Who Is Cheating On Who

February 17, 2008 – 10:00 am

While my wife and I were stationed in the Southwest
with the military, I had a 4-month affair with an
attractive married woman that lived nearby. At that
time, Min-jung, my Korean wife was double shifting as a
waitress at a local Asian restaurant. Min-jung, who
goes by an American adopted name, “Min,” finally found
out about the affair when she found a hickey on my

I admitted everything to her and she went into a rage.
I couldn’t blame the affair on anything except the fact
I needed sex and Min was too tired, too stressed all
the time, and my illicit partner was as ready as I was.
(“Mary” and I both had had great sex over the time of
the affair).

Min and I had both just turned 30 (only months apart)
when the affair ended. Min was at the peak of her
sexual attractiveness (in my opinion) at that time. At
the time, she had long black hair that made her look
like a teenage schoolgirl. Her 34c tits and long eraser
nipples made her stand out from other flatter-chested
Asians. She still has the roundest ass and nicest
bubble butt around. And she is only 5’0 and 103lbs.

Immediately after the affair, our communications
obviously broke down; Min began drinking while hanging
out with friends and also began gambling; something I
did not understand about her.

Since Min was at home less, the phone calls began to
come again from my mistress just down the street. We
didn’t resume having sex because her husband had become
suspicious and I really wanted it to stop. One night
Min came home and caught me flushing a sexy note just
received from Mary. Min got it out of the commode and
read it aloud to me. It stated that (Mary) had been
wanting me for weeks. Min tore the note up and threw
it at me.

Min would not say a word to me again until that
weekend. That’s when she came home drunk early Saturday
a.m. and wanted sex. I wanted it too but everything
seemed strange about her. She didn’t sound right or
look at all right but and she was sexually and verbally
aggressive. The next morning, I found out why…

While Min was showering, I checked her car and found
light scratches on both drivers and passenger side
doors along with some mud on the front air dam.
(Usually the car is kept very clean). I got inside and
smelled alcohol and cigarette smoke. Min didn’t smoke.
Checking the back seat, I found what I hoped I
wouldn’t; along with some small plastic cups and an
empty pint bottle of Crown Royal, was an empty condom
pack. Also, towards the edge of the rear seat floor was
some used tissue paper and a pair of Min’s black
bikini panties. They were damp. I just wanted to die.

I walked into the house, slamming the door and
confronted Min immediately, not with my voice but with
my eyes. She knew what I was there about. She wouldn’t
say a word so I just stared. Finally she opened up.
“You know, right? Just like you do.” (Min spoke in
broken English; it became more broken when she was
excited or mad). I nodded and she continued; “I paid
you back good.” My face turned red from anger as she
went on. “I’m so happy I did it, I love to fuck, you
know that?” I just looked at her letting her blow it
all out. Min got louder, “He is a customer at
restaurant, he wanted me for 5 months, but I did not do
until you did it again with her. He was sooo good, he
knows how to eat my pussy and fuck. He make me cum so
hard.” That was it, I had to leave and quickly.

I went outside, slamming the door. I ran for blocks,
after 20 minutes, the run still felt like nothing. I
ran as long as I could and then once out of breath,
began to walk. As I walked and caught my breath, my
mind went through periods of rage, depression, and I
even began to cry. I finally figured it out, it wasn’t
her, and it was I. I’d caused the entire situation. I
slowly began to walk home.

Min and I didn’t talk to each other for several days,
we both went our separate ways and I began thinking
that divorce was the only way out. But for some reason,
I rejected the idea. It we were going to divorce, it
wouldn’t be by me.

Several weeks passed with us just having casual
conversations. I began sending her flowers at work and
began pampering her. Soon, Min regained some of her
trust, at least enough of it to talk about it.

A couple of week passed and we had our 7th anniversary
dinner. We both hardly ate but talked a lot. After I
gave her a pair of diamond earrings. I told her I was
through with the affair, totally. Min welled up with
tears and told me she hated not talking.

