January 5, 2008 – 10:00 am

I think of myself as a firm yet loving, Master. One who
will punish his sub when the need arises yet will reward
her with my touch.. with my caring.. when she pleases me
as she should. Unlike some Doms, I do not needlessly
punish my sub or subs, only if the situation calls for it
and generally it will at one point or another. When that
happens I have many tools at my disposal for said
punishment: paddles, a cat o’ nine tails, a leather
strap, clothes pins for the nipples etc. All bring out
pleasure carefully mixed with a touch of pain which
enhances the former sensation.

I am a Dom who is larger than life for my subs draw upon
that.. feed upon my energy and in turn that strengthens
me. “Lord Raven” is ‘6 6″ tall, 280 pounds of muscle with
jet black hair which stops at the small of my back above
my ass. I have vibrant, green eyes which shine like a
cats and a black goatee. It can make me appear more
menacing or like a gentler man, depending upon the
expression I wear upon my face at the time.

My wardrobe is mostly leather with boots that push my
height to 6′ 8,” tight pants and a duster similar to the
ones the cowboys once used that almost goes to the floor.
When I look into the mirror I think I could easily pass
for one of those wrestling dolts though for me, this is
who I am and it is my lifestyle. What they do is gaudy
theatrics which appeal to the lowest common denominator.
Therefore there is no comparison.

I’m a native of New York City though for the
past ten years I’ve been living in Washington state,
north of Seattle. It was here that I met my main sub,
Caroline from Kamloops, B.C. , Canada.
She, like most Canadians, enjoyed coming to the states
for cheap beer, cheap dining and mostly getting away from
the grind at home. She and I met in 1994 at a bar called
“Hondos” in extreme northwestern Washington where we both
had been imbibing in beer and whiskey.

Caroline was about 5′ 2,” 116 pounds with dark hair and
green eyes that matched my own. She was 30 years old at
the time we met and the mother of two young daughters.
Her personality was that of someone who was intuitive,
smart, humorous and introspective. As an intelligent
male, I admired those qualities about her and could
appreciate them wholly, unlike some men.

They would merely consider her a piece of ass.. another
roll in the hay.. just another means in which to get
their rocks off. I wouldn’t allow it though, I was going
to have her as mine and when two men approached her to
speak within 15 minutes of the other I cast both an evil
look as to say, move on. Both didn’t hesitate and it
allowed Caroline and I, who were then seated next to one
another at the bar, to better get to know the other.

In time we had learned a great deal about each other. The
alcohol loosened her inhibitions quite a bit while mine
were never in check to begin with. We hadn’t discussed
then about finding a place to go and fuck but instead,
what brought the other pleasure in the bedroom and things
we’d like to attempt someday. I mostly kept my mouth shut
and let her talk, she had quite a few drinks in her at
that point and wasn’t at a loss for words. She told me in
great detail how she enjoyed performing oral sex on a man
and demonstrated for me on her index finger as I watched.

First she dipped it into her shot glass, then pulled it
out and held it high. Her tongue slipped out and lapped
at the sides of her finger and caught a drop as it
formed, almost falling to the floor. She giggled and then
began to slide her finger down over her tongue and to the
back of her throat. I grinned slightly, though not
detectable to anyone there but her. She began to suck her
finger up and down and then stopped asking, “Did you
enjoy that?” and I merely nodded back as my smile grew.

From there she and I began a typical relationship with
the other until the following year. It was then she and I
was introduced into the Dom/Sub lifestyle by a movie we
had seen called, “Bound By Leather”. It was something
that hadn’t piqued my interest before or hers but the
more times we watched it the more intrigued we were. She
and I began to rent more tapes on the subjects of bondage
and domination/submission and were enthralled by every
second of what was on the tape. One scene had a much
older man with a twenty-one or twenty-two year old
female, clamping down on her nipples with clothespins as
his large cock rammed in and out of her tight pussy. She
screamed for him to fuck her harder and the elderly gent
wasted no time in complying.

