February 25, 2008 – 3:30 pm

Working the late shift was a pain, but there were compensations,
Nurse Carol Hathaway thought.  As the one who wrote the schedules
she had been able to arrange for the weekend off, after she pulled
this 12-hour shift of course. But, it was finally Saturday morning
and in only minutes she would be done for the next 48 hours.  Her
boyfriend, now her fiancé, Doctor Doug Ross had also arranged to
have the weekend off, which made things perfect. Seeing him come
down the hall she glided up to him, ready to a little flirting, but
stopped when she saw his expression. He looked so upset, she knew
something was wrong. “What happened, Doug” she whispered, knowing
he liked to keep bad news private. ” I’m sorry, hon, but I have to
work after all. Maggie was going to cover for me, but something
important came up and she won’t be back ’til Monday.” At the
mention of that name, shivers went down Carol’s spine. She
remembered what had happened just last week between herself and Dr
Doyle (oddly enough, she found herself referring to the woman as Dr
Doyle, rather than Maggie, even in her thoughts), and still didn’t
know what to do. Even though she loved Doug, her insides still went
to mush whenever Dr Doyle gave her one of those looks. Carol had
avoided her all week, talking to her only when the job demanded,
but she was still confused. Feeling both scared and aroused in her
presence, Carol hoped to avoid her until she could think straight
again. She had told most of this to Doug, but he didn’t see any
problem. He thought she was overreacting, and had told Carol that
he wasn’t jealous, as if that would make her feel better somehow.
Doug smiled, seeing Carol lost in thought. “Well hon, even though
I won’t be around, you should still find some way to have fun.”
Carol started, realizing that she had zoned out, embarrassed about
the effect Dr Doyle had on her. A quick glance at her watch showed
that it was now a couple of minutes past eight, she was off for the
morning, indeed, for the whole weekend. A lonely weekend, she
thought, without Doug. “I guess I’ll grab my purse and go home,
then,” she said as they walked to the lounge. Even though she knew
Dr Doyle had left several minutes before, she was glad to have Doug
at her side in that room. As they walked toward the exit of the ER
he gave her a quick kiss and whispered “I’ll miss you too, you
know. Try to have fun this weekend.” She squeezed his hand, happy
that he was so sweet to her.
                   Just then, the doors opened and Maggie Doyle
came in, stopping right in front of them. Carol automatically
leaned a little close to Doug as Maggie spoke. “Wow, am I glad
there’s someone else leaving now.  I just discovered that my ride
cancelled. Can you guys gift me a lift home?” Carol was about to
refuse, explaining how tired she was and that Doug was actually
staying here, when he spoke for her. “Of course you can have a ride
home, it’s no problem, right Carol?” What? Carol just stared at
him, trying to grasp what he was saying. “Actually, though, I’m
still on for another six hours, so it’ll be just you ladies.”
                   “Just the two of us, eh Carol?” Maggie raised an
eyebrow as Carol began to panic. “I-I’ll be right out Mag- Doctor
Doyle, you know my where my space is, r-right?” she stammered as
her plight sunk in. How could this happen, especially when she was
so tired (and vulnerable, she had to admit)? She leaned toward
Doug. “How could you do that? You know what she did last week! What
if she tries something.” Something I may not want to refuse, she
thought.  He smiled down at her, “don’t worry, I think you’re just
imagining things. Maggie’s a very open person, and I think you’re
just thrown by her being gay.” Yes, but not the way you think,
“Doug Ross, how dare you accuse me of such a thing. Being gay
doesn’t influence how I feel about a person.”  Carol knew she
sounded self-righteous, but sometimes couldn’t help it.  “Then
there’s no problem, right? Now don’t keep Maggie waiting, it’s not
exactly warm out there.” And with that, he gave her a little push
out the door.
                 She was still a little miffed at Doug as she
approached her car, but all thoughts left her as she saw Dr Doyle
standing there, hands on hips, looking upset. Oh no, now I’ve made
her angry; Carol was no longer mad at Doug, now she was afraid of
Dr Maggie Doyle.   She rushed up to the car, “I’m so sorry I kept
you waiting, I didn’t realize how long Doug and I were talking.”
