We Met Over The Internet

February 18, 2008 – 10:00 am

We met over the net. I had written a story or two for the A.S.S.M.
newsgroup. Anyone who has written for the newsgroup knows how it
works. You sweat over a story for months, post it to the newsgroup,
and no one ever lets you know what they think about it. She was kind
enough to write to me to say she liked my story. Eat your hearts out
fellow writers: she sent me a naughty picture of herself as an

Okay, so now you KNOW this is a fantasy!

She introduced herself as “Gina”. Her profile had described her as
“collared” and it meant that she was the subbie of a D/S relationship
with her husband. Naturally, being intrigued, and as horny as a man
can be after eight years of solo sex, I wrote back. I talked about
how my wife had some serious physical problems preventing us from
enjoying any form of intercourse. Gina was sympathetic and we exchanged
joke files and that sort of thing. Eventually we got past the arms
length stage and started sharing real thoughts. She continually sent
hot pictures of herself and I got more turned on by each one. We
became more and more close friends, as time went on.

She and her husband, LANCE, love each other very much and the D/S thing is
only part time. Apparently they have an open marriage of sorts, but
she didn’t go into that a lot. When she finally got around to sharing
another gentleman’s recounting of his involvement in a spanking
session ending in sex with her, guess what popped into my mind?

Okay, so that other guy was young and studly and I’m
old and portly. A guy can dream can’t he?

I shared my lustful thoughts with her and she didn’t actually say no,
but she didn’t say yes, either. She said she was interested in making
dreams come true, but her husband would have the final word on whether
she would be allowed to swing or not. That sounded more than
reasonable to me, so I didn’t really pursue the subject any further.

Let me describe Gina to you in the detail I could gather from her
pictures and maybe you’ll understand why I was so excited about her.
She was about mid thirties for age. She has short dark hair, which as
a professional woman and working mom makes a lot of sense. However,
the main reason for her hairstyle is that it stays out of the way when
she’s giving head, which she insisted she loves to do. Her face is
not the kind you will see on the cover of some cutting edge fashion
magazine. I would describe her as: when you went back to your first
high school reunion, you wished you had paid more a lot more attention
to her while you were in high school. Do you know what I mean? She
is about 5’3″ tall and a working mother who has kept herself in good
shape. Her breasts are a 36″ A cup (maybe B), which would be only
average in that department, if it weren’t for the fact that both
nipples are pierced. (We’re talking about a woman who is willing to
go a long ways to pleasure her husband). She has a reasonably trim
waste and another thing I find so incredibly arousing about her is
that she keeps herself completely shaven in the pubic area. (My wife
had absolutely refused to ever do it again, after trying it once).
Gina’s thighs are a little heavier than the Victoria’s Secret models,
which gives her something to feel guilty about.

But, I’ve left describing her ass for last. Her ass is a perfect
female shaped ass. It’s not the sort of little girl butt you see on
fashion models. This is a real woman’s ASS. It’s built for enjoying
a spanking or letting a man take a long time to lick and nibble it. I
believe one of the good old boys I know described an ass like hers as:
“I’d eat the corn out of her shit, just to fuck the hole it came
from.” Together with an “I actually love sex” attitude and being both
submissive and bisexual, she’s a terrific package.

Fate smiled on me and I was scheduled to travel to her area of the
country on business. Being pretty horny and somewhat of an
unscrupulous opportunist, I asked to meet them for dinner. To be
honest, I didn’t hold out much hope that anything more than that would
really happen. I’m 45 years old with the predictable receding
hairline and starter potbelly (and I can’t tell you how many women get
turned on by that combination, because I haven’t found any, yet).
Surprisingly, her e-mail reply was “Yes”, they would love to meet for
dinner. Once my libido recovered, life went back to normal, with
mutual excitement building regarding the chance to meet in person.

When the fateful night arrived, I must admit I felt like a kid waiting
for a date at the high school semi-formal. She had asked me to wear a
suit, rather than the more casual attire typical for computer
conferences. I was pretty conspicuous in the largely “business
casual” crowd waiting outside the restaurant. The appointed moment
came and went and I started to worry. I remembered she had said it
was a forty five minute drive for them and I hoped they were held up
in traffic or having trouble finding parking or something like that.
My pager was on and she had promised she would page if they were going
to be a no show. I had no right to expect them to show up other than
her e-mail promises, but she had seemed so sincere about their coming
for dinner.

Then, at the outer fringe of the crowd, I saw a short brunette bundle
of energy accompanied by a tall, handsome, blonde gentleman. I
recognized her from her pictures, even with her clothes on. She had
worn a red business suit sort of outfit. It consisted of a very
feminine suit jacket, over a sheer blouse, with a short pleated skirt,
stockings to match the blouse and HIGH heels. In short, she looked
like a business executive’s wet dream. I waved “Hi” to them and she
recognized me from the one and only picture of myself I had managed to
e-mail. When they had wormed their way through the crowd to me, we
exchanged introductions. Gina seemed pretty much the person she had
described in her e-mail. I was pleased to receive a polite buss on
the cheek from her. Her husband, Lance, was the prototypical bronzed
Greek god (I forgot to mention they’re from California). I noticed he
was in “business casual” rather than a suit, but I thought it would be
better to ignore it. He and I shook hands and I’m sure he was
wondering what his little wifey had dragged in this time. As we were
following the hostess to our seats, I looked at Gina’s jewelry more
closely. She was wearing a large silver necklace and earrings and an
ankle bracelet. The necklace might have been merely stylish, but I
have to say I thought it looked an awful lot like a dressed up slave
collar. Her earrings, on closer examination, were chains ending in
handcuffs. I didn’t notice anything unusual about the anklet.
Actually I couldn’t get my eyes down that low. Every time I tried to
look at her ankles, I had to go past her ass and I couldn’t take my
eyes off of that part of her.

I had reserved a U-shaped booth along the back wall, rather than a
table, at their insistence. We were quickly seated with Gina in the
middle and Lance and I opposite each other. We got through the initial
small talk and “What’s good here?” with the wait staff in short order.
As we were waiting for our dinners to come, Lance. looked at me and asked:
“Gina has told you we’re not into the D/S scene 24 by 7 right?” I said
she had and that it seemed pretty reasonable with three kids at home.
He smiled and continued: “Well, it’s also fun because we can play
whenever we want to. In fact, we talked it over last night and
thought it might be fun for you to meet us with her in the sub mode.
She’s here tonight as my sub. Isn’t that right dear?” Gina responded:
“Yes, Sir!” immediately.