We both fell in love with each other at that point and
had some great sex that night. For some reason though,
while we had sex, I thought about Min with her lover,
how he wanted her and what they did. I fucked Min
harder and harder as I thought about Min moaning to
another mans touch, to cum with another mans cock in
her. When I came, I moaned out loud and Min quickly

Three weeks later, I received a military overseas
assignment to England. We were both surprised and
happy. I think Min was also relieved to get away from
our source of our troubles, my former girlfriend just
down the street.

We really liked our new assignment. We moved outside
the base in a wooded area and found the climate and
culture much to our liking. Min decided to take on a
job at the base first as a temporary bar waitress and
then as a dayshift food waitress. She gained some new
friends, some of them British; others were Korean,
Filipino and Thai.

While working as a bar waitress, Min told me about men
flirting with her at the club. I verified this by
sneaking in at the club around 11pm on a Friday. Min
was wearing her short barmaid costume with fishnet
hose. She looked hot. Guys were tipping her and trying
to put their hands around her. I left before she
spotted me. That night, Min told me how the guys were
onto her; she seemed to sense the excitement I felt.
This usually led to sex where Min continued telling me
about their advances. I guess it was a means of verbal
foreplay; anyway, it worked every time.

Once Min took on the role of food waitressing she
gained a new uniform. On certain days she had to wear a
short black skirt, dark stockings and a white
transparent top. She would usually wear a white bra,
sometimes a black one inside.

Min’s tits seemed to look larger in that outfit and
her bubble butt was all but hidden by the tight fabric
of her short stretch skirt. I went into the club at
lunch once where she served some of my new associated
and I from work. I was still fairly new at the base and
the guys with me didn’t know my wife was the waitress.
As soon as she took our drink order and left, one of
the guys said, “Man, I’d like get a hold of that for a
night or two.” We all laughed. Another guy said, “I’d
like to order those melons now honey.” I saw what the
second comment was about when Min returned, the air
conditioner was running pretty cold in the restaurant
and Min’s nipples were poking out through her thin
black bra.”

The more I thought about those comments, the more
turned on I got. I no longer felt jealousy towards her
but was rather turned on by all the comments and
flirting looks that Min received. Min came home from
a late shift a week later and told me an older customer
from the club knew me. Sure enough, it was Allen; he
was a defense contactor.

We had worked together in the states on similar
programs. Allen was a divorcee, about 53 and in pretty
good shape for his age. Allen usually flew in about
three weeks per quarter, so we began to get together
every now and then at the club. Though we had never
really close friends because of our age difference, we
seemed to like the same things. Soon, I found out we
had more in common than I thought.

Min told me that Allen was flirting with one of her
Korean friends at work. He became persistent with his
advances; on his next quarterly trip he was only to
find out that Min’s friend had just moved back to the
states. Min hesitantly tried to help Allen make phone
contact with her friend, but the girl would not risk
talking to him when she was already married. Allen then
turned to Min.

Min later told me Allen had repeatedly asked her to go
to dinner. I didn’t know what to say although the
thought of her going with him didn’t offend me, after
all, I knew him. Allen and I chatted soon after that
while we were having a couple of beers at the club.
Since neither of us had eaten, we both felt the effects
of the Guinness draft we were putting down.

Allen said he had been married to an American woman for
several years and had just gone through a difficult
divorce. Allen began spouting four-letter words as he
continued to drink. He said his ex had really fucked
him with the divorce and he now hated American women.
He said he was very attracted to Asian women and just
wanted to feel what it was like to hold a conversation
with one and enjoy a little time with someone like
Min. He also blurted out, “Min is beautiful and has a
dynamite body, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

I just quickly said, “I understand Allen, no problems
here, it’s up to you two if you want to go out
sometime.” I couldn’t believe my own response.

After Allen returned on his next trip to England he
hired Min to clean the apt he and his co-worker, Bob
used during their trips. The two-story cottage they
shared was just 3 blocks from our own apt cottage. Min
cleaned the apt between Allen’s trips and on the
weekdays during her time off from the club. He gave her
a key and she took good care of it. Min told me of
Allen’s hobbies, besides work, Allen liked investing in
the stock market and enjoyed amateur photography. Since
we lived in a remote area, close to the woods, he took
plenty of photos there.