Quickly unlocking the doors, she turned to check Maggie’s response.
“Well, Carol, it is rather cold out here, but at least you’re here
now,” her quiet reply only served to make Carol feel even guiltier,
and she silently extended her hand toward the bewildered nurse.
Carol looked at the outstretched hand in confusion, and was about
to ask what was up when, “What are you waiting for, us to freeze to
death? Hurry up and give me the keys so we can get going.” This,
however, made Carol more indigent than confused. “Hold on there,
this is my car. Where do you get off thinking that I’m going to let
you” “Hush now, and stop being silly! You don’t really think I’d
let you drive as tired as you are? I do want to get home in one
piece, you know. Now stop acting like a child and give me those
keys so we can go.” Responding automatically to her firm,
commanding tone of voice, as well as motherly reprimand, Carol
handed Maggie the keys without another word, then looked sullenly
down at her feet. Why did I do that, she asked herself? What is it
about this woman that she has such a hold on me? Carol was startled
out of her reverie by the sound of Maggie’s voice. “Well, are you
just going to stand there, or are you getting in?” She quickly got
into the car and stared ahead, determined to keep quiet. She
figured that if nothing else was said then nothing more could go
wrong, She was mistaken. After a minute she looked over to see
Maggie staring at her, and felt a chill that had nothing to do with
the cold. “Carol, I don’t care how you drive, but I’m not pulling
out until you buckle your seat belt.” Oh no, she had done it again.
As she buckled up, she thought ‘great, now she thinks I’m a bad
driver too.’ She felt the car start moving, but was too ashamed to
do more than stare at her feet. As confused as she was, Carol was
even more shocked to discover that she was feeling aroused as well.
She knew what that warm feeling down there meant, but didn’t know
why she was getting so wet. So far Dr Doyle hadn’t done anything
sexual, and she certainly hadn’t been thinking about sex. What was
happening with her, and what did it mean? Carol was so deep in
thought that she jumped when she heard Maggie’s voice. Startled,
she looked around, seeing that they had stopped and were now parked
in the driveway of an unfamiliar house. She turned and said quietly
“I’m sorry, I guess I zoned out there, what did you say?” Maggie
had already opened her door and was getting out of the car. “I said
that we’re home. Now grab your purse and hurry up, I don’t want you
catching a cold.”  “But this isn’t my house, I don’t know where we
are” but even as she spoke, Carol had done as she was told, and was
now walking around the car toward Maggie. “Of course not, silly
girl, this is my place. I may not own it like you, but I think it’s
pretty good for a rental, don’t you?” Afraid she had yet again
managed to offend her, Carol spoke up, “Of course I do, really. I
was just surprised because it’s not my house.” Maggie was happy to
see Carol act so defensively, and she knew just how off-balance the
other woman was. Her plan was proceeding perfectly. They were
halfway to the door before Carol thought to protest. “I really
can’t stay, I’m sorry. I should be getting home so I can get some
rest.” Carol looked up, expecting Maggie to go along with her and
return her keys so she could leave. Maggie, however, had other
plans. “I don’t know about you, Carol, but I’m cold out here. Why
don’t we leave any discussion for after we’re inside? Now be a good
girl and follow me.” As Maggie continued up the path she knew Carol
was right behind her, that the woman was already in deeper than she
realized. Carol obediently followed her into the house, only coming
to her senses when she heard the door close. “It really is a nice
house Dr Doyle, and thank you for inviting me in, but I really must
be going now.” Carol looked at her, and saw that Maggie had still
made no move to return her keys. The woman simply stood there,
hands on hips, staring at Carol as if she had just said something
meaningless. “Don’t be ridiculous, pet, you’re not going anywhere.”