I asked: “Sir? I thought ‘Master’ was the correct response?” Lance
smiled and said: “Gina, why don’t you explain that for him.” Gina looked at
me and said: “Actually neither of us are really comfortable with that
‘M’ word and it’s really noticeable in mixed company. We use “Sir” as
a term of respect and it allows us to play in public. No one notices
the term in normal conversation. For instance, the tables next to us
will probably be oblivious to my being in sub mode.” I started to
make a comment about Sir Stephen in the “Story of O”, but was
interrupted when our food came.

When the waiter had left again, Lance said to me: “I would like to set
some rules for the rest of the dinner. Gina may touch you at any time,
but you are not to initiate touching her without my express
permission. You may, of course, refuse her permission to touch you at
any time. She is my slave, not yours, unless I specifically turn over
all or part of her to you. Is that acceptable?” I know my first
thought was: “Well, she’s YOUR wife. What objections could I possibly
have?” I wanted my response to be suave and very “Man of the
World”-like (‘hell, other men grant me the use of their wives
everyday’), but what came out was more like: “Ahhhh, sure! Yeah!”

Lance. didn’t look very impressed by my response, but he did ask: “Did Gina
tell you why she wanted you to wear a suit tonight?” I replied: “No,
she didn’t. I’m just glad she didn’t ask me to show up nude. I
probably would have had to blow off our chance to meet.” That got a
grin from Lance. I pushed my luck with: “Actually I probably would have
done it and then the best I could have hoped for was to share a bucket
of chicken with you at the arraignment. Can you imagine trying to
explain that to my wife?” That got polite laughter from both of them.

Lance looked at his wife and said: “Gina, please tell him why he’s wearing a
suit.” Gina said: “Lance, I was saving that for a surprise.” Lance said: “No, I
want you to tell him right now.” Gina turned toward me, but did not look
directly into my face. She said: “I notice you don’t have a pocket
hanky. I wanted to give you something to remember this night by. I
was going to surprise you during dessert. Would you mind something
silky to wear in your pocket, this evening?” I said: “I didn’t know
there was going to be a present exchange. I have nothing for the two
of you.” She said: “You aren’t supposed to. This is just something I
wanted to do for you.”

Lance. interrupted with: “Cut to the chase Gina. Tell him what you have for
him.” She very quietly asked: “Would you accept my panties to wear in
your pocket? If they’re folded just right, they’ll look like a pocket
hanky and no one will be the wiser, unless they stick their nose in
your pocket. They’re pretty moist at the moment.” I looked at Lance in
surprise and asked: “Is that okay with you?” He smiled and said: “Of
course. In fact, I’ve already punished her for it.” Looking directly
at Gina again, he said: “I’m sure you like to tell him about that, in
detail, please!”

Gina kept her head down, her eyes focused on her crotch, as she said
very quietly: “He asked me: “What kind of woman would give her wet
panties to a stranger? I told him only a slut would do that. I told
him that I was a naughty slut to have such thoughts and that I needed
a spanking. And he gave me a spanking over his knee, a hard one.
Then he asked me if I was really going to go through with it and, when
I said I still wanted to, he whipped me on my bare butt with a
horsehair whip. My poor bottom is still burning.”

Lance smiled when he asked: “And what else? There was something else,
wasn’t there?” Gina spoke quietly again: “He wouldn’t play with me while
he was spanking me and he forbade me to come while I was being

‘And?” Lance prompted her. “And he made me put them on in the van on the
way here.” she continued ” “And he made me play with myself while he
drove, but I was still forbidden to come. Please will you accept my
panties? They have my natural perfume to remember me by.”

I was totally blown away and quite aroused at the same time. I said:
“Well, since Lance has given his permission and you have obviously endured
this ordeal just for me, I don’t know what else to say except: Yes, of
course. I accept and thank you. I’m looking forward to dessert more
than ever now.” I was rewarded by a smile on Gina’s face, but she did
not look up.

Lance spoke up to say: Oh, I don’t think we should wait for dessert, I
think we should do it right now.” Looking at me he asked: “Don’t you
agree?” Doing my best to go with the flow, I replied: “That would be
most agreeable.” Gina started to get up and excuse herself to go to the
ladies room, when Lance. ordered her to sit down. He said: “You don’t
need to go anywhere. I think you should give them to him right here.”

Gina stiffened and looked to her husband. “Sir, that’s not what we
discussed last night. Do you really want me to do that?” Lance
responded: “Why not? The table cloth here reaches to the floor and no
one can see you at the back of the booth, in this lighting. You only
have to be discrete in your movements and you could be giving handjobs
under the table without anyone being the wiser. Let’s go for it. In
fact, if you don’t want me to withdraw my permission for this gift,
you will remove them immediately. Then you will fold them discretely
and place them in his pocket. And when you’re done, you will not sit
on your skirt. You will pull it up behind you and place your bare
bottom on the leather here. It’s quite cool here in the restaurant
and I’m sure the leather of the seat will help to cool that burning
bottom you’ve been complaining about.”

Gina’s eyes fell back to her lap and she swallowed visibly before she
said: “Yes Sir.” Before she could begin, Lance said to me: “I’m sure you
would like to watch wouldn’t you? Why don’t you slip a little closer
and I’ll let you two know if it looks like we’re going to be
interrupted. Oh, and she doesn’t need any help.” I managed to say:
“Certainly!” before she started to move again. I did get a little
closer as she began to discretely peel off a very sexy red silk thong
panty. She was blushing heavily and chewing on her lower lip, but she
was doing as she was told. I couldn’t really see all that was under
her skirt, other than to be totally certain she was wearing thigh
highs. Her face was quite flushed as she rolled her panties over her
knees. They had just reached her ankles when Lance said in a casual
voice: “I’ll be darned! We haven’t had our water glasses refilled for
a while. Here comes the water boy.” Gina quickly extended her legs, now
hobbled by her panties, under the table and I slid back toward my
original position. We all smiled as our water glasses were filled and
Gina let out her breath when the fellow left our table. Her high heels
gave her a little trouble as she tried to get one foot out of the
hobble of her rolled up panties. Finally she freed herself and pulled
the panties up. When they were in my pocket, and she had given me
another quick peck on my cheek, she sat as she had been ordered.

