First Day On The Job

January 22, 2008 – 10:00 am

“Welcome aboard Brad,” the man said, extending his hand
out for a shake.

“Thanks Mr. Stevens,” Brad replied.

It had been a typical first day on the job for Brad —
boring training videos and even more boring discussions
about the company policies and procedures. Even the
lady who was doing the orientation told them up front
it was going to be boring, but she had to do it anyway.

She would do silly things to try to make it all
interesting, even slipping everyone some candy here and
there. Towards the end of the morning, the training
came to a close and the manager, Mr. Stevens, arrived
to give his speech. Not a speech exactly, but more the
“Welcome to the team” stuff that managers always seem
to do.

In the middle of it Brad wondered how managers were
always so peppy all the time. Once the speech was over,
everyone else went home, except for Brad. Someone had
called in sick and they asked him if he could start
that afternoon. His evening plans had consisted of
playing video games and watching porn, so he agreed to

The bookstore was rather busy for a weekday, but no one
could really figure out why; school was still in
session and people were supposed to be working. But the
doors kept opening and people kept coming in and
spending their money.

When Brad got out to the floor he met with Nancy, his
new supervisor. She was in her late 30’s, wearing black
slacks and a blue blouse. She was nice, if humorless,
but she took Brad under her wing and efficiently showed
him the ropes. Within a short time, he found himself in
the erotica section re-organizing the books. (Nancy
made him do it, honest!). While he was adjusting a full
shelf, a few books fell on the floor. As expected, Brad
went to pick them up, but unexpected was the cleavage
that he nearly fell into when he crouched down.

It was very nice cleavage, contained in a black loose
shirt with a deep V-neck. Peeking out of that was a
lovely black silky bra, pushing the previously-
mentioned cleavage upwards. The surprise of finding
said cleavage in front of him threw Brad off balance.
He ended up falling right smack on his butt, looking
slightly dazed. The first sound that penetrated his fog
was a giggle, so Brad turned his gaze up and saw raven
hair framing a woman’s face. Her face was oval, with a
soft chin and thin eyelashes. Ocean-colored eyes met
below the lashes and her lips were thin but still

“You okay?” she said while extending a hand.

“Yeah, thanks,” Brad said.

He took her hand and she helped him to his feet.
Introductions were made and she said her name was
Steffi. Apparently she had also been called in and was
going to be finishing the shift with Brad. They both
just looked at each other for a moment, until a cough
from a patron a few aisles over brought them out of
their trance.

They both laughed a little and then realized that the
books were still on the ground, so each bent over and
retrieved a couple of the fallen volumes. Brad looked
at his and was intrigued but placed it back on the
shelf. Steffi, however, took the book she picked up and
was reading the back cover.

“That is hot,” she said as she placed the book back in
its home.

Brad began to blush a bit, going back to his work and
hoping Steffi wouldn’t notice. She did, of course, and
chuckled a bit when she saw his reaction.

She looked around then whispered in his ear, “Everyone
does it and you know it.”

Before she could say anything else, a young girl came
around the corner needing help. Steffi gave a wink and
took her by the hand to help her find the children’s
section. But what she said stuck in Brad’s head,
echoing loudly inside his brain. He just stood there
for a moment, slightly dumbfounded. He didn’t want to
read into it, but damn if her sexy voice didn’t stir
what was inside his pants!

“Code 4, all associates Code 4,” came a voice over the
in-store intercom.

With a curse, Brad made his way to the registers,
remembering his fake smile. What that page meant was
that everyone who knew how to run a cash register was
needed up front. No one had shown him how to do that
yet, but he decided to show some initiative. When he
got to the front it was crazy; he really didn’t know
where to jump in, but Nancy saw him and guided him. She
thanked him for coming up, and then set him to work
bagging books for the customers. She said it would have
been grounds for murder to toss him on a register now,
and expressed her gratitude again for his coming and

The rest of the day was like that, lots of customers
everywhere. And it seemed that Brad volunteered for
trouble when he went to the front that first time.
After that, every time he would try to get back to his
scheduled duties, or find Steffi, he would be paged.
Steffi, instead, was the one who found him, twirling her
black skirt and adding a wink before slinking off. This
aroused Brad further but he managed to keep his mind on
his work, trying to ignore his slowly growing arousal
to her.

On his breaks and lunch, they seemed to keep missing
each other. But whenever they would pass by she would
always give him a wink and blow him a kiss. Brad
couldn’t believe how she was flirting with him but it
was very damn obvious. It had been a while since Brad
had had a girlfriend or had gotten any form of sex (not
counting his right hand), so the constant flirting
drove Brad insane. It took him beyond aroused, to flat
out horny. But she was always going left when he went

Before Brad realized it, it was nearly closing time and
there wasn’t a customer in the place. He went into the
back room, looking for a cart to start picking up the
books left behind when he heard something. He slowly
and quietly made his way to the back corner of the
storage room. He found the source of the sounds and was
stunned at the sight.