Caroline noticed that my cock was hardening in my Levis
then and gave my cock a squeeze. “Want to try something
like that?” She said. I said I did but wasn’t sure where
we should begin. She suggested then that I tie her up
with some rope we had in the garage and cover her eyes
with a bandana. I nodded and quickly arose from the couch
onto my feet and went to search the garage for the rope.
I found it ten minutes later and went into the bedroom we
now shared. Caroline was completely naked already and had
a bandana next to her side. “Tie me up and let’s try it.”
She said, matter-of-factly. I then instructed her to lie
down as we had seen one of the women in the video do,
then secured her wrists and ankles to the four corners of
the bed.

I made them as snug as possible without causing her any
pain or discomfort, then folded the bandana three times
so she couldn’t see out of it before placing it over her
eyes and tying it around the back of her head.

“This is pretty kinky!” she said laughing. I told her I
had thought it was too as I began to first unbutton my
shirt and place it aside on a nearby chair. My pants soon
followed as did my socks and boxers until I was
completely nude. Caroline said, “Alright now what are you
going to do?” I hadn’t had time to really give it much
thought and after mulling it over for a few moments I
went into our bathroom and retrieved her large brush with
a circular handle. I made my way back into the bedroom
and then took a pillow and shoved it under her backside
forcing her pussy and ass into the air.

I really took great pleasure in orally pleasuring a woman
and needed Carloline wet so to kill two birds with one
stone, I lowered my head and began to perform cunninglus
on her. She moaned to begin with and sighed softly as my
tongue licked her vaginal lips for a few minutes before
entering her. As I fucked her pussy with my tongue she
moaned louder and tried to lift her hips but couldn’t due
to the restraints. I grasped her hips instead and pushed
my tongue inside her as deeply as I could, then flicked
it from side to side, rubbing her interior vaginal walls.
Caroline bucked like a wild woman and thrashed about on
our bed.

She had one of the most sensitive clits of any woman I
had ever known and now as I sucked on it she let out a
booming yell.

“Fuck me!,” she screamed, “Fuck me now with your big
cock, I want it inside me.” I surprised us both when I
simply said, “No.” She stopped moving and tilted her head
a bit, apparently thinking to herself, “What did he mean,
no?!” I reiterated, “No Caroline I won’t fuck you yet.
You must beg me to fuck you soon.” I couldn’t see her
eyes but her lips smiled sweetly and she let out a
giggle. It turned into another moan when I quickly eased
the hairbrush handle into her dripping pussy and began to
move it in and out.

My thumb found her clit and I played with it while the
hairbrush continued to violate her womanhood. Kristine
was in the throes of ecstasy and for the next several
minutes, begged me to fuck her and fuck her like I had
meant it. I laughed but didn’t say a word. I merely
continued to fuck her pussy with that brush and then felt
her vaginal muscles constrict around it as she was

“Ahhhhhhhhhh… I’m cummming,” She said in a high-pitched
shriek. The entire bed shook with fury as she was
consumed by the orgasm until a few moments later she was
completely spent. I pulled the blindfold off of her, laid
the brush aside and said, “So how was it for you?,” then
laughed every so slightly. She had a huge smile that
stretched the width of her face and she replied, “It was
fucking hot, I want to do more things like this the next
time we play!”

I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then said as
though I were contemplating something, “We can… but
next time… you can call me… Master.” Caroline’s eyes
lit up even more and she nodded saying, “I like that!!
You do have the look and charm, way more so than those
guys in those porn flicks I thought.”

I then thought back to those men in the movies and agreed
with Caroline. None of them seemed to exude nearly as
much charisma as I do and none were quite so intelligent
or wildly handsome either. I knew modesty had never been
one of my strong points but had to admit, I had just
about every desirable trait there was in a man and why
should I not indulge in what I have? As I was lost in my
thoughts Caroline spoke up again, “But I can’t call you
just “Master,” there has to be something else with it.”

I thought Master alone was generic as well and we would
have to come up with something else. Caroline kept
suggesting names and I kept discounting them. “Master
Shadow,” I shook my head no, it sounded too much like a
character from a video game. she continued, “Master
Tiger,” I again shook my head, “It sounds like a villain
in an old Bruce Lee movie.” She pondered some more and
said, “Master Raven!” I thought that one over for a few
moments and liked the ring it had, then said, “Master
Raven it is!” then pulled my woman close for a deep, sexy
wet kiss.