The trip in the late summer was to be a long one for
Allen. Also his roommate was overlapping his trip with
Allen. Soon, Min came to me again and told me, “Allen
wants to go out on a date.” I asked Min what she
wanted. She said, “it’s just dinner.” I said “ok.” Min
dressed nicely and was gone for several hours. I
nervously waited to watch Allen walk her to the
curb/sidewalk in front of the house. Min was all
smiles when she came in although a little nervous. We
talked about it; it all seemed harmless. Her being on
that date without me knowing the details somehow
excited me. We then had sex for over an hour.

A few days later, Min showed me some photos Allen had
taken with his new digital camera. Some were of the
wooded area nearby. They featured some natural scenery,
birds, etc. others were of Min wearing her summer
dress. She looked hot in it. Allen and Min dated a
couple of more times during Allen’s Summer trip. In
between dates, I chatted with Allen at the club and
reassured him the “dating” thing was ok.

Allen became more at ease with me and even began
calling Min while he was back in the states awaiting
his next deployment.

As Min and Allen continued to date, I found things
were changing between us. We both were beginning to
drink. I was drinking at the club and at home alone.
Min was dating Allen more frequently, partying some
with her friends and coming home later and a little
more intoxicated each time.

One fall night, during dinner, Min took a surprise
phone call from Allen; he had just gotten back in after
two months at home. Min got into a sexy red short
sweater dress with a wide black belt that made her tits
stick out. She looked so hot in her dress and stiletto
leather boots. She had fishnets on too. She said she
had to meet Allen and left at 7:30pm.

I drank a few glasses of wine, and then drifted in and
out of sleep as I watched the window past midnight. At
1:30, I couldn’t sleep; I started to call her cell
twice but hung the phone up before it completely
dialed. I then followed through on calling her, no
answer… “What was going on?!” At 2:05, Min stumbled
in the door. I pretended to be asleep and peeked out at
her silhouette as she wobbled through the bathroom
door. I smelled alcohol in the room. They must have
been to the casino /bar in town.

While Min was in the bathroom, the bathroom door had
swung slightly open. I peeked at Min taking something
from her purse in the bathroom mirror; it was her bra!
She was pulling it from her purse and putting it in the
clothes hamper. I said nothing but didn’t sleep that
night. Min didn’t say anything either in the morning
as if she was avoiding me. Usually we had casual
conversations about her dates but not this time. Min
went to work early the next day and I found her key to
Allen’s apt. I wanted to look around, perhaps find out
what was up.

I had to go to work in a few hours myself. I casually
walked to Allens apt and made sure no one was at home.
Perhaps, his roommate Bob was around, I didn’t know.
I nervously used the key; it took a few seconds to get
in. They had some nice furniture in the living room,
impressive for a rental. There in the center of the
room sat a huge velvety crème-colored couch with lots
of pillows. Another matching lounge chair was just
adjacent to it. In the center was a glass table with
some bonsai plants, candles and candies in a small jar.

There was also a bar cart nearby. It had many different
brands and types of alcohol on the top shelf. I could
smell a little bit of alcohol emanating from the cart.
I decided to go upstairs. I looked in both bedrooms and
found Allen’s digital camera on a nightstand in the
larger one; it had to be his room. The room had tinted
glass, nice drapes for a rental and a huge four-poster
antique styled bed. Very nice. I sat on the edge of the
bed and looked around. On the lamp table was a bottle
of baby oil and aloe Vera skin lotion along with some
tissue paper. I wondered if Allen did a lot of jerking

I saw a video cam recorder on a table back behind the
light and it was in “charge” mode. There was a TV just
across from the side of the bed on a table. Next to the
TV were a laptop computer and a photo printer. I
decided to look around some more. I opened the drawers
of his bureau slowly. I found more oils; some old 35mm
film and some porno magazines, they were mostly
oriental mags.