Lance commended her performance and dinner proceeded normally thereafter.
We talked as anyone does when they’re getting to know each other. We
talked of jobs (he owns a string of health clubs and she runs the
business office for them). We talked of children and other such
things. I need to qualify the word “normally”. Everything was
normal, except that I was acutely aware of the fact that the lady next
to me was naked under what now seemed like a very short skirt. Not to
mention that as we talked she would intentionally let her jacket gap
open to display her pierced nipples to me. Her sheer top was not just
a fashion statement, it was an opportunity to show off. She was
wearing one of those shelf brassieres from Frederick’s of Hollywood,
or somewhere like that. This held up her breasts very nicely, but was
totally open at the end of the cup. Her nipples were pushed forward
and outward to be even more prominent and were totally bare. When her
jacket was closed, all anyone might see was a little bit of lace under
her sheer top. Thanks to Madonna and all the wannabe’s that wouldn’t
be unusual in today’s styles.

She had a way of making sure I was going to see what she wanted me to
see, but that would look completely normal to anyone at another table.
I wondered if this was the first time she had done something like
that. Not to mention, as the dinner progressed, she would
occasionally stroke my penis under my pants while we talked. I jumped
a little each time she did it, causing no end of laughs. Lance and I
emptied a bottle of wine between us. Gina was told she would have to
make her before dinner drink last, as she would be the designated
driver to take the two of them home. Lance was an excellent
conversationalist and a genuinely nice guy. Even as a sub, Gina was a
lively wit with enough “attitude” to keep both of us men slightly off
balance. I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a dinner conversation so

When dessert came, Lance ordered Gina to take my hand and touch herself,
briefly. I think it only added to her frustration, though I rather
enjoyed it. Then he ordered her to give me a clear view (however
briefly) of her pussy. She blushed a little, but must have known it
was going to happen as she never questioned it. Doing so gave her a
chance to show off her newest jewelry. She had three rings in each
labia. I expressed surprise as she had told me that the piercing of
her nipples had been an extremely painful experience for her. She had
mentioned in her e-mails that she didn’t expect to have anything of
hers pierced, ever again. She responded to my surprise with: “Well I
read about these in your stories and we had a scene with another
subbie who was pierced like this. Well actually she only had one ring
in each labia and one in her clitoral hood. Lance said he didn’t want to
mess with my clitoral area, but you know how much he likes to spread
me open when we’re playing… Honestly, we’ve used clothes pins and
whatever… Well this just seemed like a better way to always be
ready to open myself for him.” I complimented them both on the newest
additions. We progressed through dessert with Lance suggesting that she
show me the newest piercings, several times, and in between we had the
most mundane of conversations. I’m sure the rest of the restaurant
had no idea what was going on.

When dinner was over, Lance and Gina said their good-byes. Lance mentioned that
he wanted to get his “over-amped slut” home, before she got out of
control. Gina looked a little surprised and slightly disappointed. I’m
certain that I did too, but that was the way it was going to be. I
certainly had nothing to complain about. I hadn’t had such an
arousing experience in years, if ever. As they say: “All good things
must come to an end.” Lance gave me a firm handshake. Gina gave me a quick
peck on the cheek in farewell and whispered: “I thought he might go
for more, but I guess not.” Out loud she said: “It was nice meeting
you, I hope we can get together again.” I agreed and they were
quickly gone. I went back to my room and lamented the fact that no
“men’s” magazine is a good substitute for a real woman and certainly
not a woman like that.

You can imagine my surprise when I got a call from Gina on Wednesday
night. After an absolute minimum of small talk she asked: “When does
your flight go out, Friday or Saturday?” I assured her I was
scheduled to fly out Saturday, later in the day. She said: “I’ve been
working on Lance. a lot. Would you like to get together Friday night? It
might be a one time deal, but it’ll be something you’ll remember for
the rest of your life.” I thought to myself, “It’ll probably be the
only sex I’ll have for the rest of my life”, but what I said was:
“Yeah! Oh man, it sounds great. What changed Lance’s mind? I thought he
wasn’t in the mood to share his slave?” She laughed and said: “I
think his exact words were something to the effect that maybe if the
two of you fuck my ass until it’s sloppy, he just might be able to get
an uninterrupted night’s sleep. I guess I’ve been, let’s say
‘extremely excited’, about the idea of a threesome and he’s been
getting lots of attention, every night since we met you.”

The rest of the conversation is lost to me. I was blown away by the
immensity of their offer and I hope I made sense in whatever I said.
Anyway, we agreed on a time for Friday night and a place (my motel
room). They promised to bring any toys we might need, and I offered
to pick up the cost of dinner and a few drinks from room service. I
figured they could get here sooner, if they didn’t have to have supper
first. She said they didn’t want to put me out, but some snacks would
be nice. She said to forget the drinks: “Those hotel prices are
highway robbery. We can bring whatever you would like from home.”
Needless to say, the rest of the week took forever, as I was counting
the minutes and seconds until Friday night. ‘The Addressing
Convention Changes Due to TCP/IP V6.x, As Implemented in OS/400 V4.3’
couldn’t compare to my daydreams of what could happen with Lance and Gina.

Friday night came at last. I met them in the lobby. Gina was wearing a
medium length maroon dress in a velvet like material that clung to
her. The scoop neckline just showed a hint of cleavage. Black
stockings and high heels completed the outfit. She was carrying a
dress bag. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and whispered in my
ear that she wasn’t wearing panties and did I like the outfit? I had
an instant hardon and couldn’t get out the words to say how much I
liked everything about her. We all laughed at my blushing. Lance carried
a small boom box and a rather large case, which he identified as a
“portable bar”.