Over the course of then next couple of years, Caroline
and I delved deeper still into the life of Dom and Sub.
In public she were refer to me with my real name as would
I with her. At home or in a private place she would refer
to me as Master Raven and she would merely be called
“slave”. Words alone were exciting, though there were
times she needed her loving Master to punish her for
displeasing him in some manner.

Once, I recall in 1996, my slave was to knead her
Master’s feet and work out the soreness of them from his
long work day, however she had forgotten and had gone out
to visit a her sister instead. When she eventually
returned home she found me waiting for her at the door
with a large oak paddle in hand.

This paddle was rectangular and roughly 12 inches long by
6 inches wide by 3 inches thick. It had holes twenty or
so holes drilled into it so when the flesh was struck it
intensified the pain a bit more. I merely had it in hand,
holding it up for Caroline to see vividly as she walked
into the door. Immediately upon seeing it she remembered,
“Master I apologize for not being here to massage your
feet, I had forgotten about that.”

I walked over to my slave, towering over her, took her by
the hand and walked with her into the living room. I
said, “As you well know, slave, excuses of any type are
not acceptable with your Master. It is time for you to be

I believe I saw a glimmer in her eye, as she hoped to get
exactly what she was about to receive. I turned her
around, undid her zipper on her jeans and pulled them
down. I then did the same with her thong and pulled it
down to her ankles, then placed her stomach across my
legs. Just as she had gotten across both legs and was
still, I raised the large paddle and struck her ass with
it soundly. It made a hollow sound which reverberated
throughout the house. Caroline winced and her body
constricted as I landed the first blow but didn’t say a
word. I raised my paddle and struck her ass again and
again, the sound bouncing off the walls and echoing over
and over in both our ears.

When it was finished I said, “You may now get up slave.,”
which she did, I looked at her, now crimson ass, and
smiled at my handiwork. Caroline quickly pulled up her
thong and then her pants and made her way into the
kitchen to make us dinner. That was but one of many times
she and I shared together as a loving Master and his

In 1997 however, Caroline and I bought a computer and it
was there we began to talk to others online who shared
the same interests as we. One woman in particular became
a close friend, though she had gotten out of the BDSM
lifestyle a few years prior. Her name is Drew and
she’s an Australian though living in San Diego,
California now. As we formed a longstanding friendship
and began to know more of the other, she introduced
Caroline and I to her cousin, Helen from Adelaide.

Apparently Drew had told Helen over a year back how she
enjoyed being in the states and Helen came over at her
first available opportunity, so she was there now living
with Drew and her friends.

Helen never had tried anything so wild as what her cousin
had done years prior but decided from conversations with
Drew and I that she’d much enjoy trying the submissive
lifestyle. For the next few months, Helen began to engage
in an online Master/Sub relationship with me, being my
second as the case would be, directly behind Caroline. I
gave her my permission to then seek out those in San
Diego who could introduce her to BDSM in person and then
report back what had happened.

Helen did just as she was instructed and became involved
with a group who got together on the weekends to engage
in the lifestyle for mutual satisfaction. Her Dom in San
Diego didn’t have the most original title, “Master
Jack,” but I suppose it suited him. Helen sent Caroline
and I a picture of “Master Jack,” and he appeared to
look more like a schoolteacher than a Dom. He was about 5
‘ 9,” 150 pounds with a receding hairline and thick
glasses. I laughed when I saw him but told Helen this was
likely the best way for her to get her education of the
lifestyle, at least until she could meet Caroline and I.

In the spring of 1999, Caroline, Helen and I decided it was
time to meet face to face and live out more fantasies in
the flesh. I had considered her time with “Master Jack”
to be nothing more then a prelude for the main event,
which was being with me. After all, who is more capable
of teaching Helen the proper way to love and respect a
master than I? No one, indeed.

