Promise You’ll Do As I Say

February 21, 2008 – 10:15 am

David surprises me with a vacation! He has plan-
ned everything and keeps our destination a mystery. I
am so excited I can hardly believe it! We will be away
for two weeks, that is all he will say…. hmmm.

We arrive at our vacation “nest”. It is a very
remote two story cottage surrounded by a forest. I am
pleased that he is being so romantic but wonder just
what we will do here for two whole weeks. We unload the
car and David takes out an extra larges suitcase, one I
haven’t seen before. I ask him what it is for. “You’ll
see, you’ll see everything soon enough.” Once inside I
unpack the groceries while he brings our bags, including
the mystery bag, upstairs.

He calls me upstairs. On the bed is a black
lace teddy. He looks at me smiles, and says, “Put it
on, now.” I go to the bathroom and change. When I come
back into the bedroom he tells me to sit down, that we
need to have a talk. He pulls out two books. One is
for him, it reads, “Wife Training: the Obedient Wife”.
The other is a book for me, “The Obedient Wife Hand-

“You are not serious”, I say to him. He looks
me straight in the eyes and very sternly says, “Oh yes I
am, I have never been more serious about anything. You
are going to read and learn what is in that handbook.
You are going to be responsible for everything in it and
your behavior is going to change dramatically. You are
going to behave the way I wish you to behave and if and
when you don’t, you will be punished by me.”

“Behavior, punishments, handbooks, what does all
of this mean?”

“What it means is that from now on you will
learn to do as I say. Without hesitation or question.
These two weeks are going to be your training period.
You have a lot behaviors that need to be corrected by a
firm master. That master is me and we begin now, to-

I laugh nervously, “David, I see what this is all
about. You want to play out a fantasy for our time
here! OK, ‘master’, OK ‘daddy’, let’s play.”

David is not laughing with me. “Oh, we will NOT
be playing. This is very real, and it will not be for
just two weeks. I’ve decided that this will be permanent.
I met a group of men who feel the way I do.
They have a club which I have joined and which you will
join upon our return home. The club puts out these books
they told me about this cabin as well.”

“David, please, tell me more about–”

“No. No more questions. I make the decisions
and now we will begin.”

He opens the bedroom closet and it is full of
short nighties and teddies, he opens the top drawer of
the dresser and it is full also, of silky, skimpy,

“These are the only clothes you will be wearing
for the next two weeks. I will lay them out for you
each day. You will wear panties only when I lay them
out for you.” I am speechless. He opens the mystery
suitcase, it must have held the clothing he brought for
me. It still has a large box in it. He removes the

“In this box we have some more training materials.”
He lays the box on the bed next to me and opens

I gasp! “David, no, you can’t be serious. Shit!
I want to go home.”

He grabs me when I try to leave the room and
sits me back on the bed. He looks me straight in the
eyes and angrily says, “YOU WERE NOT GIVEN PERMISSION TO

I nod my head yes. I am frightened now, my heart
is racing and my bottom is beginning to tingle and
twitch. David begins to show me each of the items in the
box. “These are three paddles of different thicknesses.
Here are two hairbrushes, one wooden, one plastic. A
thick ruler completes the set. Of course, I will supplement
the set now that we are here with some switches
I’ll gather tomorrow.”

I fidget, I squirm, I want to escape. I ask
“But why, why do we need this box. I —”

David interrupts, “These are instruments I will
use in training you. You will be punished when you do
not obey me. You will be punished when you do not fol-
low the rules and guidelines in the handbook. Also, I
enjoy spanking you, I always have. But it has never
been often enough for me. That is a pleasure I plan to
frequently enjoy, whenever, wherever and however I decide.”

He sits on the edge of the bed next to me and
lays me across his knees. He puts his left hand around
my waist to hold me there as I try to get up. SMACK!!!!
SMACK!!! SMACK!!! His hand comes down hard on my bottom
again and again.

“Stop your wriggling and listen to me. You will
swear to obey me. You will learn everything I request
of you, including every word in that handbook. You will
stop the behaviors I do not care for, your swearing,
nagging, and complaining. You will dress to please me.
Whenever you misbehave you will be punished. Do you
swear to obey me in all of these things?”

“David, I, I , well this is all so sudden and—“

He reaches between my legs, he unsnaps the
crotch of the teddy and exposes my bare butt already
pink bottom. WHACK! SMACK!!! SMACK!! WHACK!!! He
spanks me again and again. I try to wiggle free but he
just grabs my waist tighter and spanks me harder. The
tears are stinging my eyes.

“Please, please stop! Ow! Ow! Ow! It hurts!!”

I start to kick and he pushes my head down and
wraps his right leg around my legs, stopping them. My
bottom is now pointed up at him. He begins to gently
massage my very red bottom. I sniffle quietly, after
awhile, I begin to feel aroused. The pleasure/pain of
the massage is really turning me on.