We all headed for the elevator and, on the way to my room, I must
admit I had a moment of unworthy panic. What did I really know about
these people? Maybe they were going to rob me the second we were
alone in the room? I knew they were into kinky stuff. Maybe all the
authorities would find in the morning would be my gagged and mutilated
body? But I assured myself, Gina had been very consistent over the
months we had known each other and in person she had been even nicer.
Lance was a nice guy and I really liked him. Maybe they were having the
same thoughts. Maybe they were thinking I might have a half dozen
muscle men in my room? They could be worried that Lance would wind up
dead and Gina would be the Friday night entertainment for a thousand
soldiers in a bunker in Iraq somewhere? Pushing that line of thinking
to it’s extreme allowed me to relax and forget the flutters in my
stomach. In retrospect, my “flutters” had nothing to do with trusting
them. They were mostly about: Could I go through with it? Would I
embarrass myself and come like a teenager on prom night or would I
even be able to get a hard on with a strange woman? Could I cheat on
my wife? I calmed down by deciding that I was committed now and there
was no way to back out of this and still respect myself in the

The three of us arrived at my room and we were barely inside when the
room service staff brought the munchies I had ordered. I tipped the
waiters and we sent them on their way, with a promise that we would
set the dishes in the hallway, if they got in the way. Lance produced a
still cool bottle of champagne from his bar case and poured a glass
for Gina and one for me. He poured himself a coke and announced that it
was his turn to be the designated driver, since Gina had done that duty
last time. I proposed a toast to the three of us and we all drank. Lance
told me Gina was in “sub mode” again and ordered her to finish her glass.
When she had finished, he asked her to fill the ice bucket from the
room, as well as the one from his portable bar. She was back from the
ice machine quickly. His next order was for her to empty her glass a
second time. She complied but mentioned that this was likely to get
her tipsy.

When she had finished her second glass, Lance looked at her and simply
said: “Begin.” I didn’t know what that meant, but Lance motioned for me
to take a chair next to him at the table while Gina moved to the middle
of the room with her bag. She turned her back to us and started to
“La la la, la la la laaaa” (the song “The Stripper”) as she undid the
buttons on the back of her dress. I remembered a gal who referred to
a dress like that as her “easy open party dress.” I don’t know how
women can do that, but it didn’t take more than about three bars of
the song and she had the dress off. She spun around and made a small
production out of teasing us with it and then throwing it on the
closest of the two double beds. Her stockings were thigh highs and,
as far as I could tell she was, again, freshly shaven. She put her
arms out wide and shrugged, which caused some interesting motions on
the part of her pierced nipples. She said “That’s the show guys, I
don’t have anything else that’s going to come off.” She turned around
and reached into her bag and placed what looked like a roll of cloth
and strings on the bed next to her dress.

She reached into her bag again and produced a number of cuffs and
straps. She attached cuffs to each of her wrists and ankles and
placed straps at the top of the calf of each leg. Last of all she
removed a chevron collar and leash from her bag. These she placed in
her teeth and then she crawled on hands and knees to place them at Lance’s
feet. She knelt in the proper pleasure slave position: kneeling well
back on her heels, her back erect, her knees spread wide, her hands
resting palm up on her thighs, her gaze focused on her master’s
crotch. He quickly collared her and attached the leash. He looked at
me and said: “I think we’re ready for snacks now, shall we eat? I was
so busy admiring Gina’s beautiful body, I couldn’t do anything more than
nod in agreement.

Lance and I walked over to the table, while Gina followed on all fours behind
Lance. He and I sat at the table while Gina knelt at his side. Lance looked at
me and said: “We could make a long production out of this. I kind of
enjoy feeding her by hand, but how about if the three of us just eat
normally?” I think we all laughed as I managed to stammer out: “Yes!
Ahhh, certainly! Ahhh, yes, that would be fine…” I was so busy
admiring Gina’s body that I was only one moment away from drooling and
certainly not thinking coherently. You can read about it, but seeing
a happily collared slave respond so quickly and willingly is another
thing entirely. Gina laughed at me and told me to relax, as she took a
seat between us.

And then we ate and drank perfectly normally, except that Lance and I were
fully dressed and Gina was even more exposed than if she had been naked.
I know that, at the start, I responded to questions from Lance and tried
to be witty, but my eyes were going buggy trying to focus on both Gina’s
pierced nipples and her shaved and bejeweled pussy at the same time.
Eventually I began to relax and the conversation was as wonderful as
it had been at the previous dinner. When we came to dessert, I
suggested combining Gina with my chocolate pudding, but Lance had other
ideas. He said: “I like the idea, but let’s start with something
else. We should save that pudding for a little later. If we do it
right, you’ll both enjoy it more.”

Lance asked Gina to place the emptied dishes in the hallway. I noticed she
blushed all the way down to her nipples. Apparently no one was going
by in the hallway, so she had nothing to worry about. Lance suggested
that he and I strip down to our shorts, now that it was playtime. He
ordered Gina back onto all fours in the middle of the room. When we two
men were ready he moved Gina’s bag closer to where she awaited our
pleasure. He knelt beside her and gave her a couple of playful swats
on the fanny. She didn’t break position in the slightest.

He looked at me and said: “Gina tells me you’re into anal, or at least
you wish you were? Why don’t we get her cleaned out a little before
we go any further?” He then produced a small disposable enema (the
drug store kind) from Gina’s bag and proceeded to administer it to her.
I could hear soft moans from her as the last of the enema entered her.
Lance left the bottle hanging out of her anus and ordered her to “Get rid
of it and clean yourself up afterwards. Use a wash cloth!” She was
up immediately and scurried into the bathroom. When she returned he
ordered her back to position and proceeded to administer a second
enema. He explained: “The second one’s a mineral oil enema. Cleans
and lubricates in one pass. What’ll they think of next?” Gina’s moans
were considerably more audible with this second enema. Lance continued:
“I would love to spank her with this one in her, but I don’t want to
even think about the mess.” Again, he left the nozzle of the empty
bottle filling her anus. “You know”, he said, “I think a good blowjob
might be possible though. Would you like to let her try?” When I
didn’t move immediately, he caught Gina’s eye and said: “Well maybe
you’re right. In this position, I wouldn’t want anything to leak out
and get all over her pussy. We can have plenty of fun in a couple of
minutes.” Again he directed her to empty and clean herself and
return. This time she giggled her way through a third glass of
champagne, when she returned.

Lance asked her: “Do you need to pee?” She said “No” and they both headed
over to the “roll” of cloth. It turned out to be a custom fitted
black corset. This wasn’t one of those teddy sets or merry widow
things. This was the real thing. It took both of them to get her
into it, properly. Once it was on, the effect was very exciting, I
must say. Her already trim waist was made even smaller, accentuating
her bared buttocks. Her naked breasts were supported but not covered
by the corset. Her nipples stood out, proudly waving their piercings.
When the process was complete she positioned herself on her hands and
knees at his feet again.