I looked through the first one, none of the girls were
particularly pretty, but most of the girls had nice
bodies, nice tits and Asses. Towards the bottom of the
pile, I found some bondage magazines; these too were
mostly featuring Asian girls. Many of them were bound
in rope and dressed in fetish leather, exposing their
tits. Some of them were ball gagged, nipple clamped,
etc. He was jerking off aright. I also got a little
excited from the mags too. I guess Allen and I both had
an Asian fetish.

I began to go through the middle drawer when I found
them; two shoe boxes. They felt like they were full. I
pulled out the first box and saw a huge pile of real
pictures. They were of Min! I pulled up the first pile
and saw her nicely dressed outdoors in different
outfits from the dates they had been on. She looked
great like a fashion model. So photogenic! Some of the
shorts and sundresses she wore were pretty risqué I
didn’t think she would pose like that.

I got to the second pile and saw photos of her inside
Allen’s apt this time. At the beginning, she was
standing near some of his plants in nice poses. She
also was holding a mixed drink in a couple of the
shots. Nothing was out of the ordinary there. She also
sat on the couch in one occasion with her drink as if
in a “cheers” mode.

I pushed the box carefully back into place and pulled
the other box open. I found Min again in the first
pile. She was wearing the red sweater dress from just a
few nights ago. She did some posing outside against a
large tree and then near a pond. She looked so sexy and
seemed to know exactly how to pose. Allen had to be
coaching her poses.

I looked towards the back of the box and found more
pics of Min, now in the apt and in the same dress. She
did some poses in front of a large mirror and then
moved to the couch. Now she had a decanter of something
in front of her on the table and she was sipping from a
large glass. As I went through the pictures, I saw her
making several poses on the sofa. Using the pillows to
make her back arc and snuggling up to them during some
of the shots.

Then, I grabbed the last pile of pictures in the box.
Min was taking off her boots. Then she laid back on
the sofa her fishnet stocking foot was pointed and
slightly caressing the other leg as she peered into the
lens. I could tell from her facial expressions she was
getting drunk. Next to the whiskey decanter was a
bottle of Jose Cuero Tequila along with a bowl of
lemons. A shot glass and saltshaker were also present
on the table.

As I continued looking at the pictures, my cock began
to harden. Min took more shots with her dress hiked up
to the edge of her panty. She sat up for the next one
with her legs slightly open as she toasted her drink
with a smile. Allen then took shots of laying back and
pulling her hose down her legs. In the next shots they
were gone and Min had her dress hiked up again. Then
she had lost her belt and the dress was pulled all the
way up over her panty, exposing her black mesh thong to
Allen. He took shots of her like that with her turned
to and from him. Her ass looked so hot!

My fingers shook with each turn of a photo now. My cock
was raging hard in my pants. I rubbed my cock briefly
through my pants. I was so horny! Next, Min was shown
standing and taking off the dress. She was sitting with
her matching transparent mesh black panty and bra on
the center of the couch and toasting drunkenly with the
shot glasses once again. Her nipples were showing
through the thin mesh black bra and a hint of her pussy
was evident through the thong panty.

Allen then took several shots of Min in the two-piece
in several positions. She was beautiful with her long
black hair draped over her shoulder. There were many
with her hugging a pillow while she was lying on her
stomach. Her ass was fully exposed because of the
thong. She looked so sexy with her pretty feet in the
air. That was the last of the pictures in the box. I
began to look for more.

Down in the bottom drawer, I found lingerie. Inside,
there were a couple of scanty bikinis, baby doll
outfits and strappy stiletto shoes, all Min’s size.
Many sets of panties in different colors and cut were
there too. I picked up a black thong and sniffed it, it
was Min’s all right, and I could smell her pussy
perfume immediately.

I went to the nightstand again and found a single
drawer. Inside there were loose photos. Min was
modeling the lingerie I had found n the drawer. She
stood at the door with the yellow micro bikini and
stiletto black sandals. She turned to show her hot ass
in the next shot.

There were more pics of her by the door, this time in a
transparent red baby doll top and matching thong panty.
Her nipples were clearly visible through the erotic
fabric. She smiled for the camera. It was no longer a
question of whether they were fucking but rather how
much! I felt like I was going to cum without even
touching myself!