In April, Helen flew from San Diego to Seattle where
Caroline and I met her at the airport. Upon arrival she
had no trouble whatsoever picking us out of the crowd. As
I’ve said before I exude power, confidence and a
brilliance no other can hope to match. Helen was drawn to
Caroline and I like a moth to a flame. She and Caroline
are both about the same height and so gave the other a
huge hug and mentioned how great it was to finally meet
face-to-face. Helen then looked up….way up.. at me and
remarked, “My God, you are such a big bloke.. huge!” I
laughed and leaned far down to hug her. I wasn’t in my
Dom persona now but I knew the others around us could
feel the power I emitted from my being. Someone so much
larger than life in their presence.. it had to be a
humbling thing.

We loaded up our SUV and drove for an hour and a half to
the remote home Caroline and I shared. The women talked
the entire time while I drove and listened to the radio.
When we were within ten minutes of the house I turned to
Helen and said, “When we reach the home, Caroline will take
you upstairs to your room where you will change into the
leather outfit which has been laid out for you. Caroline
will then put on the one she owns that matches. You will
both then come down to the fireplace and take your place
on the floor on either side of me.”

I looked at Helen and she nodded. I then said, “When you
face my direction you will always cast your eyes to the
floor, never making contact with me,” I went on, “In
addition, you will always address me from this point on
as either Master Raven, Master or Lord Raven, do you
understand slave?” Helen cast her eyes at the floor and
nodded then softly said, “Yes master.”

A few moments later we pulled into the garage and I
closed the door. I grabbed Helen’s luggage and carried it
to her room with she and Caroline a few steps behind me.
I then walked down the hall to the bedroom Caroline and I
shared and began to change out of my casual clothes into
my leather vest, pants and boots. I also placed a tight
fitting pair of leather gloves on that I owned where the
fingers came out the ends and then picked up a large
leather strap and carried it downstairs to the couch.

Roughly ten minutes later or so, Caroline and Helen made
their way down the stairs and over to me. Both had their
collars on and a leash which was about 5 feet long
sticking off the sides. Caroline held Helen’s leash and her
own until both made their way over to me. They then took
their place on the floor on either side of me and I took
both leashes which Caroline handed to me.

Neither spoke a word and so I said, “Slave Helen, it
pleases your Master to finally have you here in
Washington with he and his first.” Helen nodded and I
continued, “Now, what do you think that you’re finally
here.” Helen trembled a little and said, “Master, I’m very
excited to be here with you and Slave Caroline… I only
now wish to do your bidding.” I reclined back onto the
couch, never relinquishing hold of the leashes for an

“You shall, Slave Helen, you shall. Firstly you and Slave
Caroline are to lick my leather boots clean I do not want
either of you to miss a spot or I will be very displeased
and neither of you want that.” Both women shook their
heads no and both began to lean down to my leather-clad
feet. I watched Helen’s tongue first snake out and began to
move sideways across the material of the boot, cleaning
wherever it went. Caroline’s did the same though she
started to lick the top of my boot above the toes, giving
very slow strokes as she went.

As both women continued to cleanse my boots I said, “I am
sure you’re curious as to why I have so many mirrors
adorning the walls and ceiling aren’t you, Slave Helen?”
She never replied, simply kept cleaning my boot to the
best of her ability. I spoke up again, gesturing with my
hands all around as I looked from left to right and back
again, “Well you see it’s because I’m so desirable… so
gorgeous and beautiful, I really can’t take in enough of
myself at any given time, so the mirrors help out
wonderfully.” I continued on, “Do you know where the word
“narcissism” is derived from, Helen?” She softly shook her
head no and continued still to lick away at my boots.

“In Greek mythology, there once was a King of great
beauty and renown throughout the land.

This King was much like myself in the respect that he
loved his image and couldn’t stand the thought of not
seeing his reflection for any length of time. This man
was King Narcissus and the king would sit for hours by a
pool of water, simply gazing away at his magnificent
looks. For King Narcissus it was a great task to tear
himself away from his visage on a daily basis to do the
things he must do to ensure his survival.

One day, however, King Narcissus simply could not leave
the pool! He had to leave the pool.. he had to eat and
take in sustenance to continue living… but he couldn’t
leave his handsome image behind! So.. poor King Narcissus
starved to death as he looked into his own reflection for
the last time.”