Lance removed another collar from her bag. While he was replacing her
previous collar with it, he told me: “This one’s a posture collar. I
think you’ll like the effect. It’s actually quite handy for oral
sex.” This latest collar was quite high and longer on the bottom than
the top. It forced Gina’s head up, so that the line from the base of her
throat to the tip of her chin was almost perfectly straight. Lance locked
her wrists together in front of her. Her arms had been straight out
and shoulder width apart, but while they were still straight, they
were now quite close together. He asked me, rhetorically: “What say
we try out a three point stance for a while, shall we? I mean, it
seems the perfect way to start out a threesome, doesn’t it?” When Gina
started to make some sort of remark, Lance reached into the bag. He came
up with a very lifelike dildo, complete with plastic testicles and
ordered her to “Open up!”. Filling her mouth with the dildo, he
explained to me: “She’s a bit of a mouthy sub, as I’m sure you’ve
noticed by now. You really have to keep her mouth as busy as
possible.” I thought I heard some sort of indignant remark from Gina,
but it came out as an unintelligible squeaky grunt.

Seemingly satisfied with his work to this point, Lance proceeded to remove
a spreader bar from Gina’s bag and directed her to spread her legs. He
quickly attached the spreader bar to d-rings on the straps above her
calf muscles. Referring to the spreader bar, he said to me: “I think
you’re a little shorter than I am. I have this set to put her ass at
exactly the right height for me. We can just spread her a little
wider to get the height right for you, if you would like? Actually
she doesn’t need the bar, she can hold position without it. I just
like removing her choice in the matter. Don’t you agree?” Definitely
a newbie to such arrangements, I could only nod my agreement.

Lance stepped back to admire his handiwork. “She seems a little tense to
me.” he said. “I think she needs a little warming up to calm her
down. Would you like to give her a little spanking? I think she
would really like that and while you’re busy at that end, I’ll see if
I can’t replace that dildo. Don’t sit there like a statue, come on
over and we’ll all play. I know she’ll enjoy it once you get

I was so excited I could hardly put one foot in front of the other,
but I didn’t want to crawl in front of Lance. I managed to walk the few
feet necessary and sank to me knees beside Gina. Lance had removed the dildo
and true to his words had replaced it, with his penis. He had placed
a chair in front the kneeling Gina and, while resting on the edge of it,
was amusing himself by dangling his penis in front of her, She would
capture him with her mouth and suckle him until he would pull away
from her and then they would repeat the process. I could see her
tongue playing along the underside of him when he pulled all the way
out. I assumed I was expected to spank her, but I couldn’t help but
yield to my first desires. I began to kiss and lick her ass and
pussy. I heard a definite whinny of surprise as my tongue passed over
her asshole. Lance stopped his game long enough to say: “Say, old boy, I
understand the urge, but I swear to you she’ll appreciate that a lot
more when everything down there is a little more sensitive.” He
pulled himself completely back from her mouth and said to her: “Just a
minute Gina!” and then to me: “I’ve got the very thing for you, old son.”
He left the chair and headed back to Gina’s bag.

As he rummaged around inside, he continued: “You look like the kind of
guy who watches late night cable. You must have seen Ona Zee and her
husband doing that “Real Sex” episode where they demonstrated a little
light B & D. Do you remember her favorite toy?” As a matter of fact,
I did, and I spoke up with: “The shoe stretcher, right?” Lance grinned and
as he fished one out of the Gina’s bag he drawled: “Riiight the first
time! Give the man a see-gahr! Or better yet, a shoe stretcher and a
fanny to use it on.” I took the shoe stretcher from him, handling it
like a loaded gun. Gina spoke up as Lance returned to his chair in front of
her: “Tell him to keep that thing moving. It really hurts if you keep
it in one place for too long, okay?” Lance looked at me and shrugged his
shoulders. He placed his rigid cock in her mouth and said to me: “See
what I told you, if you don’t keep her mouth full, she starts trying
to tell you how to do things. You just go ahead and she’ll let you
know if you’re doing something wrong.” To Gina he said: “Yo, honey,
you’re the one who wanted this scene. Remember? He’s just going to
have a little learning curve, no big deal. I’m right here.”

Lance then switched his technique and started running the full length of
his penis in and out of her mouth and throat. I guess I still looked
a little doubtful as Lance suggested: “Just start about two feet back and
bring it forward as fast and as hard as you can. Try to get as much
snap in your wrist as possible.” A terrified grunting and squealing
came from Gina at this suggestion. Before I could try it, Lance chuckled and
said: “Just kidding! NO! Don’t go there! Just hold it by the very
end, about six to eight inches away from her, at a right angle to her
ass, and then just snap her with it.”

I tried it and a small smacking sound filled my ears. “That’s it! Do
it again!” Lance encouraged me. I repeated the action, exactly. “That’s
it! Just relax and move it around. You can give her up to three or
four in the same spot, but not until you’ve covered the whole area.
Don’t make any part of her ass jealous of the rest. You know what I’m
saying here?” I proceeded to do my best to make the same motions
across the whole of her beautiful ass. “Now check to see if she’s
getting wet.” Lance suggested. As I started to put down the shoe
stretcher, he stopped me with: “No! No! That’s why you’ve got two
hands. Check her out with the other hand.” I gave her a few more
perfunctory swats and then started to try to insert a finger in her
vagina. “No! You don’t need to penetrate her yet, just rub her.” I
did my best to comply, but I’m a more than a little clumsy with my
left hand. “Gently!” Lance coached me. “You’re not trying to wring her
out, just caress her. If she’s wet you’ll know without a lot of
pressure. Just caress her like a little kitten. The contrast of
gentle caress and stinging swat can be something special.” I did my
best to alternate both gestures. Gina was no longer silent under my
ministrations. She was still taking the length of Lance’s penis on each
stroke, but her cries and grunts were no longer in time to his

Lance had more suggestions for me: “Don’t let her know when the next one
is coming. Make her wait for it and then almost overwhelm her with
it. You don’t have to check her every five strokes. Just when you
sense something has changed. Make her long for the blow as much as
she’s afraid of it. Make her skin crawl that you’re going to whack
her some more, but make her want it just as much.” We continued for a
little while longer, but it was obvious that I just wasn’t quite as in
tune with her responses as Lance was. He suggested: “I think I’m going
to come here pretty quick. Why don’t we switch ends at that point?”
And, having said that, he closed his eyes, buried his cock in her
throat and let go of what must have been a massive load. Either the
force of his ejaculation or the quantity (or both?) forced semen to
spill out of Gina’s mouth and it dripped off her chin onto the carpet.
Lance’s breathing returned slowly to normal and Gina kept herself motionless
as his cock slowly softened in her mouth. When he finally pulled out,
her tongue was busy trying to catch the semen that was still on her
chin. Lance knelt down and took her head in his hands. He kissed her
forehead and said: “You’ve been a good slut. Now you get to suck off
your stranger.”