Carol gazed at Maggie uncomprehending, so totally off-balance that
it took her a few moments to understand what she was hearing. When
she opened her mouth to say something, she was cut off. “You don’t
think I’d let you drive anywhere as tired as you are, do you? Why,
you nearly fell asleep on the ride over here, if you tried to drive
home now you’d probably wrapped around a tree. What kind of friend
would I be if I let that happen? Do you really think so little of
me?” Carol was sinking rapidly, between her hurt tone of voice and
Maggie’s logic she knew she had no choice but to stay. “I’m sorry,
Dr Doyle, I didn’t mean to say anything bad. I do think you’re a
friend, and I’m glad you care about what happens to me. What can I
do apologize?” Carol was ashamed of herself, of the thoughts she’d
had about Maggie, of being so suspicious. She should have realized
that this kind, considerate woman just wanted to be her friend, and
everything else was just a product of her own twisted imagination.
She was only seconds away from crying when Maggie reassured her.

“There, there, Carol, everything’s okay, I’m not mad at you.” As
she spoke, she leaned over to give Carol a hug, tender and
motherly, and was glad to feel the confused woman return it,
burying her head in Maggie’s shoulder. “I do think it would be best
if you stayed here a while, though. I have a spare bedroom you
could use, and when you’re ready, you can go home. Now don’t you
think that’s best?” Looking up into her eyes, Carol answered in a
small voice, “Yes, I do. I’m sorry for acting so silly.” Then Carol
seemed to become aware of their position, and quickly disengaged
herself from Maggie. Clearing her throat nervously, she slid her
coat off and handed it to her host, who silently put it in the
closet with her own. “So, um, Dr Doyle, which room is mine? I could
really use some sleep.” Carol grinned as she spoke, trying to ease
the tension that seemed to fill the room. “It’s right down the
hall, second door on your right.” Maggie grinned too, mainly
because she was eagerly anticipating her next carefully planned
                 Carol was halfway down the hall, drowsily
anticipating a warm bed, when Maggie’s sharp voice stopped her in
her tracks. “And just where do you think you’re going, young lady?”
Automatically on the defensive, she felt like a child explaining
herself, “I’m going, that is, I was going to go lie down. You know,
get some sleep. What’s wrong?” Her confused little-girl voice
couldn’t have pleased Maggie more. “So, you were going to bed. Like
that. Well, little miss, I don’t know how you live, but I keep a
clean house. Look at you, you’re dirty, sweaty, and” here she took
an exaggerated sniff “you smell. And you were about to climb into
a bed I made, with nice clean sheets, I might add.” Carol was
mortified. Seeing the shock and disapproval in Maggie’s expression
cut her to the bone. What must she think of me, Carol thought.
Hanging her head in shame, she could feel her tears begin, and knew
that she messed up yet again. “I’m sorry, really, really sorry. I
guess I just wasn’t thinking, um, Dr Doyle. Please don’t be mad,
I’m not usually like this. I don’t know why I can’t seem to do
anything right. I’ll try harder, I promise.” Carol slowly looked,
afraid to see more disapproval, but instead Maggie had a warm smile
on her face, and her eyes had softened. She didn’t know just how
much she was pleasing the woman. Maggie was thrilled at Carol’s
behavior, she was ready to do anything she was told, just to please
Maggie. She had even remembered how to address her, though that was
about to change. “There, there, pet, it’s not as bad as all that.
I understand, and I’m not mad at you, really, really.” Seeing the
silly grin on Carol’s face, she knew it was time for another step.
“And you don’t have to call me Dr Doyle now,” noting Carol’s look
of confusion, then understanding, Maggie gleefully went on “after
all, we’re at home now. But you should still be respectful, don’t
you think? I think you should address me as Miss.”

 Looking expectantly at Carol, she silently held her breath, had she guessed
right? Was Carol ready? She was almost startled by the quiet “I
understand, Miss. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any disrespect.”