Ann never said a word after I recounted the story for her
and Caroline didn’t utter a word either. Both were too
busy obeying their Master’s order to speak. I finally
said, “Therefore, being a narcissist is by no means a
desirable thing if you allow yourself to starve to death.
Thankfully in this day and age I can order a pizza over
the phone and have it here in 30 minutes, and no matter
where I go in the house I’ll always have a reflection of
my beauty gazing back. Poor King Narcissus just happened
to live in the wrong century, in my opinion.”

I laughed out loud and then reclined back farther onto
the couch as both women licked my boots for perhaps,
another twenty minutes or so. Caroline finally spoke up
and said, “Master Raven, Slave Kristine and Slave Helen are
finished cleaning your boots.”

I sat upright on the couch, then removed both boots to
inspect them, first the boot Caroline licked then the one
Helen had cleansed. I carefully looked over Caroline’s boot
first and scrutinized every little thing but couldn’t
find anything wrong and said, “Slave Caroline, you did an
admirable job.” She let out a sigh of relief as I set it
down and then picked up the boot Helen had cleaned.
As I looked closely I noticed Helen had missed a small
piece of dirt on the back of the boot near the heal and a
small streak which was on the top of the boot remained
also. “Slave Helen!” I said in a stern, sharp voice.

“You did a terrible job of cleaning your Master’s boot!
Now you must be punished!”. I instructed Helen to stand and
had Caroline to pull down her leather panties, exposing
her soft, white flesh.

Helen then said, “Master, I’m sorry Master for not doing as
good a job as I needed to do.” to which I said, “Slave
Helen, it’s too late for excuses now! It’s time for your
punishment my Slave.” I then had her lay across
Caroline’s lap as I kneeled on the floor behind Helen. I
took the leather strap which I had brought down with me
earlier and pulled it roughly ten inches or so from her
ass and brought it down sharply.

Helen let out a yelp and wiggled as I landed the first
blow. I then gave her ass a squeeze where the leather had
hit and momentarily rubbed it before striking her other
asscheek this time. Helen yelped again and I said, “Next
time you will make sure you comply 100% with what your
Master wishes, will you not Slave Helen?!” She said,
choking back tears, “Yes Master I shall make you happy
next time.” I nodded my head in approval and struck her
ass one final time and then had Caroline pull her panties
back up.

“Slave Helen,” I began, “I don’t know for certain what
Jack would tolerate or not but I expect a great deal
more than I think he would.” I turned to Caroline and
said, “Take Slave Helen up to the Chambers and I’ll join
you both momentarily.” Slave Caroline nodded at me and
grasped Helen’s leash taking her up the stairs and then
into a room at the far end of the hall out of my line of

After going to the kitchen and drinking a glass of ice
water I made my way upstairs and joined my slaves in “The
Chamber,” as Caroline and I called it. Though we
practiced our Master/Slave lifestyle throughout the
house, this room was where most of the things we did were
carried out. As I made my way inside, on either side of
the door like silent sentries were my rottweilers,
Sampson and Goliath. Each dog was much like their Master,
extremely powerful though usually gentle unless provoked.
I stroked Sampson’s head first, then Goliaths before
striding up to Slave Caroline and Slave Helen, each which
were roughly 15 feet ahead and kneeling with their eyes
cast at the floor.

“Now we’re going to indulge in a bit more fun, Slaves.” I
said as I walked a large circle around the two women. I
stopped in front of both and continued, “Both of you are
to get onto your feet now and completely undress.” Helen
and Caroline quickly did as I instructed and stripped off
their leather bra, then their leather panties before
placing them onto nearby comforter.

When they were finished, both women cast their eyes back
down to the floor and stood side by side, shoulder to
shoulder. I walked around them both inspecting their
bodies as carefully as I had inspected my boots earlier
when they licked them clean. Helen had sent naked pics of
herself to Caroline and I before but she was even more
attractive in person. I kneeled down and looked closely
at her pussy. It was completely smooth on the mound as
well as her outer lips and even down to her asshole. I
rubbed her pussy twice with my fingers and Slave Helen
shuddered just a bit but remained still.

