Just A Little Whipping

February 19, 2008 – 10:00 am

SPANK! SPANK! The words appeared on the instant message that I sent her,
and I could tell from the response that she wanted more. So we had agreed
to meet when I was expected to be in her hometown, and I told her not to be
late, and to present herself to me naked.

I waited patiently for her arrival at the Four Seasons Hotel, but she was
late. I remembered what we had chatted about on the Internet, and looked at
the adult toys I had brought with me on the trip.

The knock on the door was so faint I almost missed it but as I opened the
door I was greeted by the prettiest brunette, with the deepest dimples.

I had dressed appropriately in a leather mini skirt, with thigh high
boots. I looked at her and said “If you do not present yourself to me naked
I will not acknowledge you”, and with that I closed the door, to the sounds
of her protests that it was so public.

Moments later came a soft knock on the door and when I opened it I was
greeted with her kneeling naked, her clothes piled neatly on the floor, and
I ushered her in my so soundproof room.

“GiGi” I said, “what is the punishment for little girls who have disobeyed
the orders of their mistress?” Before she had a chance to reply I said, “a
real good whipping usually makes them obey” and led her to the bed.

After I pulled her to the bed and had tied each ankle to the corners, I
pulled out some cord and tied her wrists to the bedposts at the
headboard. As I watched her struggle I could tell she was scared of what
was to come, so I reached into the bag for the ball gag.

Before I gagged her I knelt beside her and looked at her beauty, then
dropping my head to kiss her beautiful soft lips. I whispered into her
mouth, “just remember that I love you”. With that I gagged her.

There she was, tied to the bed spread eagle, unable to move, and with the
ball gag unable to scream.

I watched her eyes for the first sign of terror as I removed my short
leather crop from the bag, and instantly it appeared when she realized I
was going to whip her, as I dragged the whip over her legs, thighs, tummy
and breasts.

“Are you ready slut”, I asked realizing I would receive no answer. As I
brought the crop down on her legs she tried to struggle to escape the pain,
lifting her ass up off the bed only a couple of inches because of the

Moving the lashes up to her inner thighs, and watching the skin jump under
the torture, I wondered to what extent she could tolerate the pain, but I
didn’t stop, and brought the crop closer and closer to her sweet pussy.

Dragging the crop along her pussy I kept going up to her beautiful perky
breasts, and raised my arm to whip her breasts. Whipping each breast I
started counting with each lash, and watching her little nipples
stiffen. When I thought they had stiffened sufficiently I dropped the crop
and went to the bag for more toys.

Removing a candle first, I set it on the nightstand and lit it before I
reached back in the bag, and brought out some of my favorite toys of
punishment, the clothespins.

I could feel a stirring in my pussy but not enough yet for me to stop the
merciless attack, so I reached to attach the clothespins to her stiff
little nipples. The only sound was a muffled scream.

Then watching the expression of pain in her face I reached for the candle,
and enjoyed the fragrance momentarily, before I tipped it and let the hot
liquid wax drip just under her perky breasts. Knowing the only thing
stopping the screams was the ball gag.

Picking up the crop I brought it down on her tender breasts, again and
again, before moving it down to her soft little tummy, and then letting it
drag along her pussy.

From the look in her eyes she knew what was coming next and she was right
as I started to whip her hot little pussy. I could see she was moist so I
lashed her harder, before I picked up a vibrator, and plunged it deep in
her pussy, without turning it on.

Kneeling between her legs, I picked up more clothespins and attached them
to her pussy lips, as I looked at the red marks the crop had left on her
beautiful body. Then lowering my head I licked her swollen wet clit, and
turned on the vibrator.

As I licked and sucked on her swollen clit my hand was moving the buzzing
monster in her pussy and fucking her with it as I whipped her breasts with
the crop.

Drawing her swollen clit into my mouth I dragged my teeth on it and bit
down as I felt her petit body stiffen and spasm, and I tasted her sweet
honey escaping from around the vibrator.

Removing her ball gag I hiked up my skirt and switched positions so my hot
pussy was over her face, and told her to lick me good.

Her tongue literally danced over my hot wet pussy as she tongue fucked me
hoping to satisfy me, and I whipped her pussy. The closer I got the harder
I whipped, until the floodgates opened and my pussy honey flowed from me
into her waiting mouth.

Moving to bring my bag closer I told her, “I have punished you for what you
may have done in the past and now I’m looking to the future”.

Bringing out a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a very sharp long needle, I
poured some of the alcohol on her pussy lips and pierced each with the
needle and attached little gold rings. Then a little gold lock.

You are to be my slave GiGi, as I removed the ties to the bed, and helped
her to sit up. Then placed a collar around her neck.

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