Lance unclipped her wrists, took off the position collar and removed the
spreader bar. He suggested that he and I should trade places. Gina
asked if she could be tied spread eagled on the bed. I didn’t know
how to do that with a motel bed, but Lance quickly had her tied face down
in the requested position. He looked at me and said: “There’s plenty
of room, you don’t need to go without. Sit up at the head of the bed,
put your legs under her arms and lift up her head so she can get a
mouthful of your dick.” While Gina was trying to explain to me how to
get into position, Lance pulled out a five foot length of braided leather
at the end of a short wooden handle. ‘Is that a bull whip?” I asked,
somewhat amazed. “Well, yes and no.” Lance said, “It’s properly called a
single tail. Normally we use a little bit bigger one, but it’s the
right size for a hotel room. I don’t mind telling you it took quite a
while to learn the use of this implement. Did you know that if you’ve
done a good job of warming her up, she may be able to come just from
the impact of this whip?” He smiled at my look of disbelief and
suggested: “You get her mouth going and I’ll warm up her other end
some more. By the time you’re fucking her up the ass, she should be
just about in continuous orgasm… Speaking of which, she could use a
little something up her ass right now!” He reached into the bag and
produced a 6 inch butt plug, which he proceeded to lubricate and
gently push home in her beautiful ass.

My erection had waxed and waned through this whole process but was
respectably semi-hard as I presented it for Gina’s oral attention. She
inosculated it with no hesitation at all. I hadn’t had a blowjob for
years. I had forgotten how warm and wonderful it could be. Her
tongue played along the underside of my cock. Her cheeks hollowed
when she applied suction. The ‘O’ of her lips slipped up and down my
shaft. A little more of me disappeared into her mouth on each
downward trip. I wanted to come immediately and I wanted it to last
forever. She continued to take more and more of me into her mouth,
until I could begin to feel myself hitting the back of her throat. In
a few more strokes I was past that and into her throat. No woman had
ever done that more than once for me without gagging. Don’t get me
wrong, I’m not that huge. I’m very average in size. It’s just that
the woman who can truly do deep throat is, in my experience, as rare
as the guy who actually has the ten inch dick he brags about. Gina was
deep throating me repeatedly with only an occasional gagging sound. I
was sure I was going to come in seconds. Lance distracted me by
suggesting: “Let her get warmed up like that and then you can show her
what rhythm you want.” I assured him she was doing just fine and I
didn’t need a rhythm change.

And then Lance struck. It was an almost casual blow across her right
buttock. Her mouth flew open and then closed a second later. She
breathed around my cock, just holding it with her lips. (She never
touched me with her teeth. I’m telling you she’s good!) Then she
returned to the oral pleasuring she had been giving me. And Lance struck
again. My cock had been all the way down her throat. She made a high
pitched bleating sound and had to pull back to just holding me again.
In a few moments she returned to her oral task again. Then Lance struck
for a third time and I let go with a load of semen into her mouth. Lance
quickly tossed me a towel. “Put that under her mouth” he said. He
looked justifiably proud as he informed me: “She doesn’t have
permission to swallow anybody’s come but mine.” Gina finished spitting
out my come and then started to suckle me again. It was embarrassing,
but I had to tell her I needed a time out, before I could be ready to
go again.

Gina smiled up at me and asked: “Are you okay with everything that’s
happening here? You don’t look comfortable. I can see you closing
your eyes each time Lance uses the single tail. Lance and I kind of talked
this scene through last night, but there was no way to include you in
that.” “Well,” I said, “You’ve told me about most of this but it’s
just a little hard to adjust to the reality. I’m really envious of
Lance’s control over you, and you are tremendous, but I’m having some
trouble handling this last part.”

She said, “You know I really do understand. Lance had problems with this
at first too. It goes against what society says. ‘Never hit a
woman.’ ‘Treat all women as ladies.’ ‘BE gentle.’ Well, screw that.
There is a big difference between abuse and consensual SM. I
certainly don’t want to have some man, or woman for that matter, beat
me up. But I do like to have my ass, my legs, my breasts and
sometimes even my pussy whipped, spanked, clamped and tortured. It
turns me on something fierce. I’m a real, honest to God, slave slut.”

She paused for a moment’s breath and stretched her neck. She went on:
“I’m not like the women most men meet much less marry. That’s because
I’m the type of woman that most men fantasize about but don’t believe
exists outside of their dreams and Penthouse. Do you ever dream of
having a woman to use anyway you like, be it different positions,
oral, swallowing, anal or even SM? Most women would treat me like
scum for being willing, no not just willing…, desiring, no…
begging to be used in this manner. Though I bet many of them would be
willing to tease you, make you hard and then say ‘NO!’ and you would
have to stop. You could spend all your money on her, and give her all
your love, and build a warm safe place for her. Then, maybe, she
would let you have sex with her, but only on her terms. Isn’t that
the way society says it should be? These superior little wives won’t
even talk about the things I beg to do for my husband.”

She paused for breath. She had been looking up at me, but now she
craned her neck until she could lock eyes with Lance. I must admit I felt
a pang of envy as I saw the love that was so evident. She spoke
proudly: “But I don’t want a wimpy little husband. I want my husband
to also be my master. I need him to show me that he loves me enough
to own me and even discipline me if I need it. I want him to know he
can fuck me like a whore and whip me till we are both exhausted and I
can’t take anymore. He can give me away to be used by someone else
and I’ll gladly come back to him on my knees and offer him everything
I have and everything I am and beg him to do it all again.”

Lance kissed her on the forehead and said to me: “It took me a while to
adjust to the whole idea. The thing you’ve got to keep in mind is
that this is not “PAIN” as such for her. In the right conditions and
with the right people, this is, like…, really intense stimulation
for her. In some scenes we’ve done, I’ve seen her orgasm almost to
the point of going into shock. She was enjoying this right now with
you and me and that’s pretty special. Do you mind if we go a little
further, with you just watching? I mean, if this is really freaking
you, we can quit right now.”

I asked: “Do you mind if I just watch, would that be okay?” Lance smiled
and asked Gina: “What’s that Minnesota thing he says all the time?” “You
bet!” she said. He smiled again and said: “Well there’s your answer.”
I found a place where I could watch the action without being in the
way and plunked into a chair. Lance had wandered over to the tape player.
He selected a tape and pushed the play button. The room was filled
with the sounds of the new age group “ENIGMA.” “The perfect music for
this.” he said, “She really gets off on this in “sub mode.”