I instructed Helen and Caroline to then look up at me into
my eyes and I said, “Slave Helen, you are to be bound to
the bed with your arms and legs spread and a blindfold
over your eyes. What do you think of that?” Helen said,
“Whatever you wish to do with me my Master, I am your
loyal, obedient slave.” I nodded my head as to confirm
what she had just said, then took her by the hand to the
bed and laid her out spread eagle.

Caroline walked over next to me and took out four silk
scarves. With those I firmly secured Helen’s ankles and
wrists to the four corners of the bed. I then took a
bandana which was colored like an American flag and
folded it over onto itself, then tied it in the back
behind helen’s head where she couldn’t see out. I then
placed a rubber ball into Helen’s mouth and off to the
sides of it, a leather harness which attaches in the back
of the head so she can’t spit it out. Lastly I took a
large feather pillow and placed it under Helen’s asscheeks,
which thrust her pussy into the air.

I stood back when I was finished to behold my handiwork,
then grabbed my digital camera to take a few pictures so
that I could upload them to the internet later on. I set
the camera back down on a table and said to Caroline,
“Now slave, I wish for you to kneel between Slave Helen’s
legs and you’re going to eat her pussy.” Caroline
immediately said, “Yes Master Raven,” then got onto the
bed, laid onto her stomach and began to lick and tease
the outer lips of Helen’s pussy with her tongue.

For good measure I took two clothespins and placed them
onto Helen’s nipples, then once again picked up the digital
camera to take pictures of Caroline going down on her in
this bound and gagged state.

After taking twenty or so pictures from various angles, I
sat next to Caroline on the bed and watched her lips wrap
themselves around Helen’s clit. Caroline massaged the clit
with her tongue and brushed it from side to side, back
and forth while Helen writhed in a combination of pleasure
and pain. As Caroline continued to eat Helen, I clicked off
a few up close pictures, then made my way to the
bathroom. I returned a few moments later with a jar of
Vaseline and an empty longneck bottle of Bud Ice beer.

“Stop licking Helen and lube up her asshole.” I told
Caroline. She immediately complied and dabbed on a
copious amount of Vaseline, then smeared it all over
Helen’s asshole. The remainder she smeared onto her
asscheeks. Caroline then used her thumb on her left hand
to pry Helen’s asscheek open once again and took the beer
bottle and rubbed the neck back and forth over her
asshole. Helen bucked and thrashed some on the bed then her
body stiffened as Caroline pushed the bottle inside her
sphincter a few inches. I then instructed Caroline to
begin pushing it back and forth, as though it were a

Caroline complied and pushed the empty bottle in and out
of Helen’s asshole at a faster pace. My cock was very hard
watching this occur and so I snapped off a few more
pictures of what was happening, then set the camera aside
once again so that I could masturbate myself. Being that
my physical size is rather large and imposing it would
stand that my cock would be rather large as well. Fully
hard it’s 8″ long and 3 inches thick, much more than some
women can accommodate. I Thought not would be the time to
see how much my Australian slave could handle and so I
walked over to her on my knees and took the rubber ball
from her mouth.

Helen sighed and then moaned loudly once it was removed. I
spoke up and said, “Slave Helen, it is now time to suck on
your Master’s cock.” She opened her mouth wide and stuck
her tongue out a little ways as I pushed the rather
bulbous head of my cock inside her mouth and then forced
more of my manhood in, bit by bit.

As I turned to look back over my shoulder, Caroline was
still fucking Helen’s asshole with the bottle. I turned
back to Helen and stroked her hair while my hips moved like
a piston and my generous cock fucked her mouth. In and
out my cock went, back and forth over her warm, wet
tongue like a blur. Helen moaned from all the pleasure she
was receiving from both myself and Caroline and sucked my
cock harder now.

I tilted my head back to look at the mirror on the
ceiling and said, “Yes Slave Helen, keep sucking me my
little whore, I’m cumming now.” Helen continued to do as
told and within another thirty seconds, my seed had
erupted onto her tongue and to the back of her throat.
She swallowed and swallowed again taking down as much
sperm as she could but yet still, some escaped the sides
of her mouth. I pulled my cock out and told Slave
Caroline to come and lick the remainder off Helen’s lips
and cheeks.