Steffi was on the floor sitting on a gray sweatshirt,
leaning against the wall. Her skirt was hiked up around
her waist and she had on no panties. Her shirt was
pulled up and her bra flipped up as well, freeing both
her lovely breasts. Currently her left hand was
squeezing her breasts and twisting her left nipple. Her
eyes were closed as her right hand was sliding two
fingers into her pussy at a quick pace. She squeezed
her left tit and twisted the nipple painfully, Brad
thought. But the very sexy moan Steffi let escape her
mouth meant that he was wrong.

He just stood there watching this, his dick becoming
harder in his pants. He wasn’t worried about getting
busted because to the left of her was a stack of boxes,
filled with who knows, what stacked to the ceiling. He
just stood there and watched her, slowly rubbing the
front of his pants. He looked for the novel of erotica
that he figured had gotten her this aroused. But
instead he heard her whisper ‘Oh Brad’ as she moved her
left hand to her clit, stimulating it, as well as the
fingers already sliding in and out of her pussy.

With great reluctance Brad slipped out of the room,
only doing so because he knew she was getting close to
her orgasm. But he had to adjust himself before going
back onto the floor to make sure everyone didn’t get an
eyeful. When he came back out Nancy told him to listen
to Steffi and do whatever she said. She handed him the
keys and he walked her to the door and closed it behind
her with a wave.

With the door shut and the lights off Brad went
straight toward the backroom, lust boiling over in his
mind. But as he rounded a corner almost to the door a
pair of hands grabbed him and threw him from behind
into a bookshelf. He back slammed against the shelf as
Steffi came around to his front and started to kiss him
passionately. Their arms were all over each other,
feeling and touching. She assaulted his lips, fusing
them with hers with all the passion she contained.
Tongues darted into each other’s mouths, exploring the
lust between them. Clothing of both kinds dropped to
the floor and within a moment, Steffi was on her knees
sucking Brad’s throbbing dick.

He looked down and watched Steffi, who turned her eyes
up to him while taking his eight inches into her mouth.
She took him in deeply, then slowly raked her teeth
along the length of his shaft as she slowly pulled away
from him. Brad let out a loud groan as Steffi slid his
dick from her mouth, her teeth causing a whirlwind in
his already lust-filled mind.

She then returned to sucking him, quickly sliding his
hardness in and out of her mouth. She grinned around
his hard dick, loving the looks of lust that were
emerging from Brad. She took a moment and took her
mouth away and just jerked his dick. He grunted and
moaned and begged her to keep sucking him. She did,
only after taking her nails and gliding them all over
his balls and up the bottom of his shaft all the way to
his tip.

“Fuck,” Brad yelled. He had never known anyone so sexy
in all his life.

“Gladly,” Steffi says as she gets onto her hands and

It took Brad a second to stop trembling from the
blowjob and get his wits about him. He looked and saw
Steffi wanting to be fucked, and lowered himself down to
his knees behind her. He decided to tease her a bit,
and slid a finger inside her. He found that she was
sopping wet, and he listened to her as he teased with
the finger inside her. He pumped the finger inside her,
and then he slid another, and worked both fingers into
Steffi. She cried out loudly, grunting and moaning.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she chants. She feels an
orgasm building in her.

“Take that cock and fuck me Brad.”

“No,” he says and starts to tongue her pussy. Flicking
and licking all over her pussy and finding her clit. He
then switches his attention to just her clit, teasing
it with fingers and tongue. Rubbing it then flicking
his tongue all over it. Steffi starts to say ‘fuck me’
over and over in a mindless chant.

“FUCK!” Steffi yelled.

Thomas stopped licking and, with a single thrust,
filled Steffi with is throbbing dick. She let out a
scream as he grabbed her hips and started to pound her.
Their bodies began to sweat just a little. The fucking
they were doing would wear anyone out, but they just
kept screaming and ramming away.

“Use..use me,” she started, “I like it rough and

Brad didn’t miss a beat, he just kept ramming her. But
then he got an inspiration and slapped her ass. She let
out a moan at this, so he did it a bit harder. But
still not interrupting his rhythm of working himself
into her. The more he slapped her ass the more vocal
she would become. Then he reached out and grabbed her
hair and carefully pulled on it. All the while he keep
his dick filling her pussy, savoring the moment.

“Oh yeah Brad, fuck yeah,” she exclaimed between

Brad didn’t know how much longer he was going to last
and he told her so. She told him to just fuck, so he
kept a grip on her hips and kept thrusting into her.
They both went back to moans and grunts, letting
themselves go in the moment. The sweat began to build
on both of them. Steffi’s ass became redder as Brad kept
slapping it; she also loved when he yanked her hair a
few times. The first time he did she let him know with
a scream that she liked it. So he kept at in between
slapping her ass.

Then before either knew what happened, they both came
at the same time. They barely stayed on their hands and
knees as the waves of their orgasms took them, shaking
them to the core, but somehow they managed to stay in
that position.Once they pulled apart, Steffi stretch out
onto her stomach with Brad coming up next to her.

“So… how was your first day?” she asked, still
slightly out of breath.

“I think I am going to like working here.”

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