I walked over to the printer; there were more pictures
there along with a vhs-c cam tape. I loosened my pants
and rubbed my cock again before going on. Min was
leaning against the back of the lounge chair now and
nude. In the pic was Allen’s hand extending out the shot
glass to Min. She was trying to cover her tits and had
her legs clamped together. Then there was another pic
of Min with her slamming the shot down. There was also
a thick envelope sitting on the arm of the chair of
which she was sitting. Min was exposing her tits and
looking at the envelope.

I don’t know what the envelope was about but it seemed
to make a difference in the pictures that followed. The
very next picture showed Min with her legs draped over
the edge of each arm of the chair. Her pussy was wide
open. With just had a scant trace of pubic hair; I
could clearly see her moist pussy lips open for Allen
to see.

I immediately ran my hand over my cock through my
jeans. There were two more pics of her open like that,
one with her knees all the way back exposing her hairy
pussy and tight ass. Finally the last one was with her
in doggy position on the couch. Since there were no
more pictures, I began to look at the video camera on
the desk. It looked like it had a tape inside.

I picked it up and plugged the video input into the
front of the TV. I saw Min immediately, sitting nude
in the center of the couch. I stopped the camera and
pulled off all of my clothes, I was so fucking horny,
and I couldn’t stand it. I got some of the lotion and
spread it on my cock and balls and applied more to my
nipples. I pulled up a chair close to the TV and hit
the play button again.

Min was moving around the couch and Allen was coaching
her on while holding the camera. “Min open up.” He
taunted. Although she was drunk and naked, she was
resisting him. Then Min moved to the lounge chair just
like in the pictures. Allen had her take the Tequila
shot and Min parted her legs some. The camera zoomed
in quickly. Min kept singing playfully, “no, no no,
ha. Yes, yes, yes,” Allen answered back.

The envelope appeared and Allen said, “Remember the
money you lost? I know.” Min blurted out. You want it
back baby?


“Min there is double the money in here, but you have
to play.”

Min confessed, “I lost a lot of money Allen.”

“I know baby, it won’t happen again, I won’t let it.”

“Please Allen, I will pay it back.”

“If you do what we both want, there’s no need to pay it

“Allen, please, ok? What you want, I do it, ok?”

“Everything Min, I need everything.”

“Ok, Allen, I will.”



I began to stroke my nipples as the tape went on. “Min
open it up, let me see, that right.”

Min opened her legs wide open and smiled at Allen.
“Let’s see that pussy more and squeeze your tits.”

Min did as she was asked; her pussy was so wet. “Help
me with these baby.” The camera got closer as Min was
shown pulling at Allen’s belt. Soon, Allen showed his
clothes on the floor.

“You want to play Min?” Min answered “Yesss.”

“Just do as I say baby. Ok. Like this cock baby?” Allen asked.

“Yes Allen.”

“Tell me, talk real dirty now.”

“ I want it Allen.”

Then Allen pointed the camera down to his own cock, it
was long and with a huge head. “Work your fucking
nipples.” Min began pinching her nipples with both
hands. She moaned out loud. “Louder baby.” Min moaned
louder and worked her nipples with her fingers. She was
really getting into it.

Allen moved forward and Min took his cock into her
mouth. She groaned as Allen pushed in and out of her
tight mouth. “You’re a fucking nice tight pussy baby,
that’s right, deeper. Lay on the couch, now.” Min
moved to the couch and lay down. Allen went upstairs
and returned moments later. The camera sat on the table
just showing Min’s legs. Allen returned after a
minute,” Lets go up now.”

Allen followed Min with the camera as she walked naked
and drunkenly up the stairs. Allen took some sweeping
shots of his bed; there were a couple of long dildos in
on one end and some other toys I couldn’t recognize
what they were. Min looked a little hesitant at what
was going on but then Allen told her “get on the
fucking bed. Spread you legs. That’s’ right.”

Min did everything she was asked. Allen put the camera
on a tripod and when he refocused, Min had her ankles
bound to the end corners and Allen had her work her
nipples again. Min moaned some and then Allen made her
put a pillow under her ass.