Caroline was eager to please her Master and quickly
crawled up the length of the bed and began to lick the
sides of Helen’s mouth where the upper and lower lips meet.
Slave Helen’s tongue crept out and for a brief moment she
and Caroline sucked the other’s tongues with abandon
while I yet clicked a few more pictures with my digital

I said to both, “Are my loyal Slaves satiated yet?” I
thought Helen was on her way to getting there but Caroline
had yet to be pleasured in any way. She shook her head
and said, “In all honestly, Master, no I am not.”

I stroked her hair with my fingers and said, “I didn’t
think you were yet my primary Slave.” I then instructed
her to untie Helen, which she eagerly did, then had her
take her place in our swing. It is attached to the
ceiling and when a woman is in it her legs are lifted
high, giving whomever, direct access to her pussy and

After Helen was untied I took her chin into my hand and
looked into her eyes and spoke, “Now tell me completely
and truthfully, Helen, what did you think of that
experience.” She smiled brightly and said, “Master Raven,
it was truly hot and satisfying and I’m glad we gave it a

I nodded at her and told her to stay where she was, which
was a few feet from Caroline who now was in her swing. I
walked behind Caroline and took one of the scarves we had
used on Helen and tied Caroline’s wrists together, then
took the bandana and placed it snugly over her eyes. Her
legs were wide open in the swing and I gave her a slight
push. She rocked back and forth and even giggled
slightly, perhaps thinking I wouldn’t hear.

Tapping Helen on the shoulder I said, “You are going to
kneel in front of Caroline, my Slave and when she comes
forward to you, you’ll lick her pussy, when she comes
back towards me, you shall not.” Helen merely nodded and
said, “Yes my Master as you say.” She then knelt onto the
soft Persian rug and I took my place behind Caroline with
another paddle. This paddle round and thin, much like a
ping pong paddle though with one exception: this one had
small bumps protruding out which caused a great stinging
sensation when they struck the butt.

I pushed Caroline the first time and she swung towards
Helen who leaned up, gave her pussy one soft lick and then
back to me again. When she swung backwards I would take
my paddle and slap her exposed asscheeks with it.
Caroline now was experiencing pain in one direction and
pleasure in the other. She would moan from both though
and smiled when Helen’s tongue would contact with her clit,
then jump slightly when the paddle struck her posterior.

After ten minutes of this I held her swing back and held
the paddle, repeatedly slapping her asscheeks with it
until they turned a very vibrant shade of red. Tears
streamed down her cheeks and she cried aloud for a few
moments until the pendulum swung the other way. I then
held the swing forward and instructed Ann to eat her out
until Caroline came. Caroline moaned loudly as Helen’s
tongue first licked and teased her outer lips, then began
lap at her inner lips before finally sucking on her clit
and fucking her with two of her fingers.

Caroline said, “Muh… Master… per… permission…
permission to speak Master?” I exhaled deeply and said,
“Yes Slave Caroline speak what’s on your mind.” She was
silent for a few moments and said, “Thank you Master..
thank you for everything, this whole experience has been
very fucking hot… I’ve creamed all over my thighs and I
think on Helen’s tongue.” She giggled then some and looking
over at Helen’s face I noticed that was an accurate

I then handed the paddle to Helen and told her she would
stand where I was before. I then stood up and used a
pulley system we had to raise Caroline and her swing
higher towards the ceiling. I then held her ankles firmly
and every time she came forward her pussy would impale
itself onto my hard cock and when it swung back toward
Helen, she’d strike Caroline’s ass with the paddle.
Caroline moaned once again from the pleasure she was
receiving and we continued to do this for the next twenty
minutes until Caroline had came on my very hard cock.

Once we were finished I took Caroline down and she, Helen
and I spent the rest of the night taking turns, fucking
the other. After a month there Helen had to go back to San
Diego but we all enjoyed the time we had with I being
friend, lover and Master. In fact, once Helen had
everything in order in San Diego she moved back to live
with Caroline and I, my charm, intellect and handsome
features being too much for her to resist.

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