As they restarted the scene, he talked her through a dialogue. Lance
would ask: “What kind of a woman wants to suck off a strange man she
met on the net?” She would reply: “A slut.” Then he would ask: “And
do you want to suck him off?” She would say: “Yes, Sir.” and he would
ask: “Then what kind of woman are you?” She would say: “I’m a slut,
Sir.” “What kind of a slut are you?” he would ask again and she would
reply: “I’m a slut who sucks off men I’ve met on the Internet, Sir.”
“And whose slut are you?” he would demand and she would reply: “I’m
your slut, Sir!” This went on for some time and had several
variations on the words slave, slut, and whore, and various sexual
acts. Interestingly the dialogue, no matter how involved, always came
down to: “Whose are you?” and “I’m yours!” It was degrading and
dominating in one way and yet, in both the verbal abuse and the
whipping that followed, I know I was privileged to watch two people
indulging in an extremely personal act. This had to be the result of
many, many hours of intimate communication.

I guess I should apologize to the real BDSM fans in the newsgroup, who
would like more detail at this point. I know he used a single tail
and a horse hair and a flogger, but I couldn’t give you the fine
points of each one. I can tell you she writhed and cried out,
repeatedly, under his blows. At one point he used a short leather
strap to actually whip her pussy. I wouldn’t have believed it, if I
hadn’t seen it myself. He definitely knew what she needed and where
she needed it. Lance would never interrupt the rhythm of his blows, but
he would point out to me when different areas of her flesh began to
shiver, anticipating the blow, and when she was having an orgasm from
the beatings. The latter happened at least once with each type of
whip. When he used the short leather strap on her cunt lips, he
played her like a musical instrument. I know that’s a cliché, but I
don’t know any other way to describe it. She had at least two orgasms
from that alone. He seemed to know when she needed more and when to
switch to the next implement. She was required to kiss the handle of
each when he was done, as well as to kiss the tip of his penis and say
“Thank you, Sir!” He placed a penis gag on her, part of the time, to
keep the noise down. She did seem better off with something in her

When the whipping was done, Lance said: “It’s time for a change of pace
now.” He removed her gag and released her from her restraints. She
was still moaning and shaking, but definitely horny as hell. Lance asked
me: “Where did you put that pudding? Are you still up for licking
that off of her? I think that would be just about perfect right now.”
We untied her, removed the butt plug, and let her stretch for a while.
Lance and I had a lot of fun putting pudding on various parts of her body
and licking and nibbling it off of her. He held back and let me be
the one to eat her pussy. He told me to make sure I let her feel my
teeth now and then. I knew she had mentioned this in her e-mails as a
preference, so I did my best. I sure don’t appreciate a woman using
her teeth on me, but… And I think I did okay. Lance kissed her on the
mouth and played with her nipples (takes practice to do it right, when
they’re pierced) while I nibbled and slurped on her labia and
clitoris. She seemed to really enjoy my mouth on her clitoris, two
fingers in her pussy, and my little finger up her ass. I know I
enjoyed doing it. When my tongue finally wore out, it was time to
switch positions again.

Lance asked me if I was ready for a piece of ass now. Before I could
answer, Gina spoke up to ask: “Lance, may I speak freely to him?” Lance nodded
and she continued: “This isn’t a guaranteed thing, you know. I can
do anal with Lance, and you know I love it, but I have trouble being
fucked in the ass by other people. It can be really painful and I
don’t mean that in a good way. I don’t get into it and it just plain
hurts like hell.”

Lance’s response was to take her chin in his hand and tip her head up to
look at him. “Do you really want to do this? All week long you were
telling me how just thinking about this was getting you so hot. Now,
I think I’ve got an idea on this, but you don’t have to do anything
you don’t want.”

“I want to try. I really want to! Will you please let him try to
fuck me in the ass, Sir?” she asked.

Lance looked over at me and asked: “You up for this?” I said: “If Gina is
willing to try, I’d really like to. We can quit anytime if it’s not
working out. I’m not into pain, as I guess we all know, by now.”

Still holding her chin, Lance put his face close to hers and said: “This
isn’t going to be a pain thing. You can take a butt plug up your ass,
while you’re sucking me off. You can take him there.” He looked over
at me out of the corner of his eye. “You ever played the part of a
butt plug before?” he asked me. “No”, I said “But I’m really up for
it.” indicating my returning erection.

“Okay!”, he said “Why don’t you scoot back up on the bed again and
just lie on your back.” He reached into the bag again and tossed me a
condom. “Please put this on, if you don’t mind?” he added. I
assured him it was fine by me and caught a tube of lube he tossed to
me. Once I was properly bagged, I added a few strokes by hand to firm
myself up just that little extra. Lance directed Gina to take a position on
her knees, straddling me, while facing my feet. He stood on the bed
and placed his penis in her mouth. He told her: “Now, just reach
behind you and put that plug in your butt. Take it easy and go down
on it real slow… real… slow.” She reached behind her and found my
erection readily. She placed the head of my penis against her little
starfish rosette and began to very slowly descend.

I could feel her anus almost nibbling at the head of my penis and then
suddenly I was in. My glans had cleared the sphincter muscle. She
stopped at that point and Lance became more active in her mouth. She
moved down and took the next half inch. And then the next, and the
next, until, some time later, my pubic hairs were tickling her butt.
She sank the last half inch with a sigh. She rested for a moment. I
was in heaven. Her ass was hot and tight. Unlike some women whose
asses only grab at the sphincter muscle, she surrounded my entire
length with a warm velvet fist. I would have been happy to stay there
and just enjoy the sensation of my penis being fully surrounded by a
willing woman’s ass.

Lance’s next direction was: “Now pull off that butt plug and, as you do,
take more of me in your mouth.” Slowly, agonizingly slowly Gina rose off
of me and more of Lance’s penis penetrated her mouth. When she was half
way up my length, Lance suggested she switch directions, until I was
totally ensconced in her hot clenching guts again. Then we repeated
the in and out with just a little longer stroke. And again, until she
inserted two fingers in her snatch on the downstroke and I was pretty
sure we were good to go.