He torments me for a while longer and then asks,
“Are you ready to swear to obey me yet?”

I try an evasion, “I, I want to talk with you,
please let me up. I, I want to talk and—”

David reaches for the thinnest of the paddles and
resumes the spanking, harder this time. CRACK!! WHACK!!
WHACK!! WHACK!!! CRACK!!! I try to wiggle, I moan, I
cry, I sob, I beg.

“It HURTS, OUCH! PLEASE, please I’ll be good, I
promise.” Sniffle, sob. “I’ll stop nagging and complaining
I swear!!!! I’ll, I’ll try to stop swearing,
really!!! Just stop, please, I’m so sorry!!!” Sob,

David stops and is silent for a long moment. I
sob for a while longer, my butt is sorer than it’s ever
been. He has never used a paddle on me, he has never
spanked me nearly so hard! Could he really be serious
about all of this? I begin to believe he could.

As my sobs turn to sniffles he again begins to
massage my bottom. I jump at first, it is so very, very
sore. But after awhile the pleasure/pain returns and my
need for sexual release grows and grows. I begin to
moan and wiggle for a different reason now.

“Please let me show you how sorry I am for the
behaviors that annoy you. Please daddy, let me show
you. Let me go, you won’t be sorry. I want to please
you sooooo much. I promised you I won’t nag or complain
anymore and I mean it. I’ll really try hard not to
swear too, please let me show you!”

“Carol, you have not promised everything I’ve
asked for. This spanking will not end until you do.
You will not get to show me how ‘sorry’ you are, you
will not get the release that I know you so desperately
need unless and until you obey. I ask you once again,
are you ready to swear to obey me?”

I hesitate, I think perhaps I should give in but
the stubborness inside me is still too great. I try
another evasion instead. “Let’s say—” but that is all
I get to say. He quickly grabs the next thickest pad-
dle, he is very, very, angry now. SMACK!!! WHACK!!!
WHACK!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!!!!!!!! on and on the strokes
come. I have NEVER felt such a spanking before. I don’t
think I can hold out much longer. SOB, YELP, MOAN, CRY,
BEG. He has set into a very determined rhythm now, he
begins to spank me even harder. WHACK!!!! WHACK!!!!!

I no longer doubt that he is VERY serious.
Perhaps this new life won’t be so bad….

I’LL OBEY YOU! (cry, moan,yelp) PLEASE DADDY I SWEAR!!

The paddling stops. I am sooooooo very glad.
But I HURT, my backside is on FIRE! Will it ever stop???
David waits for my crying to subside, I hear that he is
breathing heavy from his exertion. I hope and pray that
he is still not angry! “All right, I want to hear what
you have to say now that the paddle is no longer strik-
ing your bottom.”

I sniffle and say, “I, I am ready to do whatever
you want me to do. I realize that you are serious and,
(sob) I am serious now too.” I cry a little, It still
HURTS!!! “I swear to obey you in all things from now on.
I promise to learn the handbook from cover to cover. I
promise to stop nagging and complaining and I WILL stop

David takes me in his arms and cuddles me for a
long long time. I’ve stopped crying and I am hardly
sniffling anymore. He begins to gently caress my bot-
tom. The soreness is still very much alive, I know it
will be for some time to come. But the pleasure starts
to overtake the pain again. My inner heat builds fast,
I begin to squirm and wiggle on his lap. I try to pull
gently away but he holds me still. I am sooooo very
horny. I can feel him hard underneath me, his need is
strong as well. I don’t know how much more of this I
can take!

“Please, let me show you how good I can be. Let
me show you daddy. I want to show you what a good little
girl I can be, please.”

I wiggle off of his lap and kneel on the floor
in front of him. I kiss him all over his chest, I lick
his nipples and his navel. I run my tongue along his
lower abdomen. He shivers. I take his penis in my hand
and stroke it lovingly while I continue kissing and
licking him, now on his upper thighs. He moans, my
fingers are wet with his juices. I take him into my
mouth and love him. I stop now and again and flick the
head of his penis with my tongue, teasing him. Soon he
can wait no more. He picks me up and lays me back on
the bed and enters me swiftly. I cry with delight.

Our orgasms are so very, very strong. Afterward
we lay quietly in each others arms and my mind starts
wandering. I think about all that I have promised. Part
of me is very happy, contented, and excited for our new
relationship. Part of me is afraid, will I really be
able to keep my promises? How will I feel about them
tomorrow? How will I feel a week or a month from now,
after we’ve been home for awhile? If I change my mind,
what will David say? More important, what will he do???
Oh no. I’d better just hope I can keep my word!!!!

I kiss him and he holds me a little tighter,
patting me lightly on my still sore bottom. A reminder?
A promise? A threat? I wonder what the next two weeks
will be like. And when we get home…. what did he say
about my joining some club? A club he has already

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