into the top of the white cotton panties Constance was
wearing. “Now, we won’t be misbehaving in class again, I trust?”

 “No, ma’am.” Constance said weakly. The blonde headmistress pulled the panties down with one
finger, stopping in midway down Constance’s round, smooth behind. Miss Greer’s
knuckle rested lightly on Constance’s anus.

“I hope not” she said, sliding a hand in between Constance’s trembling thighs as she slid the panties down to her
knees. Miss Greer abruptly whipped her open palm into Constance’s bare left
buttock, causing a muffled whimper. She slapped the other buttock hard
immediately, and Constance twitched, biting back a moan. “Are you going to be a
good girl, Constance?”

 “Yes, ma’am”, Connie croaked, her behind burning. Miss
Greer brought her hand down again, harder this time, and a loud smack
reverberated off of the office walls. “Mmmph!” Connie squealed. Miss Greer pulled
Connie’s buttocks, which were now reddened with finger marks, apart slightly and
noticed a glistening on Connie’s vaginal lips. She smiled, and reached out for a
handful of Connie’s black, wavy hair. Pulling on the hair just enough to make
Connie yelp, she leaned forward, her breasts pushed against Connie’s bare ass.
“Now, my little girl, do not embarrass me or this school again, is that
understood?” Connie’s back arched as the headmistress pulled her hair back. Tears
were streaking her soft face and her panties held her knees immobile.

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry”, she whimpered. Miss Greer sunk a finger into Connie’s wet sex,
swabbing it around, teasing the moist, glistening lips. Connie shivered in
silence, head bowed forward again. Miss Greer withdrew the lubricated finger and
poised it at the crack of Connie’s ass.

 “Next time you misbehave will be worse”, she said, and plunged the red-nailed finger into Connie’s tight asshole. Connie
body arched again, her head thrown back, mouth open in mute surrender. Then, in a
flood it came, a searing orgasm that had Connie bucking and quaking under the
blonde head mistress’ hands. Miss Greer slowly slid the finger from Connie’s
rectum, reaching down to wipe it on Connie’s panties. “Now, get dressed and
cleaned up”, she said briskly to Connie, who was quivering in a heap on the desk,
“and get back to class. You have five minutes.” Miss Greer took one last look at
Connie’s exposed hind quarters, turned, and walked out the door.

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