                 For Carol, everything seemed a blur. She knew what
was happening, but it was like she was on autopilot. She was so
mixed up, all she wanted to do was show Maggie that she was a good
girl, that she knew how to act properly, and wasn’t the screw-up
she appeared to be. For some reason, Maggie’s approval suddenly
meant a lot to her, and when Maggie smiled at her like that, she
felt warm and safe inside. Seeing Carol’s eyes unfocused, Maggie
had an idea what must be running through the pretty nurse’s head.
Smiling, she knew it was time to proceed. “Carol.” A quick, shy
look, then a grin when she saw Maggie’s smile. “That door leads to
the bathroom” a wave of the hand, “and the answer to your problem.
Now, I want you to go in there and take a nice long, hot shower,
make sure to wash your hair, and when you’re done, come back out
here and I’ll even comb out your hair for you. Okay?” Carol stood
there a moment, still confused, and decided to say something before
it was too late. Unfortunately for her, it was too late, and Maggie
spoke first. “Well, what are you waiting for? I have plenty of
towels, and you can use my shampoo. Now get going.” With her hands
firmly on Carol’s hips, Maggie guided her into the bathroom, giving
her a squeeze before letting go. “And if I see you out here in less
than 30 minutes, I’ll take you back in there and wash you myself,
understand?” Carol answered with a quick “yes, Miss” before closing
the door, and taking a deep breath.
                 Undressing automatically, Carol was a bundle of
emotions. But, thanks to that squeeze, arousal was coming out on
top. As she peeled off her pants, she felt the cool air against the
damp material of her panties, and realized just how excited she had
become. What she didn’t understand was why. Aside from that little
squeeze, nothing had happened to make her so hot, but the evidence
was overwhelming. So much so, that she realized she had been
rubbing the front of her panties, instead of removing them. Feeling
suddenly self-conscious, she brusquely removed the rest of her
clothes, and turning on the water, stepped into the shower. With
the warm water flowing over her, Carol relaxed, and began to soap
herself. Soon however, her hands were again on her pussy, rubbing
and probing and stroking. Losing herself in pleasure, she began to
moan loudly, forgetting where she was, or that anyone might hear
her. But someone most definitely heard her. Just outside the door
Maggie listened to the sounds of Carol pleasuring herself and
grinned. Well, it took her long enough, she thought. Maggie had
stood there for almost 15 minutes, waiting for that sound. She knew
that everything could still fall apart, if Carol wasn’t hot enough
to get herself off in the shower. Soon, she thought, soon you’ll be
moaning for me, and I’ll show you how to really feel good.
                 As Carol came out of the bathroom, wrapped in an
oversized towel, she guiltily realized that almost an hour had
passed. What must Maggie think? Did she hear what Carol was doing?
Worse, would she know that Carol had been imagining that it was
her, and not Carol, who was bringing the highly aroused nurse to a
screaming orgasm? Walking into the livingroom, Carol could feel
herself blush, from her head all the way down to her toes. She
looked around for Maggie, and saw that a kitchen chair was now in
the livingroom over in front of the large wall mirror, and that all
the drapes were now closed. The warm glow from the fireplace added
to the soft lighting in the room, relaxing Carol. “Well, my pet,
you’re quite wet, aren’t you?” She spun around at the question, and
saw that Maggie had changed into a simple silk robe, fire engine
red, and wore matching heels. Distracted for a moment by the sight
(god, she looks hot, Carol thought) she then realized what she had
heard and blushed again. “What d-do you mean, hot, I mean wet?”
Jeez, she couldn’t get anything right tonight. Maggie smiled,
amused by the Freudian slip, “I mean, you’re wet. You look like a
drowned pussy, though much prettier than any stray cat, I must
admit. Why, what did you mean?” Maggie’s reply rattled her, first
the play on words, making Carol tingle inside, then the question,
making her realize that she was indeed wet again. “I didn’t mean
anything, really” she fibbed, looking down at her toes. “Well
then,” Maggie continued “let’s see if you’re as clean as you look.”
She stepped up to Carol and calmly tugged the towel off her body.