Lance backed off and asked her: “Do you still need my help? Can you take
it from here?” She shook her head, as if to clear it. “Ohhh,
yeahhh… It’s gooood now!” she panted. She rode up and down on me,
twice more, in the motion we had established. Then suddenly she
dropped herself full upon me, grinding her buttocks into my groin.
She moved her ass like it was riding on ball bearings and played her
fingers in and out of her pussy. Then she returned to the up and down
strokes on my penis, keeping her fingers still. She alternated
between these motions several times, until she added a third.

The next time she was grinding her groin into me, she pulled her knees
up and placed her feet flat on the bed and then rocked forward,
spreading her legs, to place her formerly idle hand on my knee. In
this new position, which gave a new meaning to tightness, she began to
rapidly stroke up and down on my penis. Her breathing was rapid and
shallow, in time to her up and down rhythm. I remembered what she had
said about stimulation and tried a tentative swat at her ass. Her
response was: “Shit! Fuck! Yes! Oh, Yes! HARDERRRR!” I did my
best to comply while she rode up and down on me and rested while she
ground herself into me.

Having come once already I was slow in approaching orgasm, this time.
The stress she had already been through began to show on Gina as her legs
became more and more tired. She did her best to ram my prick into her
ass and her fingers into her pussy. Her desire was no less, just the
ability to continue to ride me was limited. Lance noticed her beginning
to flag and quickly tossed three pillows, piled on top of each other,
next to my thighs.

“Roll her over onto that!” he told me. We did as he suggested and
wound up in a doggy style position, her ass the highest part of her
and her face and shoulders on the bed. Lance crawled onto the bed and
placed his penis back in her mouth. He looked at me and said: “Don’t
try to stretch it out, just go for it now.” I grabbed a handful of
thigh in each hand and drilled into her ass. Her fingers were busy in
her pussy and the heel of her hand was scrubbing her clitoris. I
rocked back and forth in her ass like a wild man. Every few strokes I
would smack her ass and then grab hold of her thighs to fuck her all
the harder.

It couldn’t last forever and it didn’t. All of a sudden I was coming
in her ass. A feeling I had almost forgotten overwhelmed me and I had
to choke back a shout. My strokes slowed as I tried to bury myself in
her ass. I quickly became too sensitive to keep going and had to
stop. I could feel myself shrinking and with her fingers removed from
her snatch, I was squeezed out of her ass. I looked over at Lance and
asked: “Did you come, yet?” He shook his head and whispered: “Don’t
worry about it. It’s not a problem.” Gina, still breathing hard, spoke
up: “How about me. Don’t you want to know if I came, yet?” With a
certain amount of trepidation, I asked: “Okay, did you come, yet?”

She gently pushed me off to one side of the pillow pile and rolled
herself to the other. She gave me a great big grin and grabbed a hold
of Lance’s still erect penis. ‘You better believe I did. That was
fucking fantastic. I haven’t come like that for at least a couple of
days!” and she flashed a big grin up at Lance. “I don’t think I could
take another buttfucking tonight though.” she panted. I looked down
at my now completely flaccid penis and said: “I don’t think that’s a
problem either. It was great, but I’m done for the night.” We rested
and hugged and reassured each other it had been great.
And eventually it was time for them to go. Gina packed up their things
and put her dress back on. Lance made ready to haul the bags as Gina was
looking a little worse for the wear. Gina gave me a big hug and a kiss
goodbye. I presented her with the panties I had treasured all week
and explained that I didn’t think it would be appropriate to bring the
home with me. I reassured her they were a most generous and exciting
gift, but that I couldn’t keep them.

I recounted the story of the two men in the locker room. The first
man is putting on panty hose over his briefs and the second man says:
Hey guy, how long have you been wearing panty hose? The first man
says: “Ever since my wife found them in my glove compartment.”

She gave me another kiss and a hug and said she understood. Lance shook
my hand and added: “You know this is the three month anniversary of
those pussy piercings. We’ve had to take it real easy on her labia,
until they were healed. This is how we decided to celebrate her full
recovery. I’ve been living on blowjobs and buttfucking for three
months and, tonight, I’m going to fuck my wife’s pussy. I hope you
don’t take this personally, but you’re not invited.” Gina said rather
tiredly: “Lance, I’m just about wiped out. I’m not going to be any good
by the time we get home. I think I need a rain check. Please?”

Lance laughed and said: “That’s why we’re in the room across the hall. I
made a reservation for us, before we came here tonight. Weekends are
inexpensive in these places and, with his computer convention over,
there’s no shortage of rooms. I packed your jeans and a blouse and I
threw in your travel kit, so you’ve got enough stuff to make it for
breakfast tomorrow and to drive home.” He looked at me and, in way of
explanation said: “We sometimes have to travel for business on short
notice, so we each keep a bag packed with the necessities. Otherwise,
I wouldn’t have a clue what makeup and stuff she needs, but it’s all
done for me. I just had to throw it in a case with a change of socks
and undies. Actually, she hardly ever wears panties anyway.” He
paused for a moment and then continued: “The kids already knew we
weren’t going to be home. They called out for pizza tonight and, if
we don’t get home right in time for lunch, they aren’t gonna starve.”

He pulled a room keycard out of his pocket and presented it to Gina. He
looked her in the eye and said: “I’m planning to start spending some
quality time with your pussy in the next ten minutes. There’s
supposed a bottle of champagne waiting for us and I intend to share it
with you. So give him another hug if you need to and shag your butt
out that door. If you’re having trouble getting motivated, I can pull
out that single tail in a hurry.”

Her response was to give him a hug. She said: “Oh honey, what a
wonderful surprise.” I got another hug from her and a quick kiss and
she pranced out the door, as if the past hours hadn’t even happened.
Lance shook my hand one more time and then shouldered their bags. On his
way out the door, he stopped to say: “She had a pretty good time. I
even think you were starting to get the hang of that shoe stretcher.
I not making any promises, but if you get back in the area again, let
us know. Maybe we can get together for dinner again… at our
place… and who knows…? BYE!”

And they were gone. I got a copy of the video tape they had made a
few weeks later. The note said they were sending it to my business
address for discretion’s sake and hoped I would enjoy looking back on
the session as much as they did. That Lance is full of surprises. I
hadn’t noticed the little video camera until they were packing up. I
haven’t made up my mind on whether to keep the tape around or not. It
would make a terrific impact on a divorce trial but, ohhh the pleasure
it gives to relive that time over and over.

And I’m invited to see them again next fall. I don’t know that
anything more than dinner will come of it, but “It Could Happen!”
Life is good!

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