Min was breathing hard when Allen poured baby oil all
over her pussy. “Ask for it. Fuck me Allen. Min began
rubbing the black realistic looking silicon cock around
the front of her wet pussy. “Inside!” Min pushed it in
slowly and worked it in more and more. She moaned over
and over again.

Allen grabbed some nipple clamps from a bag and placed
them on Min’s long nipples. Min groaned. They were
attached to a chain. Allen pulled on her the chain and
the long nipples stretched them away from her body.
Min continued working the dildo into her self deeply
as Allen had fun torturing her nipples.

Allen slapped Min’s tits a couple of times as she
groaned. He was really excited now, Min seemed like
she was out of breath too. She was more verbal now. “I
was bad tonight Allen. How,” said Allen, he was edging
her on. “I lost a lot of money at the casino. That’s
right baby and you owe me now, don’t you? Yesss.” Min
was into this; I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“Want your spanking now baby? Yes, just a little Allen.
Bullshit!” he said as he untied her.

“Get you ass up doggy now.” Allen had a paddle nearby;
he began slapping her ass with the paddle lightly, then
harder. “Count bitch.” Min counted starting at “one”
as she groaned with each slap of the paddle. By the
time Min got to “eight” she was begging for Allen to
stop. Allen responded by pouring some more lube onto
her ass crack. He then handcuffed her behind her back
and worked a butt plug slowly into her ass. Min
groaned with pain at the intrusion. I was pouring
lotion onto my cock now, I had to stroke to this.

Allen got out of the bed and pushed his cock into
Min’s face telling her to suck it, get it hard. Min
took him hungrily. Allen moaned as he slid in and out
of Min’s mouth a several strokes. Min gagged at times
because his cock head was so big and he was so
aggressive. When he pulled out, he was fully hard.

Allen got behind Min again in her doggy position. He
forced her face down low as he let his cock slide over
her ass. “Ask for it baby, I was so fucking horny on
that plane coming over here, it’s been so fucking
long!” Allen worked her tits roughly with his hands
waiting for Min’s response. She moaned out, “Put it in
me, in your pussy? Yes… please… Allen.”

Allen complied he push it in her hard and she let out a
deep moan. Allen began making hard strokes and Min
faced the camera with a sensual look. She was moaning
wildly with Allen’s thrusts. I was stroking my cock in
long strokes too, knowing I had a huge load of cum I
wanted to release. I got on the bed naked and moaned as
I stroked to the porn film I was watching of my wife.

Allen moaned and Min’s moans were very loud. I had
never heard her that loud. Allen continued to work her
nipples hard as he fucked her. Allen got verbal with
Min. “Tell me what you like baby.” She answered, “your
cock, your body… oh… sucking… fucking.” Allen
responded, “every time I come here and call you, you’ll
have your tight pussy waiting for me, won’t you, wont
you? Yesss Allen, oh yesss. Fuck me Allen… do it.”

Allen started fucking Min with deeper thrusts. Min
kept pushing her pussy backwards anticipating his
thrusts. She moaned loudly saying “fuck and shit” over
and over again. She was ready to explode now. Allen
continued to thrust into her while he balanced her ass
with his hands.

He reached down and worked her nipples hard when she
suddenly cried out loudly, “ALLEN YES! Mmmmmmm.” She
came while looking at the camera. She looked as if she
was possessed by the devil. Her moans continued on for
at least a minute. Allen didn’t cum, he was holding

Min started to move out from under him but Allen had
other ideas. He slid his cock out from her and applied
more lotion to her ass crack. “I need your tight hole
tonight baby. It’s too big Allen.” Allen slid his horny
cock up and down her crack as he slapped her already
sore ass firmly. Min groaned. Allen spanked her more.
“Play with that pussy.”

Min responded, slipping her finger along her vulva,
finding her clit. She moaned after a couple of minutes.
Allen just continued to slide his cock over and
sometime into Min’s wet cunt. Whenever he did, she
would moan loudly.