Taken by surprise, Carol actually made no move to catch it, needing
a moment to realize that she now stood naked  in front of Miss
Maggie Doyle. “What do you think you’re doing, M-mmiss?” she cried,
as her hands came up to cover her tits, then moved back down to
hide her pussy, then up again, and then down. While Maggie was
amused by all this, and enjoyed the show, she wanted to get on to
better things. “Carol!” the startled nurse halted her antics and
looked up, “Put your arms down right now. How am I supposed to see
if you got clean with your arms waving about? Now stand up straight
like a good little girl.” Seeing the flash of indignation in
Carol’s eyes, she quickly went on. “Now, I told you what I was
going to do, and here you are acting like some silly child. Not
only am I a woman, but I am a doctor, remember? Or do you  have
something I haven’t seen a thousand times before.” She did, and
Maggie knew it, but Carol was now unsure of herself. While she was
humiliated that Maggie didn’t trust her to even shower properly, as
if she were some naughty little 8 year-old, the thought of Maggie
inspecting her naked body made her pussy even wetter and her
nipples hurt, they were so hard. She determinedly did as she was
told, eager, for some reason, to show that she could behave
properly. Maggie grinned as she leaned in and looked Carol over
carefully, noting the pebble-like quality of the woman’s nipples.
She had to restrain herself from taking one into her mouth, knowing
that her patience would soon be rewarded. Bending a little, she got
her first good look at her prize, and was thrilled, and excited, to
be able to see Carol’s swollen lips even through the patch of  dark
curly hair covering it. And, making her almost light-headed, she
detected the unmistakable aroma of Carol’s arousal. Straightening
up, she saw that the woman had closed her eyes, evidently bracing
herself for her ordeal. Maggie could resist so much. She leaned in
and kissed Carol softly, yet firmly, on the lips, moving back
slowly when her eyes flew open. “That wasn’t so bad, was it? You
cleaned up very nicely, and I’m glad to see you behaving so well.
Now, let’s brush out your hair before it dries.” As Carol was led
over to the chair she glowed at the kind words, feeling happy and
warm inside. It wasn’t until Maggie began brushing her hair that
she looked into the mirror and and remembered that she was still
naked. Shrugging inwardly, she decided not to fight it, and
besides, she kind of liked being naked in front of Maggie.
                 Carol would have been stunned if someone had told
her a couple of hours ago that she would end up here, sitting naked
and totally aroused in front of Miss Maggie Doyle, while the woman
brushed her hair. She couldn’t believe how much had happened, or
how right it all seemed. Seeing that her hair was done, Carol spoke
up. “Thank you, Miss, for being  so good to me. My hair looks
great, you did a wonderful job. And that’s a beautiful hairbrush,
is it an antique?” Maggie smiled back at her, happy that Carol had
brought it up, as she had been wondering how to proceed with her
plan. “You’re most welcome, Carol. Yes, it was my mother’s, thank
you for noticing. I’ve had this brush for a long time, and find it
quite useful.” Puzzled at first, Carol then understood her
reference, and blushed. Seeing this, Maggie went on “Yes, I find it
quite handy in dealing with naughty little girls who should know
better. Speaking of which, while you did a good job getting clean
in the shower, from the sounds I heard, that’s not all you did, is
it?” Carol practically melted under Maggie’s penetrating gaze,
totally embarassed that she had been so noisy, yet also remembering
why. “You have been a naughty girl, haven’t you?” a slow nod, “And
what do naughty girls get?” Softly, “A spanking, Miss.” “What was
that? Speak up properly, young lady.” “I deserve a spanking, Miss.”
Carol declared loudly, remembering her games with Doug, though
somehow she sensed that this wasn’t a game. Pulling her up and
quickly taking a seat Maggie answered “Since you asked so nicely,
pet, I would hate to disappoint you.” And with a quick tug Carol
found herself over a very soft, warm lap, her bare ass high in the
air. With a start, Carol realized that Maggie’s robe had fallen
open, and that she was also naked underneath. Just as she was
enjoying the feel of Maggie’s bare skin against her own she felt
the first blow of the hairbrush on her ass. With a startled yelp,
she quickly called out “One!” “Well, Carol, I’m glad to see you
know the proper way to receive a spanking. Now, don’t worry,
this’ll be over before you know it.” And with a grin, she began
spanking the beautiful ass in earnest.