Allen then reached forward and pushed his tongue into
Min’s open mouth. They tongue fucked each other for at
least a minute. Allen then resumed his position behind
her and slapped her ass some more. Finally, Min told
him what he wanted to hear. She stroked her clit and
said, “Put it in me Allen. Where? Where you want. Tell
me where. In my ass, I want it.”

Allen didn’t hesitate. He pushed his huge cock head in
to Min’s ass as she rubbed her cunt. Her face was
contorted at first, then she relaxed and Allen got it
all the way in. Allen moaned after bottoming out in her
ass. “He began stroking into her slowly saying, “Oh,
you have a beautifully tight ass baby.” Allen was
moaning louder than before.

Min was moaning too as she rubbed her clit. “Allen you
can do it harder.” Allen responded by thrusting her at
half speed.” They both moaned more. Min was enjoying
it too, Allen began thrusting into her even harder…
then a phone rang somewhere in the room. They didn’t
stop to answer the call. I realized from the sound the
phone was Min’s and that the call was the one I had
tried to make last night!

They continued fucking and moaning long after the phone
stopped ringing. My cock and balls were soaked with the
lotion and it was leaking all over Allen’s bed sheets.
I was trying hard not to cum but was never this horny
in my life.

Min begged Allen to fuck her ass harder and Allen
Pulled onto her long black hair as he assaulted her ass
with rape like thrusts. He moaned out loudly, “FUCK!”

He pulled his cock from Min’s ass and shot loads all
over her back and ass. Min meanwhile rubbed her pussy
faster and let out moans of her own. She pushed in two
fingers and came and came. Allen and Min were sweating
and exhausted. I looked down and noticed I had cum all
over myself and on the pillowcase next to me. The film
quickly ended after that and I knew the rest of the
story. I cleaned up the sheets and reset the room back
the best I could and left for work. My cock was still
leaking cum into my pants as I left the house.

I couldn’t keep my mind on work that day or for the
days that followed. With Min fucking a friend, I just
didn’t know what to do. I didn’t bring it up for the
next few days and Min went out with Allen again during
the next weekend. After several bouts of drinking and a
few days of self-meditation, I decided to talk to Allen
about it before he returned to the states. I met Allen
at the club, since it was close to my birthday, he
bought me several drinks and surprisingly, he opened up

Allen said he figured I knew and he was sorry. He also
knew someone had been into the apt and his room. I
admitted drunkenly what I had found there. Allen
awaited my response. I told him it was a turn on to me,
the whole thing. But I also felt I was loosing Min.
Allen was shocked at my feelings but he was comforted
that I was so open. He told me how turned on he got
with Min but that it was sex and friendship, not the
type of love that would make him want to take her away
from me. I listened to Allen and we were so in-sync, we
talk for hours.

When I got home, I admitted to Min what had taken
place; the whole story. Min cried for over an hour as
we talked things out and I relayed to her I was still
in love with her. I asked he what I was doing wrong,
she said she wanted better sex and for some reason,
aggressive and unpredictable sex is what she needed
besides my love. At that point, I decided to pick up
the role that Allen had laid out…

The day after Allen left the country; Min met me at
the door on the day of our 10th wedding anniversary in
a black leather garter, fishnet stockings and a pair of
those tall stiletto shoes. She had on no top, just the
tiniest of a thong panty on and wearing a huge smile.
“The only thing she said was, I’ve been bad, so bad.”
She then pulled out a leather paddle; I could guess
where she got it. She also gave me a leather thong to
wear once we got into the bedroom. Min and I had a
dynamic sex session that night and many more soon

We talked about Allen over the next few days. Allen
still saw Min from time to time during his next two
deployments. He continued to teach Min the wonders of
good sex and discipline; Min even spent a couple of
weeks at his condo in Florida after we returned to the
states in the following months.

She has seen less and less of him lately, he now has a
new Filipino girlfriend who also needs to learn the
tricks of his trade. That’s ok; I have picked up where
Allen left off. This weekend, I’m meeting Min at an
adult novelty store, I’m sure that fun will follow.

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