                 “Fifty!” panted Carol, now blubbering openly.
Sensing that the spanking had stopped and that Maggie was now
softly rubbing her ass, she gasped out “Thank you, Miss, for
punishing me. I promise to be a good girl.” “I know you will, dear.
Especially now that I’m here to take care of you.” As hot and sore
as her ass was, Carol found herself relishing the massage she was
receiving. Without a thought, her arms came up to circle Maggie’s
waist, hugging herself to the woman who showered her with such
loving attention. After a few minutes of this, Maggie slowly
dragged her upright and, with one hand entwined in Carol’s hair,
brought her mouth down on hers. Starting slowly at first, like any
wildfire, their kiss soon took on a life of it’s own. As the two
women hungrily devoured each other the room was filled with their
moans. Breaking for air, Carol protested “Miss, I just don’t
know..” With a finger to Carol’s lips, Maggie whispered “Don’t
worry, pet. I’ll take care of you.” Another kiss, this one taking
them both to the floor, where eager hands roamed across over-heated
flesh. As Maggie’s hand found her prize, and she slipped a finger
into velvet softness, Carol moaned louder. Expertly manipulating
the tender flesh, Maggie kissed and licked her way down Carol’s
body, stopping to pay special attention to the magnificient tits
which had caught her eye so many months ago. Taking a nipple
between her teeth, she bit down softly, pleased to hear Carol cry
out for more. Carol almost cried again when she felt Maggie abandon
her breast; it had felt so good, no one had ever done that to her
before, but she quickly tensed in anticipation as the forceful
woman neared her aching pussy. As good as Maggie’s fingers had
felt, Carol almost fainted when lips closed around her clit, and a
tongue flicked out, bringing her to a short, but powerful, orgasm.
Breathless, Carol urged “Oh, yes, yes. Please do that again. I love
it. I love you. I’ll do anything, just keep doing that!” Maggie had
never felt so god herself. No one had ever responded to her like
Carol, and her cries drove her to show her adoration of the woman.
                 Several wonderful orgasms later found the two
lovers lying together on the floor, Carol nuzzling Maggie’s tits
gently, almost purring in satisfaction. With her arms wrapped
firmly around Carol, Maggie slowly stroked her hair, encouraging
the woman to continue. “Oh, Carol, that feels so nice. Did you know
how wonderful you taste? Soft and sweet, like cotton candy.” Maggie
giggled a little at the comparison, aware that this was no longer
a simple seduction. She now knew that she wanted Carol, tonight,
tomorrow, and for as long as possible. Surprisingly, to her at
least, Carol was thinking similar thoughts. Doug was wonderful, and
they were good together, but something had always been missing.
What they had only played at, Maggie and her had for real. Not
knowing how to voice these thoughts, she settled for demonstrating
them instead. To Maggie’s delight, Carol slowly began working her
way hesitantly down her body, reaching ahead to run her fingers
through the downy fur and along the wet and swollen lips
underneath. Moaning now herself, Maggie felt herself near the edge
as she felt lips and tongue feverishly exploring her pussy.
Inexperienced Carol might have been, but what she lacked in
technique she more than made up for in enthusiam, licking all
around before finally zeroing in on Maggie’s sensitive clit. Maggie
came loudly, and wetly, soaking Carol’s face and forcing her to
swallow quickly. Startled by Maggie’s scream, she kept licking,
having no other choice with Maggie’s legs wrapped behind her head,
holding her in place. Coming down slowly, Maggie released her hold,
and Carol crawled up to kiss her on the mouth, giving Maggie a
taste of herself.
                 Basking in the afterglow, Maggie smiled as Carol’s
breathing slowed and she fell asleep there, naked and drenched in
her juices, lying across her new found lover. Her plan

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